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Spotting the best

1. scottmliddell9 March 2010, 20:46 GMT +01:00

Hey all, just made may way here from the 'other place', seems like you're all having fun.

Anyway, I've started to get a few downloads,which is cool, and I've noticed something (vaguely) interesting.

You don't really ever get the chance to watch your gallery compete against each other on a level scorecard. Usually you add images at different times so the downloads accumulate at different times. Obviously, over time, the popular ones pop to the top but you can never see if newer images are actually more popular easily.

Because my gallery is on here now all starting at 0 downloads, it's very easy to spot the popular ones...

Ok, not a massive revelation :-)

2. crisderaud9 March 2010, 21:27 GMT +01:00

It's true that you can't arrange your gallery by order of downloads yet. The function is being developed and is planned to be functioning in the near future. It is on the to-do list and has been suggested by several members.

In the main blue bar at the top of the pages on the site you will see "Photographers". Click on that and it will show you the top 100 download leaders in order. That's our best competition stat sheet for galleries on the site.

Also in the blue bar is Popular Photos which show the top photos downloaded and the number of downloads.

There will be no rating system on this site as that causes problems in the long run. Many sites have a star rating for the photos, but if there is one you like, leave an encouraging comment as they very pleasant to receive and fun to give to your favorites.

At the top of the pages on the site you can check your list of comments by clicking on the comment link.

3. scottmliddell9 March 2010, 21:35 GMT +01:00

Not worried about the function, my gallery isn't big enough for it to be a problem ;-)

4. weirdvis9 March 2010, 23:12 GMT +01:00

You have an excellent gallery, Scott. As more people sign up the download count will rise exponentially. You're off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing more of your images. :D

5. xymonau10 March 2010, 1:51 GMT +01:00

Scott, you have excellent images. You definitely need more keywords, though, to attract people to your gallery. Look at other pay sites to see the words used. Use thesauruses. There are all sorts of places to find words. I have seen excellent galleries languish for lack of keywords. That also benefits this site, as people can find what they are looking for. For one tiny example - your lime image doesn't have the word "food" as a keyword. I have to kick myself all the time when I see searches on here, as I have a good image, but haven't put the obvious keyword in place. And I am only slowly trying to fix my images for keywords and titles, which were lost in the transfer. But it's well worth the effort.

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