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Tips and Tricks

1. crisderaud11 March 2010, 13:24 GMT +01:00

When you find a good tip or trick or already know of one, use this thread to share it with the rest of the community. We will all benefit from sharing our knowledge.

Computer tricks as well as photography tricks are welcome.

2. crisderaud11 March 2010, 13:25 GMT +01:00

Windows operating systems hides their special characters that you won't find on the keyboard. Let's say you want to add a copyright mark or the registered trademark symbol .

Where do you get these special characters? Easy, when you know how.

Open the start menu in Windows (orb at bottom left). In the blank box at the bottom of the start menu write in character map. This will bring up the character map icon or the character map itself .

The character map is a small box that scrolls and has hundreds of symbols of all kinds from different dialects and languages of the world.

Ckick on one and a larger version of it pops up then push the select button at the bottom of the box and it is copied to your clipboard.

Remember that many of these odd symbols may not work in the script on this site but you can try it and edit it out if it doesn't work.

3. crisderaud12 March 2010, 2:42 GMT +01:00

You can open a photo in your image editor by simply dragging the image and dropping it onto the desktop icon of your image editor . The editor will then open up with the image already loaded and ready to process.

4. crisderaud12 March 2010, 3:05 GMT +01:00

Uninstallers for programs on Windows machine are not always thorough. Sometimes we need dedicated uninstallers to get all the ghostly remnants of programs past.

That's where the site www.uninstallers.org comes in. It has a large selection of dedicated installers for those stubborn programs that you had once and will not go away. The leftover bits of code and registry entries can cause clutter and crashes. This is especially true with antivirus software.

Go to http://www.uninstallers.blogspot.com/

Look through the categories and lists of programs you may have tried in the past and deleted it or switched to another. Run the uninstaller from this list and see if it is able to clean out some garbage. Your machine will love you for it.

5. crisderaud12 March 2010, 3:28 GMT +01:00

Buy a book on Windows tips and tricks? No Way!!

Just download the comprehensive free manual with tons of stuff you never even knew Windows could do.


WinTricks is one of the largest and most up-to-date programs for Windows tips, tricks, and secrets available today. WinTricks includes tips/tricks for all versionsof Windows, plus the Registry, Desktop, AOL, Laptop, Internet, and more. You will find that this program is easy to navigate and it has complete instructions on all of our Tips, Tricks, and Secrets.

This newest version includes even more new tips/tricks and a new browser interface.

6. crisderaud14 March 2010, 0:10 GMT +01:00

Create 38 GodModes in Windows 7 and Vista

GodMode is a way of putting all the adjustments you can make to Windows in one easy to navigate list.

The GodMode Creator aplication was designed to be a freeware utility which lets you create 38 "GodModes" in Windows 7 & Vista, 32-bit, with a click. There is nothing magical about the GodMode. Windows has a set of certain folders which are identified by unique strings referred to as CLSID or Windows Class Identifiers.

These folders can be accessed by using the CLSID identifier codes that Windows assigns to each individual folder in the Windows Registry. If you know the codes, you can launch these with ease.

In short, GodModes are nothing but developer shortcuts built into Windows 7 & Vista, that enable easy access to certain settings and information about the operating system. Using GodMode Creator, you can create these shortcuts easily. Simply click on the desired button and it will create the Special Folder or "GodMode" shortcuts on your desktop.


7. crisderaud15 March 2010, 16:19 GMT +01:00

Painting Dotted Lines in Photoshop

In order to create a "dotted" line instead of a solid paint stroke, display the brushes panel and click on Brush Tip Shape. Drag the Spacing slider to the right until the desired amount of space falls between each stroke. Because this simply changes the tip shape of the brush it can then be used with other painting tools such as the Pencil (great for squares), History, Eraser and Stamp tools, as well as Dodge, Burn and Sponge, and Blur, Sharpen and Smudge tools.

Posted by Julieanne Kost on February 25, 2010 6:59 AM

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