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Photoshop 6

1. xymonau13 March 2010, 11:49 GMT +01:00

Someone who used one of my abstracts in a brochure - I did a lot of work enlarging and recreating the image to a suitable size - sent me some brochures, but also sent me a copy of Photoshop 6 to thank me. Now I know this is primitive, but it gives me a chance to learn to work with it. It's vaguely understandable because I use another editor, but it isn't as intuitive. As I recall, the modern Photoshops changed dramatically after 7 didn't they? I am just happy that I can open psd files. I have only found a way to save as gif or png, and not jpeg, for some reason. But I haven't read the instructions, either - as usual. Still, I can open those in PhotoImpact, so it's helpful if I want to convert files.

How many versions have their been since 6? And was the old Photoshop still useful for graphics?

2. lennie13 March 2010, 18:01 GMT +01:00

From what I know. After Photoshop 7 their was when they started with the Creative Suite (CS) series. So Photoshop CS is 8, CS2 is 9, CS3 is 10, CS4 is 11, CS5 isn't released yet, but they are working on it.

Although it was from memory, you can also see it here:


Can't really say a lot about it's abilities, I'm not a heavy user, I think for jpeg you needed a plugin for Photoshop 6 if I remember correctly ? But I could be really wrong, someone who used it more can probably help you there.

3. crisderaud13 March 2010, 20:34 GMT +01:00

Dez, on this Adobe page there is still a section for updates for Photoshop 6.0 to make it 6.1. I would get the English updates and any plug ins there if the program is no longer supported.

These updates are from 2001 and I never even seen a personal computer until the year 2000 so I don't know much about it. CS2 was the earliest I ever worked with.

But get the updates and plug-ins:

You have to scroll down to find them.

4. xymonau14 March 2010, 0:37 GMT +01:00

Thanks, guys. Yes, I couldn't find jpeg anywhere, and thought I was a bit stupid. (No need for any comment, :P) But that's okay, because png has no loss, as I recall, and I can open them and convert them with PhotoImpact. I can see why a lot of people preferred PhotoImact in the early days. Although it didn't have everything, it was certainly easier to use.

I'll go and look for the downloads.

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