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1. jimdaly9815 March 2010, 18:02 GMT +01:00

Dez, just found this map of Oz. Could you give us an idea of where about you live.


2. mzacha15 March 2010, 19:58 GMT +01:00

Nothing is my favourite place ;P.

3. saavem15 March 2010, 21:04 GMT +01:00

Outback = nothing :(

4. crisderaud15 March 2010, 22:19 GMT +01:00

I don't see listed the spitting camels and barking spiders.

5. debsch15 March 2010, 22:29 GMT +01:00

I live just above "Poisonous Snakes" between a little place called "Mostly Friendly Snakes Unless You're a Rat or Marsupial" (it's not just Wales that has long place names!) and another place called "Cyclone Central".
Wouldn't be anywhere else!!

6. xymonau15 March 2010, 22:52 GMT +01:00

I live between the mosquitoes and the man-eating koalas. The camels are imports, not natives. I've never heard a spider bark. But then, I'm a tee-totaller. The outback is okay. Where it says "nothing", is REALLY nothing. Poor Jim. No wonder he's such a failure at being a pirate if this is the best map he could find!

7. scottsnyde16 March 2010, 4:06 GMT +01:00

I want to see Australia so bad. Anyone got a spare room for me and my wife?

Not seriously. Takes big bucks to get there.

8. Zela16 March 2010, 9:31 GMT +01:00

My oldest foster son and his wife went backpacking 1 1/2 year ago through Asia and Australia. He has his masters in IT and travels with his laptop and runs his own business from hotel rooms.

Guess what? They started the immigrant procedure to stay in Australia. I think there must be something really attractive about the country. Perhaps they found the treasure map too ;-) Right now they are in Cairns.

So I might come and see what it looks like down under myself soon.

9. xymonau16 March 2010, 10:12 GMT +01:00

Cairns is popular. I've never been that far north. Almost, but not quite. I don't like the tropics. And the beaches are muddy up that way. Australia definitely is the lucky country. It's being ruined by politicians and big business, but it's nice to live here. Then again, I've only been to New York, so I don't have much to compare it with.

There are a lot of Dutch people here. My sister is married to one! They have been to the Netherlands a number of times, and she speaks reasonable basic Dutch now.

10. jimdaly9816 March 2010, 12:39 GMT +01:00

Weren't the Dutch exploring around there at the same time as Captain Cook (the first Yorkshire captain to go to Australia - a little cricket joke there, folks). I'm fairly sure that Tasmania was named after Abel Tasman, who I believe was Dutch.

Plus there would be quite a few who came from the Dutch East Indies during WW2.

Dez, as to the map - it tells you what's important. However, Pugwash has taken umbrage at your comments and sailed off on the Black Pig. Luckily, I had a reserve who has agreed to stand in as avatar.

11. crisderaud16 March 2010, 15:35 GMT +01:00

Funny how the Aborigines rarely get credit for being there first.

12. lennie16 March 2010, 18:56 GMT +01:00

Looking at that map, Australia doesn't sound as inviting anymore. Only part that sounds like I might not die or loose some limbs is where it says: Danni Minogue. But then again she might be dangerous too.

13. GerbenVanErkelens16 March 2010, 19:11 GMT +01:00

I think that's because they sound like a product or something, like:

The Ab'originals

14. xymonau17 March 2010, 0:40 GMT +01:00

Well, after the real owners - the Aborigines, the Dutch explored the coast in the 1600s (and possibly earlier) - long before Captain Cook. Lots of places in Western Australia still have their original Dutch names. The Dutch and the French could have had the place (La Perouse in Sydney is testament to that), but none of them thought it was worth anything. Even the British hated it and only wanted to send prisoners here (but then, they did that in the Americas, too).

15. crisderaud17 March 2010, 9:51 GMT +01:00

Well they did send some to the US but only to parts of Oakland and South Central Los Angeles.

16. xymonau17 March 2010, 11:05 GMT +01:00

Americans have this odd idea that criminals necessarily have criminal children. Why?

17. crisderaud17 March 2010, 13:12 GMT +01:00

Because that's what we do!!!! :)

Seriously, I don't know. The concept about Australia is mentioned in Wikipedia and goes back hundreds of years.

I would bet if you asked people on the street, not one in a thousand ever knew that penal colonies were a part of the Australian history.

18. GerbenVanErkelens17 March 2010, 13:32 GMT +01:00

Well I think Aussies aren't criminal anymore, just the criminal once.

19. xymonau17 March 2010, 15:21 GMT +01:00

The criminals made up a very small percentage of the settlers here. The real criminals were the British, who systematically decimated the black nations.

The only place I've heard the issue of us being a penal colony being discussed as a negative is by Americans. Either way, it doesn't matter. But it gets irritating, and it's so uninformed.

And by the way, Jim, I don't think the reference to the dingoes is in good taste. If your child was killed by a wild animal, and everyone made fun of the situation, would you think it was funny? I happen to know close friends of Lindy and Michael Chaimberlain, and although they have hardened themselves to a lot of this stuff, it's still mocking the horrific death of their infant daughter.

Sorry, but I am not in a happy mood tonight.

20. crisderaud17 March 2010, 16:10 GMT +01:00

When I'm a bit off, I like to buy something new and useful.

Yesterday I went to the camera store and bought a 18 percent gray card that I could cut up and put in an obscure part of my pictures. I load the picture into the RAW editor of CS4 where there is a color correction wand, click on the grey bit, perfect color correction. Then I crop out the gray bit or erase it and ta-da. Color correction at a minimal cost or effort.

That works for me. May not be for everyone. :)

21. jimdaly9817 March 2010, 18:52 GMT +01:00

Your certainly off topic, Chris. Good tip though.

Dez, I didn't design the website - I only pointed it out. Let's face it, most of that map is in questionable taste.

@12 "Danni Minogue. But then again she might be dangerous too."

Only if she insists on singing.

22. debsch17 March 2010, 22:19 GMT +01:00

I said I lived near Cyclone Central and as if to prove the point.... here comes another one!!!


23. dlritter18 March 2010, 1:56 GMT +01:00

This is a real place in Arizona... :)

Nothing, Arizona - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


24. xymonau18 March 2010, 3:16 GMT +01:00

Deb, are you in Townsville? I was born there.

Jim, I know you didn't design the website. I wasn't really annoyed with you. Just life. It's really hard to maintain that level of self-pity for long.

Danni Minogue and Kylie were blessed with great plastic surgeons but not with voices.

Nothing could make a killing selling souvenirs. I'd love something from Nothing! LOL

25. jimdaly9818 March 2010, 18:47 GMT +01:00

Why not. You quite frequently make something out of nothing. ;)

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