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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

242. jimdaly9812 March 2010, 21:29 GMT +01:00

It's a well known fact that the inability to vocalise (i.e. 'cat's got tongue') is a side effect of consuming Dez's soup.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Krayker, but if it's gone that far, there's no hope for you. What a pity, you had some lovely images.

243. xymonau13 March 2010, 9:40 GMT +01:00

At least Gerben tried to help the poor man. Jimbo is such a merchant of doom. Honestly, there have only been a few deaths from my soup, and he knows it. Perhaps his little pirate suit is a bit tight.

244. GerbenVanErkelens13 March 2010, 10:25 GMT +01:00

A Pirate!? Then we should closely watch if he doesn't steal the last post here

245. melodi213 March 2010, 10:31 GMT +01:00

Yeah! to the victor the spoils!

except that means you have to give us preferential treatment now....

246. xymonau13 March 2010, 11:38 GMT +01:00

I give everyone preferential treatment - AFTER I win the prize...

247. krayker13 March 2010, 12:17 GMT +01:00

quite certainly, AFTER :)

248. xymonau13 March 2010, 12:41 GMT +01:00

Sorry, Kray - I like you, but you can't be last.

249. krayker13 March 2010, 12:47 GMT +01:00

Happy to have the last laugh. at least!

250. xymonau13 March 2010, 13:16 GMT +01:00

Not even that. my friend! I am going to win this one, and drink champagne form the plastic trophy. :o)

251. krayker13 March 2010, 14:14 GMT +01:00

I hope RGBstock can afford a better one than plastic. Not particularly looking forward to a plastic one! (... psst, keep it to yourself, I heard it doesn't go well even with THE *vegetable broth*! )

252. jimdaly9813 March 2010, 17:26 GMT +01:00

Krayker, I don't need to steal the trophy. As eventual winner, I know it's already mine. And it doesn't matter what material it's made from, it is, after all, merely a symbol of my greatness.


253. xymonau14 March 2010, 0:24 GMT +01:00

I agree with one line in that version, Jimbo. You must be a helluva pig. Ouch! Don't hit me! I do all the hittin', remember?

254. krayker14 March 2010, 5:19 GMT +01:00

we should change this thread into a winner for the day perhaps ? there ought to be something for consolation. See, I'm generous too!

255. xymonau14 March 2010, 10:08 GMT +01:00

With my prize, you are generous. Sorry, but I can not allow it. You're all winners in the game of life. Just not here. Look, I'm a poor old Granny. You wouldn't take the trophy away from me, would you? *bats eyelashes sadly and wipes away a crocodile tear*

256. krayker14 March 2010, 13:00 GMT +01:00

you are a gracious host indeed!

I'd definitely not take the trophy away while you are awarding me just that, I wouldn't mind you admiring the trophy or even if you make one of your famous soups in it! Now that it's clear that it aint made of plastic!

257. jimdaly9814 March 2010, 14:31 GMT +01:00

Don't believe her. She hasn't got bat's eyelashes, and she eats crocodiles, not cries over them. And she lies about winning this thread.

258. xymonau15 March 2010, 2:20 GMT +01:00

Ooh! Come here, Jim! At once! No use covering your eyes like that. I can poke this stick in your other bits.

Kray, as the provider of the trophy and the billyun dollers prize munny (I forgot to tell you about that), I can purchase a plastic one - in the extremely unlikely event that anyone else wins - or a solid gold one - for me. Monopoly money for you, real money for me. So you may as well give up. The prize isn't worth it. There is no honour, no matter what Jim says, and you'll only defeat someone's granny. Not very noble of a grown man, is it? No, off you go. I am the winner, and that's all there is to it.

259. krayker15 March 2010, 5:15 GMT +01:00

we do have a honorary award for the senior citizens, you know, all nice people here :) we don't believe in disappointing anyone! we have a pirates of the Caribbean theme going on now, jim's all decked as a pirate, I'm trying the scallop-man, you know, there's honor amongst pirates too!

260. xymonau15 March 2010, 5:59 GMT +01:00

Ganging up now, are we? Well, I'm worth two men, so I guess you have to. :o)

261. krayker15 March 2010, 6:20 GMT +01:00

Join the pirate party!

262. xymonau15 March 2010, 10:44 GMT +01:00

Oh, no! Are you going to start running around in a little sailor suit, too?!

263. krayker15 March 2010, 13:49 GMT +01:00

Aye aye!

264. xymonau15 March 2010, 14:05 GMT +01:00

Look what you've started, Jim! Another good man ruined!

265. jimdaly9815 March 2010, 15:46 GMT +01:00

And we all know who to blame for that, don't we. He was OK until he had the soup.

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