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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

2858. xymonau1 June 2011, 15:47 GMT +02:00

Quickly, Gesine, stick your foot out and trip him as he runs past!

No, I doubt that he even inhabits the Milky Way, given his level of "differentness".

2859. gesinek1 June 2011, 20:56 GMT +02:00

Oh my god, it's a time machine

Psst, don't tell it to anyone else, but I think he is travelling always to the time stamps in the past, where he thinks Prizey stays with him.

Everything is allright mothy :))))

2860. xymonau2 June 2011, 10:37 GMT +02:00

Well, he's out of time here. COME IN NUMBER 27 - YOUR TIME IS UP!!

2861. micromoth2 June 2011, 13:43 GMT +02:00

Dear me, are you saying that in your pool of consciousness your little boat has come adrift? Too bad... In contrast, my navigation is right on cue (especially now I'm in my new liner, purchased courtesy of the Prize). Full steam ahead, Scotty!

2862. xymonau3 June 2011, 5:11 GMT +02:00

One millyun for a liner? And it floats??

2863. micromoth3 June 2011, 18:54 GMT +02:00

Absolutely. Floats like a dream. Rod Stewart has nothing on me. "I am sailin'..."


2864. xymonau4 June 2011, 10:07 GMT +02:00

A sailboat does NOT qualify as a liner, you sad example of a moth.

2865. micromoth4 June 2011, 22:36 GMT +02:00

Well, it's a whole lot better than a one-liner.


2866. xymonau5 June 2011, 1:10 GMT +02:00

Even your one-liners don't float my boat.

2867. micromoth5 June 2011, 6:14 GMT +02:00

Ooh! Feeling in the doldrums are we?

2868. xymonau5 June 2011, 8:28 GMT +02:00

Although I'm almost a tropical lass, I'm not even a bit at sea. See?

2869. micromoth5 June 2011, 17:23 GMT +02:00

Ah well, if you're a landlubber, I won't invite you on my yacht then. The Prize and I will just sit here on our deckchairs sipping our cocktails...

2870. xymonau6 June 2011, 2:35 GMT +02:00

And those roosters are getting very annoyed. I'd put them down gently and get out of there, if I were you.

2871. micromoth6 June 2011, 13:04 GMT +02:00

Don't worry, I'm invulnerable to being henpecked.

2872. xymonau6 June 2011, 13:08 GMT +02:00

How eggsellent for you.

2873. micromoth6 June 2011, 14:20 GMT +02:00

Well, yes, but I wouldn't want to crow.


2874. xymonau6 June 2011, 14:26 GMT +02:00

One day you'll eat that crow, when I win.

2875. micromoth6 June 2011, 22:09 GMT +02:00

Ah. One day. Till then..... :-)

2876. xymonau7 June 2011, 1:46 GMT +02:00

Well, the day has arrived. I win. Please don't hurt the little crow. Let him go, and I'll make you a nice peanut butter sandwich.

2877. micromoth7 June 2011, 13:48 GMT +02:00

Peanut butter??? Oh yuk! No, I'll stick with the winner's cheese and tomato sarnie, thanks.

2878. gesinek7 June 2011, 21:09 GMT +02:00

Can I get some ice cream please?

2879. xymonau8 June 2011, 10:02 GMT +02:00

Give 'em a chip an' they take your whole smorgassboard. Okay, you can have my sanger, macromouth. It's the least I can do. Gesine, I had icecream a short while ago, but I couldn't find you, and - well - ice cream sort of can't wait. I was forced to eat it myself. If it's any consolation, it was incredibly delicious.

2880. gesinek8 June 2011, 10:20 GMT +02:00

Oh, but thanks for thinking of me. Now I'll go to the freezer and get one for me and one for Prize.

2881. xymonau8 June 2011, 11:24 GMT +02:00

Prize likes chocolate. I know because I'm his mumsy.

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