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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

3026. micromoth7 July 2011, 21:37 GMT +02:00

@3025 Dear me, Dez, you really must get those glasses changed. You're looking at a mirror.

3027. xymonau8 July 2011, 3:24 GMT +02:00

I look like your mother? Okay, okay, the secret's out. I was the milkwoman in your neighbourhood. Your father never did know who the mother was. Come here, sonny-boy and giver yer Ma a kiss!

3028. micromoth8 July 2011, 6:37 GMT +02:00

Oh yuk, yuk, yuk! Anything but that! (Soup and pointy sticks excepted).

3029. xymonau8 July 2011, 8:53 GMT +02:00

Pucker up, boyo!

3030. Gramps8 July 2011, 10:09 GMT +02:00

Ang on! Does that mean you were down boogie street in Singapore in the 70's!?

3031. xymonau9 July 2011, 10:02 GMT +02:00

*sigh* The uptake is not running away at great speed, but some folk still can't grasp it, can they?

I tole you I delivered milk in Kevin's dad's neighbourhood. Now if he was livin' in Boogie Street, perhaps. But I don't remember boogieing in Singapore. Remember, if you can remember the 60s and 70s you weren't really there!

3032. micromoth10 July 2011, 9:18 GMT +02:00

Um... Well, I do remember the 60s and 70s, so I can't have been there, so... so... you can't be me Ma!
*Sighs with relief*.

3033. xymonau10 July 2011, 11:41 GMT +02:00

Well, break a woman's heart. Rob her of her long losted chile, why doncha? Feel better now, evil, cruel moff?

Just as well I have won this game, or my poor ol' heart would be snapped in two, it would.

3034. micromoth10 July 2011, 21:23 GMT +02:00

Erm... but you haven't won this game!

3035. xymonau11 July 2011, 0:53 GMT +02:00

Why, yes I have.

3036. micromoth11 July 2011, 6:24 GMT +02:00

Uh uh.

3037. xymonau11 July 2011, 10:37 GMT +02:00

Speechless is that little moff. Speechless at the fact that he has lost and I have won. Would one of the other losers mind taking him away for a beverage? Nice cup of tea should do it.

3038. Gramps11 July 2011, 14:00 GMT +02:00

Show's how much notice you guys actually take of the prize. She's been away all weekend with us in London. A Sat night out at the O2 arena to see Neil Diamond and a slap up meal at a decent Italian on Sunday. She's now back refreshed and ready for the fray. I'll have the dummy prize back as well now until next time the real prize needs a rest from you nice people :0)

P.S. How's the homework going Dez ?

3039. Gramps11 July 2011, 14:04 GMT +02:00

By the way Dez, the prize bumped into some guy in Covent Garden and was all over him, got a funny name, er, Matt Damon ? Any way, she reckons she's got a cuddle for you from him.

3040. xymonau11 July 2011, 14:11 GMT +02:00

Bofe those prizes is fake - and a pair of floozies, to boot. Bet they threw their unmentionalbles at poor Neil. He must be in a wheelchair by now. Can he still sing? He used to be stunning when I was stunnable. Now, my only weakness is for Matt Damon. *sigh*...

Where was I? Oh, yes, you do not have the prize, 'cause it's munny, not anthropomorphiatric.

I have two and a half assignments to go - well, maybe a couple of small ones as well, but there is a crisis at work, and I have had to invite someone in to work tomorrow, who really doesn't have the capacity to do the job. I don't want to go in, but I know I'll worry all day about it. I took an extra day as I was nowhere near finished. My head hurts, and I have resorted to having a few grains of coffee to try to get my brain cells operating. This has resulted in palpitations. If I die, they'd better give me a pass in this stupid assessment.

You wouldn't deny a dying woman the first prize, would you?

3041. Gramps11 July 2011, 14:22 GMT +02:00

Well I must admit when this old man appeared on stage (he's 72 now) I had doubts but he was brilliant. His voice is still strong and he's still an entertainer. When two young ladies tried to climb up on stage he actually got embarased about it :0)

I wouldn't deny a dying woman the prize but, If it's cash as you say, you wont need it if you 'pass over'. So I'll just look after it for you.

3042. xymonau11 July 2011, 15:29 GMT +02:00

I don't think you're really being genuine. I can't put a finger on what the problem is, but I am not feeling sympathised with here. Maybe a slappin' with a hand full of money might bring you to a better place?

Well, it'a always a relief when they can actually still sing. I just wince at the old people - Frank Sinatra was one - who are well past their use by date, but are still hauled onto the stage and they are tragic. Elvis Presley was another. And I really think it's time the Rolling Stones started to age with some dignity. How anyone can take them seriously with their jowls and lined old faces is beyond me. (Sorry if i have insulted your idols.)

3043. Gramps11 July 2011, 15:53 GMT +02:00

Elvis wasn't old ( 42), just overweight and drugged up to the eyeballs. Most of 'em carry on because they've either spent more fortunes than we will ever see and need the money to live in the style they are used too; or they just love doing what they do. Some are clever and keep their fortunes or guide the younger generations (Bowie and Scott Walker for example).

Me, I just catch the munny i've been 'it in the face wiv and leg it to the pub wiv the prize.

3044. xymonau11 July 2011, 16:01 GMT +02:00

Well, a use by date needn't be age. I wish I was drugged up tp the eyeballs tonight. It seems to have its advantages, given the popularity. And drink, too. Never mind. Once the one eighth teaspoon of coffee wears off, I will be out like a light.

3045. micromoth11 July 2011, 22:59 GMT +02:00

Jolly good. My chance to take the winning position again!

3046. xymonau12 July 2011, 10:37 GMT +02:00

Ah, yes, that would be the FAT chance.

3047. Gramps12 July 2011, 13:03 GMT +02:00

That's the one alright, I have it here .....

3048. xymonau12 July 2011, 13:28 GMT +02:00

There's one for each of you, so no need to argue over it.

3049. micromoth12 July 2011, 13:36 GMT +02:00

Um, I'll stick with the Prize, thank you.

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