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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

290. xymonau21 March 2010, 23:11 GMT +01:00

That's because Jim was unconscious. They wouldn't let him out of intensive care to respond. And I didn't post because my hands were very sore after I repeatedly stopped missing with my two hands.

291. GerbenVanErkelens22 March 2010, 8:15 GMT +01:00

Aha, Jim still in the IC? Think so...still no post :)

292. xymonau22 March 2010, 10:31 GMT +01:00

On a serious not, Jim isn't well, and sometimes he can't post. I hope that's not the cause this time, but if it means I win...

293. GerbenVanErkelens22 March 2010, 23:28 GMT +01:00

Oh he's really sick? Sorry then, thought it was a joke. Get well soon then!
But doesn't mean you'll win =)

294. xymonau23 March 2010, 1:31 GMT +01:00

Ha! I may be old, but I'm tough!

I was joking about the intensive care, but Jim has some chronic problems that occasionally keep him away. But I have no morals, and I will defeat the halt, the lame and the blind - and you!

295. krayker23 March 2010, 6:57 GMT +01:00

You forgot me, but that's okay. Chivalry isn't dead, and I will let you have your say, at any given time. Ladies first!

296. xymonau23 March 2010, 10:37 GMT +01:00

No, Kray - the lady is last in this game. And I win. I didn't forget you. I was hoping you'd forget this game to make my triumph easier.

297. krayker23 March 2010, 11:03 GMT +01:00

I'll pull some punches and let you do most of the talking. just everyone once inna while though, i'll drop a word or two, you know, to just round up for the day ;) I like a nice ringside view most of the times!

298. GerbenVanErkelens23 March 2010, 19:59 GMT +01:00

Ringsideviews are nice, hopefully I watched long enough to take the last post of the day :)

299. krayker24 March 2010, 4:58 GMT +01:00

That'd probably depend on how conveniently you're located / timezone :)
I'm looking at winning the war, I'm fine with losing the battles, ...eh, Dez ?

300. xymonau24 March 2010, 9:17 GMT +01:00

Them's fightin' words, Kray! Did you like my American accent there?

301. krayker24 March 2010, 10:02 GMT +01:00

AHA 300! :)

302. ciscopa24 March 2010, 11:26 GMT +01:00

300, but not last ;)

303. krayker24 March 2010, 12:34 GMT +01:00

welcome Cisco, ...one more to the fray!
Dez must be ruing the day she started this thread :P ...competition was threadbare then.

304. ciscopa24 March 2010, 13:05 GMT +01:00

Thanks Krayker, but I was in the fray, before... I try to confuse Dez, so when she thinks one more has given up (me), i come back and post :P

305. GerbenVanErkelens24 March 2010, 23:28 GMT +01:00

gehgeh you're a sneaky one =)

306. xymonau24 March 2010, 23:52 GMT +01:00

So it's me against the world? Well, if it must be...

307. krayker25 March 2010, 7:32 GMT +01:00

Dez, defender of this thread.

like conan the barbarian, etc .... :P

308. ciscopa25 March 2010, 7:52 GMT +01:00

Or like a koala when someone tries to catch it... "the trunk is mine, mine..."

309. krayker25 March 2010, 8:14 GMT +01:00

technically she owns the thread she started. so there ought to be clauses like "owner & their family cannot participate in their own contests" - or something to that effect ? :D

310. happyture25 March 2010, 8:49 GMT +01:00

Don't i JUST hate,Hate solitary confinement, Ahh well, back now, Let me just have a quick read through the posts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, And here we go,,,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bla,bla,blaaa,bla, Phhff, your all talking garbage ain't you? And he who sells sea shells on the sea shore, DONT encourage Dezzie wezzie, yes she started the the thread, BUT THATS AS FAR AS IT GOES,, she wins nothing,NOTHING I SAY, It all belongs to me, ME, ME, and nobody else...

311. xymonau25 March 2010, 10:03 GMT +01:00

And just where have you been, troublemaker? I thought you were dead. Now I've got to go and make you dead for real. *sigh* (It's very nice to see you again, Mike. Hope you were okay.)

Ooh! You lot are really askin' for trubble now! As soon as I can think of a witty retort, you'll be sorry!

312. happyture25 March 2010, 10:11 GMT +01:00

Yeah i been ill dezzie,,, I lost a tenner and found a fiver,,made me really ill for a while... :0)

313. ciscopa25 March 2010, 10:17 GMT +01:00

Glad to see you here again, Mike.

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