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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

4946. gesinek18 November 2012, 16:59 GMT +01:00

Think he not only wants to light the christmas candles....

Hope you don't fulfill his wish. It may cause diplomatic irritation between your countries.

4947. xymonau19 November 2012, 11:31 GMT +01:00

Ah, the Pomgolians don't scare me! Look how he has weakly given up on this fearsome contest!

4948. gesinek26 November 2012, 15:17 GMT +01:00

I think he found birds of feather in another thread in another forum on another side. Shame on him for not even saying good bye...

Or, he sits at home without the prize and must cudgel his brain over his contribution for xmas competition. I think its hard for him without the prize giving ideas.

4949. xymonau26 November 2012, 21:38 GMT +01:00

I never thought of that. You're probably right. Never mind. We can fight to the death for the prize, but it's no fun if you like your opposition. *sigh*

4950. Gramps9 December 2012, 14:31 GMT +01:00

Just popped in to give the prize HER Christmas present. Haven't been around a lot lately as I've been fighting redundancy (I lost) but had time to pop a couple of piccies up. Come on then prizey, lets go and visit Santa (you can have her back later, I'm in a generous festive mood).

4951. xymonau9 December 2012, 23:04 GMT +01:00

Put your glasses on, granfarver That's the cat.

I so sorry to hear you're having problems. I've been made redundant three times in my life, and it's no fun. I hope you can find something else soon. The timing is a bit awful. At my last job, the place closed the week before xmas. It was a trial.

You may borrow the prize for an outing, but no bad women, and you know I'm the winner. (Don't tell Gesine - she thinks she is.)

4952. Gramps10 December 2012, 12:07 GMT +01:00

Bit difficult finding 'owt else when you're hitting 60. Too young to retire but difficult to hire.

Anyway, 'nuff of that, me and the ladies are off to a Christmas ball. Prizey will get bubbly, truffles and caviar; the rest of us'll have to have beans on toast..

Wot's appened to our Moffs then ? I hope he aint got problems as well.

4953. xymonau10 December 2012, 13:29 GMT +01:00

He seems to be active on Facebook, so I think he's just bored.

4954. Gramps10 December 2012, 14:09 GMT +01:00

He's a Brit, he's not allowed to be bored. He can moan. gripe, be generaly pee...d off but he's not allowed to be bored. It's part of the constitution fing, ask Happy.

4955. xymonau10 December 2012, 23:45 GMT +01:00

Well, he just abandoned ship, and I support his freedom to do so. He couldn't possibly have been offended, because I'm so gentle and nice to everyone, aren't I? *bats eyelashes*

I would ask Mikey, but he is not known for tellin' the truth. Or wearin' pants, but I promised the judge I wouldn't publicise that any more, so that's our little secret, 'k?

4956. Gramps12 December 2012, 14:23 GMT +01:00

You can have prizey back for Christmas, I can't afford to keep her anymore, that's the fifth bottle of Baileys she's downed, three bottles of Sherry and she's started on my JD. I've had to hide the Meth's that we keep for granny and I'm having to repair the stair bannisters AGAIN. You didn't bring 'er up proper like wot we woz !!!.

4957. xymonau12 December 2012, 15:15 GMT +01:00

I blame Gesine.

4958. Gramps12 December 2012, 15:24 GMT +01:00

Strange, I knew you would :0)

4959. xymonau12 December 2012, 21:35 GMT +01:00

Wow! You must be physic!

4960. gesinek13 December 2012, 17:53 GMT +01:00

What??? What, what, what??? I didn't give hard stuff to the Prize, when he is a she, she learned it UK.

4961. Gramps13 December 2012, 17:58 GMT +01:00

You mean like Batman's psychic Robin ? Nah always thought that underpants on the outside look woz a bit naff. More a Moff look that is.

4962. xymonau13 December 2012, 22:59 GMT +01:00

Moffs don't wear underpants! I - ahem - have witnessed this myself. Quite traumatic, too!

Gesine, tell the truth - you have had the prize more than anyone. You must have had more influence than all of us. I can't stand accused of bad things. I have a reputation to preserve, you know.

4963. gesinek14 December 2012, 20:42 GMT +01:00

Ice cream isn't bad influence, above all chocolate taste. And men in tights are not mine.

4964. Gramps14 December 2012, 23:36 GMT +01:00

Take care Gesine ! There's a pointy stick heading in your direction if our lass gets upset. That's why prizey took to the bottle, to ease the pain and torment. Oh, and take away the taste of the soup.

4965. xymonau15 December 2012, 11:34 GMT +01:00

Men in tights are telling me they know you, Gesine, so I'm not sure you're telling the truth. No wonder the prize wouldn't come home when you were bribing it with chocolate ice cream! Shame on you!

I'll have you know, granfarver, that I only get upset when men insult me or my culinary skills. Is there anything you'd care to withdraw from your last post? That "scritch scritch" noise you can hear is the sharpener.

4966. gesinek15 December 2012, 22:10 GMT +01:00

You know men in tights? Robin Hood? Superman? Or Spiderman, the old crybaby? You convinced them with your culinary skills, don't ya? And if that is not bribing what else?

4967. xymonau16 December 2012, 9:20 GMT +01:00

Well, some believe my culinary skills are more of a threat than a bribe...

4968. gesinek16 December 2012, 14:30 GMT +01:00

Well, tastes differ.

But what's about Prizey? Where is he again?

4969. xymonau16 December 2012, 15:04 GMT +01:00

I think Grandfather has him up at the pub. *sigh* No morality is being learned there!

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