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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

5330. Groningen15 March 2014, 20:18 GMT +01:00

No I won a looooooooong time ago and Prize is content with me and finally feeling save far away from evil Dez ;-)

5331. xymonau16 March 2014, 5:04 GMT +01:00

Ah, the delusions are beginning again. Makes note to get some of the special pills for Christine, and a bigger chain for the prize. Sighs that life is so complicated.

5332. micromoth1 October 2014, 17:57 GMT +02:00

Looks like this has died since March. So that makes me the winner. :-)

5333. xymonau2 October 2014, 11:58 GMT +02:00

Ahem. Eagle eyes Dez misses nothing. You won't get away with that sneaky attempt, young Kevin.

5334. Groningen2 October 2014, 13:36 GMT +02:00

Forget it micromoth; Dez is relentless

5335. micromoth2 October 2014, 19:28 GMT +02:00

Lol! I just *knew* that would attract some activity!

5336. xymonau3 October 2014, 4:49 GMT +02:00

It simply drew the rightful winner out of her self-imposed exile.

5337. micromoth3 October 2014, 12:28 GMT +02:00

Yes, I agree, but I'm here now.

5338. xymonau3 October 2014, 12:58 GMT +02:00

To congratulate me? Why, thank you!

5339. micromoth3 October 2014, 17:35 GMT +02:00

Er, no...

5340. xymonau4 October 2014, 15:57 GMT +02:00

To stare at me with an envious heart? Fair enough.

5341. micromoth6 November 2014, 17:47 GMT +01:00

Um, not exactly...

5342. xymonau9 November 2014, 16:29 GMT +01:00

I know. I know you are not rude enough to stare.

5343. Groningen10 November 2014, 22:25 GMT +01:00

is Prize still alive?

5344. xymonau11 November 2014, 13:12 GMT +01:00

Well, the food I place through the gap in the box disappears each night, so I would hazard a guess that he is.

5345. Groningen11 November 2014, 14:38 GMT +01:00

Shock! The horror!

oo Prize, if only I could help you

5346. micromoth11 November 2014, 19:26 GMT +01:00

Don't worry Christine. After Prize has taken the food, he nips out of the secret passage at the back that he and I constructed and comes round to my house to share it. (But please don't tell Dez - it might spell the end to her good cooking! Especially the barbies!)

5347. xymonau12 November 2014, 0:26 GMT +01:00

It's nice to know I'm no longer being defined by soup. Now, where did I put that hammer? It's time for a cage-movin'!

5348. micromoth13 November 2014, 8:25 GMT +01:00

Prize gave the hammer to me.

5349. xymonau13 November 2014, 9:42 GMT +01:00

Well, if I had the hammer, I'd hammer in the mornin'.

5350. Groningen14 November 2014, 20:44 GMT +01:00

all over this land ;-)

5351. micromoth14 November 2014, 22:06 GMT +01:00

I suspect the neighbours aren't too pleased...

5352. xymonau15 November 2014, 2:34 GMT +01:00

After all the screams the sound of hammering would be a relief.

5353. micromoth15 November 2014, 9:30 GMT +01:00

You've killed them?!?

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