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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

890. krayker9 June 2010, 9:36 GMT +02:00

what an amazing ad! thanks!

891. xymonau9 June 2010, 15:11 GMT +02:00

There goes the neighbourhood - can't win, so distract them with videos. I shall use this to my advantage. Here I am! Last!

892. jimdaly989 June 2010, 17:49 GMT +02:00

@881 Who is Morris? And why is he dancing?

And why is everyone talking about South Africa? Is something happening there? (Only kidding!)

Oh, and Dez? I'm last now.

893. crisderaud9 June 2010, 18:45 GMT +02:00

Dez, you had a cameo appearance in that video. You must have forgotten!

Typical American response, "Why? What's happening in South Africa?"

Footballs aren't round and they are pointier than a rugby ball.

Not nearly as pointy as her stick thank goodness.

894. xymonau9 June 2010, 23:55 GMT +02:00

No, the Queen had my pointy stick. She has no idea how to use it.

Cris, if those are footballs, why are they carried in the hands?

Oh, and, Jim? Lucky you! Now you're first!

Re the ad - I wonder if the slaves in Nike's sweatshops enjoyed it.

895. micromoth10 June 2010, 9:57 GMT +02:00

Is something interesting happening in South Africa?
I'm off to the Dolomites for a vacation and hope to get lots of good photos. Till then, please keep my winner's seat warm - I'll be reclaiming it when I get back! :)

896. krayker10 June 2010, 13:03 GMT +02:00

interesting ? yup..., the homies are all gathering to have a ball ;)

897. xymonau10 June 2010, 14:22 GMT +02:00

Not another punster!

The Dolomites look amazing! I am bitter with envy!

898. xymonau11 June 2010, 5:49 GMT +02:00

Good. The place is empty. I have tooken over and I am the champion. Does a little dance. Drinks lemonade. Gets bored. Wanders off...

899. crisderaud11 June 2010, 6:52 GMT +02:00

Now that she has finally wandered off, we can have a little peace around here as the real winner is about to be crowned.

900. krayker11 June 2010, 7:33 GMT +02:00

clap clap !

901. GerbenVanErkelens11 June 2010, 10:14 GMT +02:00

clapping his hands in luck while getting the last post

902. micromoth11 June 2010, 11:13 GMT +02:00

Just wanted to say au revoir!

903. krayker11 June 2010, 11:54 GMT +02:00

...& Dez, I missed your post.
Yeah, a lot of pun. fun intended :P

904. jimdaly9811 June 2010, 18:57 GMT +02:00

"Typical American response, "Why? What's happening in South Africa?""?

Chris, does this mean you think I'm American? @Cos I ain't. Honest. I am currently winner of this post, though.

905. crisderaud11 June 2010, 21:27 GMT +02:00

You were the winner of the thread.

That was me giving an example of what most Americans would say if asked about the World Cup. Because you don't care about it doesn't infer that you are American.

Now, if you were a big fan of the World Series, that's another story. They are all American teams so you have to cheer for America!

906. xymonau12 June 2010, 9:27 GMT +02:00

The world series, but only America is invited. ???

I didn't leave for good. I'm back to claim the prize. Aren't you all glad?

907. jimdaly9812 June 2010, 16:22 GMT +02:00

Not particularly. (only joking) (Honestly)

Why is it called the "World Series"?

In a way, it's like the winner of "Miss Universe" always being from Earth.

908. crisderaud12 June 2010, 16:53 GMT +02:00

I knew it wouldn't be long before Dezzy returned to gain her crown. Stick all nicely sharpened, point dipped in soup... just like old times!

Canada gets to play in the World Series too! They are one of the Americas. Hey, it started in 1903 before airplanes so the other teams around the world couldn't make it.

Miss Solar System just doesn't have the proper ring to it.

909. xymonau12 June 2010, 17:34 GMT +02:00

I'm not convinced the winner of Miss Universe IS always from earth. Humans do not have that many teeth.

910. krayker12 June 2010, 18:55 GMT +02:00

rotfl :D

911. crisderaud12 June 2010, 22:49 GMT +02:00

Always liked the girls with too many teeth than too few!!!

912. xymonau13 June 2010, 6:29 GMT +02:00

So they can pre-chew your food for you? Poor old thing. You should get shiny new dentures. A house isn't a home without a few chooks in the yard and a set of false teeth in a glass somewhere prominent.

913. krayker13 June 2010, 7:10 GMT +02:00

I bet even the Crocs are envious of the Pageant girls!

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