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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

74. happyture11 February 2010, 21:55 GMT +01:00

Yeah,, I got worms offa the internet.......

75. ba196912 February 2010, 2:12 GMT +01:00

Hey! This is fun!

76. happyture12 February 2010, 10:35 GMT +01:00

It iz only as long as you dont mind catching Worms,,,,Aaaahh,,, itchy,,itchy,, Oh and a few headlice.....

77. jimdaly9812 February 2010, 17:11 GMT +01:00

You've still got your pets then, Mike. Good, they can keep you company while you are losing.

78. dragonariaes13 February 2010, 0:19 GMT +01:00

Can we get an exterminator in here???

79. xymonau13 February 2010, 10:25 GMT +01:00

You rang?

80. jimdaly9813 February 2010, 18:44 GMT +01:00

They made some sort of strange noise, anyway. But if they're not prepared to take care of their own problems, they won't get very far here. Agreed, Dez?

81. xymonau13 February 2010, 22:17 GMT +01:00

That's true, Jimbo. Given that I am the total, all-time winner, no-one is getting very far in here.

Mikey has amazing charms. All manner of vermin wish to inhabit him. Go, Mikey!

82. xymonau13 February 2010, 22:18 GMT +01:00

Billy, what you think is fun, is all out war, my friend. I am defending my win in this game.

83. jimdaly9814 February 2010, 18:52 GMT +01:00

win? Win?? a little premature, one thinks. Let's see if you're making the same claims 2000 posts from now.

84. happyture15 February 2010, 3:05 GMT +01:00

Indeed, yes premature, I think you are also making that statement a little early Dezzie...gumping the gun, ....

85. jimdaly9815 February 2010, 17:40 GMT +01:00

And without a shred of support for the claim.

86. happyture15 February 2010, 21:55 GMT +01:00

Zactly,,,I dunno,, some people just dont get the drift.....

87. xymonau16 February 2010, 0:01 GMT +01:00

I have support. It's called a pointy stick. Do YOU get the drift? An' no sympathy for those who are unwell. Or infested with rats. Or any of you, do you understand?? (and here I must steal Mikey's little idea) @@

88. happyture16 February 2010, 12:06 GMT +01:00

Have sympathy for upset tummy's PARP,,BANG***FIZZZZZ.....PHOOOOP....

89. jimdaly9816 February 2010, 17:07 GMT +01:00

That's not support. That's intimidation. If don't stop making these threats, I shall point Mike at you and shout "BOO!" in his ear.

90. happyture16 February 2010, 21:15 GMT +01:00

Stand back,, back pressures rising....

91. xymonau17 February 2010, 16:15 GMT +01:00

Why does fear always bring the vulgarity out in you?

92. happyture18 February 2010, 9:32 GMT +01:00

Why does my Vulgarity always bring fear out in you,,,,Parp??

93. xymonau18 February 2010, 9:57 GMT +01:00

I hain't afeared, m'boy! I is tuff.

94. jimdaly9818 February 2010, 16:54 GMT +01:00

stands beside Mike.

Points him at Dez.

Shouts "BOO!"

95. xymonau19 February 2010, 0:51 GMT +01:00

Ah, ya missed, Jimbo! Besides, he weren't loaded!

96. jimdaly9819 February 2010, 18:11 GMT +01:00

if at first you don't succeed ...

stands beside Mike.

Points him at Dez.

Shouts "BOO!"

I thoink you'll find he's loaded this time.

97. xymonau20 February 2010, 10:06 GMT +01:00

Yeah, but so were you. Your aim was off. Nya, nya!

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