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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

1010. xymonau7 July 2010, 14:52 GMT +02:00

But I didn't.

1011. crisderaud7 July 2010, 16:21 GMT +02:00

Your selfless intentions and unending predisposition to help others worked to secure my spot.

1012. micromoth7 July 2010, 22:08 GMT +02:00

@1011 Hear, hear! (Though perhaps you should see the doctor about your spot.) :-)

1013. crisderaud8 July 2010, 1:10 GMT +02:00

I'll have to see a vet. Spot is my dog! :)

1014. krayker8 July 2010, 9:17 GMT +02:00

oh, I dint spot that!

1015. micromoth8 July 2010, 13:03 GMT +02:00

I guess that counts as a spotless reply.

1016. krayker8 July 2010, 16:29 GMT +02:00

you spotted that rather quickly!

1017. micromoth8 July 2010, 20:19 GMT +02:00

Yes, I have an immaculate sense of humour. :)

1018. crisderaud8 July 2010, 23:05 GMT +02:00

Immaculate and spotaneous!!

1019. micromoth9 July 2010, 9:55 GMT +02:00

I see we've frightened off Dez with these puns. Let's keep up the good work. Lol!

1020. krayker9 July 2010, 16:03 GMT +02:00

we might all come across as Dezpotic :P
trying hard to rule this thread.

1021. micromoth9 July 2010, 16:49 GMT +02:00

Oh dear, I hope not. She will feel dezpondent! :)

1022. crisderaud9 July 2010, 23:56 GMT +02:00

She wrote her own Deztiny!

1023. krayker10 July 2010, 5:25 GMT +02:00

11 posts, none from her, Dez this mean she has quit ?

1024. crisderaud10 July 2010, 11:27 GMT +02:00

When she gets Dezperate, she will return.

I think she is lurking.

1025. xymonau10 July 2010, 12:30 GMT +02:00

I am busy with a new job, new town, new home, the neighbours from hell, and a virus. I can't find anything as others packed much of my stuff, I need a haircut and have no time to find a hairdresser, I have unsympathetic employees - all men - whose workplace is about to change dramatically because of me, my car is leaking oil and I have no money to fix it, my animals are miserable. I am nevertheless generally happy, but just very tired. If you really cared, you would declare me the winner and send me cash.

However, I don't need your help to win as, in spite of your outrageous puns and abuse of my name, I still win. *blows raspberry*

1026. crisderaud10 July 2010, 16:58 GMT +02:00

I'm all for declaring you the runner-up and keeping the cash! :)

I can empathize with your immediate situation. The raspberry never made it here. The pop-up blocker stopped it.

btw: We weren't abusing your name. We were simply 'using' it.

1027. xymonau11 July 2010, 2:03 GMT +02:00

As a thief "uses" the money he has stolen?

Those dastardly pop-up blockers! Will I never learn? *sharpens pointy stick* The old ways are the best ways...

1028. micromoth11 July 2010, 7:57 GMT +02:00

"Sticking" to the old ways, eh? Ah well, I's still the winner!

1029. xymonau11 July 2010, 8:32 GMT +02:00

Never was, so how "still"?

1030. micromoth11 July 2010, 10:00 GMT +02:00

Like this!

1031. crisderaud11 July 2010, 12:00 GMT +02:00

And this!

1032. xymonau11 July 2010, 12:58 GMT +02:00

I don't like your attitude/s. Be off with you. This is the winner's circle and I am the only one welcome.

1033. micromoth11 July 2010, 21:15 GMT +02:00

Methinks the winner's circle has just gone pear-shaped... :)

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