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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

1826. crisderaud19 December 2010, 3:32 GMT +01:00

Your soup dissolves living tissue. You even said so yourself. That's what makes it so 'tasty'!

1827. xymonau19 December 2010, 10:30 GMT +01:00

Just like all consomme, right?

1828. micromoth19 December 2010, 10:42 GMT +01:00

Hmm... gives a whole new meaning to the word "consumer".

1829. xymonau19 December 2010, 11:06 GMT +01:00

But only if you're superstishus.

1830. micromoth19 December 2010, 12:46 GMT +01:00

No, I'm just super - the winner!

1831. xymonau19 December 2010, 13:03 GMT +01:00

Frankly, I think you're merely stishus, but I can't see your barcode from here.

1832. crisderaud19 December 2010, 15:23 GMT +01:00

Well that is about as queer as a 9 bob note.

One man's soup is another man's poison.

Hey, I'm sounding British now!!

Winning back the prize too!

1833. krayker19 December 2010, 16:01 GMT +01:00

Winning back the prize too!

... not in a hurry :)

1834. micromoth19 December 2010, 18:34 GMT +01:00

No, I agree!

1835. crisderaud19 December 2010, 21:02 GMT +01:00

Well I'm a bit chuffed about taking the prize without delay!

1836. micromoth19 December 2010, 21:33 GMT +01:00

I'm tempted to say that this is a case of deja vu, but I think it's been said before.

1837. crisderaud20 December 2010, 3:56 GMT +01:00

Deja vu haunts me too.

1838. xymonau20 December 2010, 12:05 GMT +01:00

Sorry, Cris. Good try, and you sound almost as mad as the Pomgolians, but you just don't quite make it. Be grateful. They're pale and wet. Unlike us bronzed (freckled) dessicated Aussies. But you'll never sound like us. Not until you learn Strine.

What's with all the deja vu? Amnesia can cure that.

1839. micromoth20 December 2010, 13:02 GMT +01:00

I don't remember if I tried amnesia.

1840. krayker20 December 2010, 14:25 GMT +01:00

I believe Inception will cure it all.

1841. crisderaud20 December 2010, 15:53 GMT +01:00

I believe I just watched that movie, but that may have been while I was in level 6. Not sure I am fully awake as I cannot find my brass spinner. Maybe I just need a kick.

1842. crisderaud20 December 2010, 15:59 GMT +01:00

Not sure what this guy was saying, but he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

Most common translation mistakes from Australian to American English.

What was that word he said, shia?

1843. micromoth20 December 2010, 21:38 GMT +01:00

I think you mean "Sheila".

Did you notice the way the guy's skin tone kept changing from pink to white and back? Evidently some very odd weather down in Oz. Or is it drinking too much soup?

1844. crisderaud20 December 2010, 22:35 GMT +01:00

Wouldn't surprise me if she is actually "The Soup Meister" and she has the entire country wacked out on it.

1845. micromoth21 December 2010, 7:33 GMT +01:00

That probably explains a lot about boomerangs and didgeridoos.

1846. xymonau21 December 2010, 10:49 GMT +01:00

What rubbish. He's clearly from a non-English speaking background - parents probably immigrated. He can't rub two words together to save himself. And he apparently thinks roundabouts do not exist anywhere else in the world. Did you Google "fool"?

1847. micromoth21 December 2010, 11:43 GMT +01:00

Gooseberry fool?

1848. xymonau21 December 2010, 12:42 GMT +01:00

No, thanks. Not hungry.

1849. xymonau21 December 2010, 12:48 GMT +01:00

And mind who you call "fool".

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