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5200mm Canon Super telephoto EF Lens

1. crisderaud20 March 2010, 17:12 GMT +01:00

Canon 5200mm F14 Prime Lens. The world's largest dedicated SLR Super Telephoto lens.
Extremely rare. Made in Japan.

Most probably a government ordered cold war spy tool - it certainly wasn't designed to look at the stairs with the use of it's ND filters...


(video of it in action)

2. johnnyberg20 March 2010, 22:01 GMT +01:00


My little setup gets me to 7200mm.

Olympus Camera
Sigma 600mm mirror
2x tele
3x tele

All linked together gives you 7200mm and about f/58 (i think)..... :-)

Here is some tests. The distance is about 200 meters. The pictures are not cropped. Just resized.

Look at the pictures from top left to rigt and from right buttom to left. The top uses from 45mm (90mm in 35mm) to 1200mm (2400mm in 35mm)

The buttom line, right, is with Sigma 600 and a 3xtele, which makes 1800mm (3600mm in 35mm). Buttom left is with Sigma 600 and a 2xtele and a 3xtele, which makes 3600mm (7200mm in 35mm).


3. crisderaud20 March 2010, 22:45 GMT +01:00

John, that's totally impressive. I like your demo illustration too. You can see the wire in the chimney cap which is most impressive at that range.

New technology trumps size you have shown.

Good stuff!

4. johnnyberg20 March 2010, 23:16 GMT +01:00

ty - and its funny.

I noted that your link shows some moon too; when I look at the moon with my 7200mm, I can only have just 1/4 of the moon in the frame - and the moon is moving fast and visible out of the frame.

But the truth is also, that a 600mm mirror with first a 2xtele and then a 3xtele is not sharp. ;-) But its still fun - and fun to tease, when someone "finds" the small canon... hehe

5. crisderaud21 March 2010, 11:28 GMT +01:00

Really interesting you've put that rig together.

I looked at the site you posted the pictures on. That's a great site for just putting something up to have a link to. Flickr is too much of a gallery, but http://www.postimage.org/ is a useful internet service. I signed up for it and will be using it in the future.

6. krayker21 March 2010, 18:28 GMT +01:00

amazing equipment! here are a couple of them more:



but that 5200 mm monster is something else!

humorous one:

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