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Interesting photography article

1. dlritter1 April 2010, 2:07 GMT +02:00

For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path


If the long links brakes you can use this one


2. xymonau1 April 2010, 3:23 GMT +02:00

A very pointed article. I can see that we do not help professionals. Hopefully, most of the people who use our images are those who could never afford to commission images, anyway. Thanks for posting this, Dave.

3. greekgod1 April 2010, 4:02 GMT +02:00

i concur with dez...

4. weirdvis1 April 2010, 7:49 GMT +02:00

We do better than that. We help people to become professionals. How many amateur photographers progressed to pay to download microstock sites after we helped them hone their skills?

5. micromoth1 April 2010, 13:57 GMT +02:00

I'm an amateur photographer who also helps a charity by editing its journal. The charity runs on very limited resources, so it has no money to buy images for its journal, and consequently professional pay sites are simply a no-go area.

To me, the stock photos of the wonderful people here on RGB, formerly at SXC, were a fantastic resource. However, I don't believe in just plundering. As I have an interest in photography myself, it struck me as much fairer to also offer some of my own images in an equally free way. Quid pro quo; that's why I'm here.

On the way, I have also benefitted greatly from both the encouragement and the constructive criticism of the image assessors - three cheers to you all, you're doing a fantastic job! - you have helped me improve my photography no end.

You will appreciate therefore that I don't have a lot of time for professional pay sites that whinge about free stock photo sites. For their whinging to have any real legitimacy, they need to do far more to help worthy charitable causes that can't afford to pay. And as for professional pay sites that effectively shaft free sites - as far as I'm concerned they are the lowest of the low. You know who I mean.

This is my opinion; you are of course free to disagree.



6. weirdvis1 April 2010, 16:13 GMT +02:00

Excellent post, Kevin. You've captured the spirit of sharing quality stock images beautifully. :0)

7. fishmonk1 April 2010, 22:51 GMT +02:00

I'm afraid that's life. Things change. Prices change. Chimney sweeps have gone out of business. Some photos I'm happy to give away, others I charge for. Experts will always be needed. The same happened in music. Now everyone can record in their bedrooms. They don't even need to learn the instruments! There is always a flip side though. I think I'm rambling incoherently...

er, good article though.

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