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1. greekgod2 April 2010, 9:18 GMT +02:00

my rejection message sounds like... marja... or just a wee bit like dez... or it could've been lynne...

but regardless of who... it's great how the technical errors are actually thoughtfully pointed out... the beauty of rgb, like sxc in the past, is that such technical advice help amateurs/hobbyists like me really get better.

thanks and cheers...!

so... just for the heck of asking... who rejected my last edit of a san francisco street? :)

2. weirdvis2 April 2010, 9:34 GMT +02:00

I dunno...

Lemme think....

Oh yeah! That's who it was...

3. weirdvis2 April 2010, 9:36 GMT +02:00


4. weirdvis2 April 2010, 9:39 GMT +02:00

Is that your little princess in the pool? She's such a sweetie. :0)

I always wanted a little girl. When I was pregnant I thought I was carrying a girl right up until the second my son was born. By that stage I was too exhausted to care and it never mattered after that.

5. greekgod2 April 2010, 9:46 GMT +02:00

thanks, lynne... waited eight years for that angel... :)
she's sweet... total miniature of her mom...

man... love the influx of images! we're rocking out!

6. greekgod2 April 2010, 10:03 GMT +02:00

hopefully, we'll be blessed with a boy for our next child, if God wills it... how many kids do you have?

7. weirdvis2 April 2010, 10:20 GMT +02:00

Just the one. The projectile vomiting and smelly nappy thing just isn't me. I'm content to be the mother of a six foot, intelligent, good looking computer geek.


8. greekgod2 April 2010, 10:29 GMT +02:00

ah... to have any child at all is a blessing... by the way... you still lurk in the other site? i do...

9. mzacha2 April 2010, 10:50 GMT +02:00

The Princess series is cool :)

10. greekgod2 April 2010, 11:22 GMT +02:00

thank you, michael. :)

11. greekgod2 April 2010, 11:22 GMT +02:00

thank you, michael. :)

12. mzacha2 April 2010, 11:28 GMT +02:00

One thank you is just enough ;P. BTW. Your other pictures are very interesting as well!

13. weirdvis2 April 2010, 11:54 GMT +02:00

@8 I've weaned myself off the lurking thing. I pop in occasionally but the "other site" is becoming less of a relevance as time goes by. RGB is my number one interest now.

14. greekgod2 April 2010, 12:11 GMT +02:00

i actually lurk from time to time to look for photos i dont find here yet... in addition to which, i keep tabs on thosewho havent signed up and invite them over... heh heh...
is omar here yet?

15. weirdvis2 April 2010, 12:24 GMT +02:00

I've not seen Omar for ages. As far as I know he hasn't joined RGB. He would be very welcome here.

16. greekgod2 April 2010, 12:53 GMT +02:00

okay... i promise to not try and upload that san francisco street shot again... hahhahahahaha...

17. greekgod2 April 2010, 12:53 GMT +02:00

i give up... :)

18. Zela2 April 2010, 13:08 GMT +02:00

The Photo is fine but shows (tiny) logos and www.addresses etc. Don't give up please. ;-)

19. greekgod2 April 2010, 13:12 GMT +02:00

should i attempt another clean up? :)

20. Zela2 April 2010, 13:35 GMT +02:00

Sure ;-)

21. greekgod2 April 2010, 18:17 GMT +02:00

hi, marja... err... would you mind pointing out the logos/addresses i need to clean up on the street shot?
sorry, apart from car emblems, i can't seem to find much else...
i know this should be in the technical forums, but...

22. Zela2 April 2010, 20:45 GMT +02:00

It is the rgbstock.com on the license plate. We are flattered but please don't add this in your uploads because your downloaders have no use of it and want to have it removed ;-)

23. greekgod3 April 2010, 3:57 GMT +02:00

oooo... riiiiight... okay... will take it out and re-upload one more time... heh heh... thanks, marja!

24. greekgod3 April 2010, 9:59 GMT +02:00

YES! the photo's through!!
yeah...! heh heh...

25. xymonau4 April 2010, 2:17 GMT +02:00

Just to clarify something you said in your original post, GG - I'm not an approver. Look at the bottom of the front page in the "about rgb" etc, and you'll see who does what.

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