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When did the idea for RGB Stock start?

1. jonfletch11 April 2010, 18:56 GMT +02:00

Was it after Getty took over SXC? Who came up with the idea and how long did it take to get it up and running? Are Lenny and Jay also ex SXC or did they get roped-in some other way?!

Just wondering really. Sorry if it's a bit 'nosey'!

2. jonfletch11 April 2010, 18:57 GMT +02:00

Lennie, not Lenny; sorry Lennie.

3. fishmonk11 April 2010, 19:17 GMT +02:00

I'm still hoping to hear from Hilary (hilaryaq). There seems to have been something I missed which doesn't seem quite right...

4. crisderaud11 April 2010, 19:27 GMT +02:00

We have an "About" page now http://www.rgbstock.com/about

The core group began forming at the end of Augut 2009. Planning began in September. In October a basic architecture for the site where you could sign in and that was about it. By the end of Otober, many more features and functions were added to the prototype.

Throughout November modules were added to the site architecture and eventually a homepage interface.

December brought many advances and the site was taking shape. Jay was hoping to launch the site by the first of the year and he was able to launch Jan 4, 2010.

Lennie was not a member of sxc but knew much about sxc as he had been working with Jay for years at their job. This site without Lennie would be unimaginable. Jay and Lennie have been burning the midnight oil for half a year now and almost every day during during those months. They have to go to work all week plus do what's on this site.

I have a whole lot of time on my hands as I sit home most days because I was disabled due to blindness from complications of brain surgery ten years ago.

5. jonfletch11 April 2010, 19:58 GMT +02:00

Thanks Cris. It was the 'About' page that got me asking the questions. The page is a great idea, especially about the various admin roles. I had no idea who was an approver, I knew Dez was involved, but didn't know how etc. etc.

I guess at some point the you all must have had enough of SXC and started clandestine discussions! It is nice that different countries are involved.

I read about your blindness in one of the other forums - I may not take part that much, but I always read them (I can't keep up with LOTP though!). You are still able to photograph things and appreciate images though?

6. crisderaud11 April 2010, 23:11 GMT +02:00

I have normal vision in the area I can see and the 40 percent of the area I can't see is filled with light from the surrounding region making things look like they extend into the blind area but there is really nothing there. Moving objects disappear.

I can appreciate good photography when I see it. I can't see all the picture at any one time but scan the image continually and assemble what I see into one picture in my mind. I can spot imperfections fairly readily but often overlook ones in my own shots

7. fishmonk11 April 2010, 23:28 GMT +02:00

@6 - I don't think you have imperfections in your own shots - that's why you can't see them.

8. xymonau12 April 2010, 4:01 GMT +02:00

We wouldn't be here if sxc had remained friendly to all. And there is nothing bad or "not right" going on, Dan. I sent you an email, by the way.

I am jealous of Cris's ability with photography. He'd be dangerous if he could see better! LOL

9. hqimages12 April 2010, 12:30 GMT +02:00

Aw thanks Dan! I'm sure Dez has spoken well for me :) You can see the jist of why I'm not here in this thread: http://www.rgbstock.com/forum/msg/220

Which hopefully will be updated at some point for anyone that is interested.. unfortunately it's a small thing that will not be done, so I just can't be involved in the site going forward (it's not how I envisaged a community run web site/something different to how sxc was set up with developers releasing funding from ads).. however the site is running perfectly and I'm sure it will continue to do so, so it need bother no-one else but me!! I'm still floating around the net on Flickr and stuff (hilaryaq) so hopefully we'll keep in touch.. :) x

10. hqimages12 April 2010, 12:38 GMT +02:00

If you even take a look at this thread: http://www.rgbstock.com/forum/msg/121 you can see this is a developer run web site, and I was attempting to make it community run, however everyone else seems happy to leave the developers have all the financial control so.. as long as you guys are happy that's all that matters really.. I just had a vision for a different type of web site, where the community would have a treasurer, and they would decide who gets the cheques from google ads or any other ads on the site, including if a paid site is set up, how much the developers would get from that, but that the access and monies would always be in the hands of the community first, then they can choose to plow it back into development..

I'm just not interested in seeing another web site like sxc, because we saw who Peter invited into the business, and the only reason those third parties were interested, is because Peter owned the ad space on those sites, the community had 0 say in who should be allowed to advertise on the site, what should be done with the money, or ultimately, who should be allowed in as a partner..

So yeah, I actually feel terrible about it, because I effectively have abandoned this project which I lit the match for.. but I just can't say this is the way I pictured a web site made for the community, by the community being, and I don't think it bodes well for the future, which is why I have removed myself from it.. hopefully this explains why so that even if people totally disagree, they can see where I'm coming from!! Anyway, miss u guys, ur still the best community out there, even if I have been at the receiving end of snipes of late ;) Time to stop rocking the boat and leave u guys get on with business!!!

11. iikozen12 April 2010, 18:04 GMT +02:00


It started after Getty.
Jay (Jazza) was there from the very beginning (even before)!
That's not being nosey at all.


12. fishmonk12 April 2010, 20:51 GMT +02:00

Thank you, Hilary & to others who have shed light on the situation for me. I am pleased I have been able to understand both sides of the situation. I am very keen not to rock the boat also, particularly during rgbstock's formative months, so I will just leave the subject wishing everyone peace & contentment...

13. jonfletch13 April 2010, 1:33 GMT +02:00

@ 12 hear hear!

14. xymonau13 April 2010, 9:16 GMT +02:00

So basically, Manoel lit the original fire. Well, Manoel, when the wheels fall off this bus, we all know who to blame! LOL

15. iikozen13 April 2010, 14:24 GMT +02:00


If the wheels of this bus ever fall off we can turn it into a ship and sail away to paradise, and live happily ever after...



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