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1. mzacha10 May 2010, 14:27 GMT +02:00

Well, I can't see Alessandro's gallery. No pictures inside... Why? :P


26. lennie6 June 2010, 9:10 GMT +02:00

I think some people might not like it as much as you do. Some people possible just want to click on the button and if it moves around that might annoy them a bit. :-)

27. fishmonk6 June 2010, 15:31 GMT +02:00

hmm, you have a point. Good thinking.

28. jazza6 June 2010, 21:53 GMT +02:00

I have no clue why this happen, But I managed to fix the problem.

29. xymonau7 June 2010, 1:09 GMT +02:00

Yes, I noticed that yesterday. I've been having a few problems - but I'm never certain if it's my computer or the site.

30. fishmonk7 June 2010, 2:34 GMT +02:00

OK - nice work...

What about this one...
On the blue strip on the homepage I see a white square/rectangle which seems to be a link as I get the hand cursor. It isn't clickable though. It's just to the right of the
' | Home | Forum | New photos' wording.
Is that my computer or another bug, please?

Ah - just doubleclicked it - it goes to rss page. I think maybe its a missing logo?

31. jonfletch7 June 2010, 19:56 GMT +02:00

The logo appears fine for me.

32. jazza7 June 2010, 22:30 GMT +02:00

We fixed that one too.

33. fishmonk8 June 2010, 0:03 GMT +02:00

Nice work
you guys are great...

34. mzacha6 November 2010, 11:48 GMT +01:00

Bu the way, when the new picture is panorama-sized, fe.


The thumbnail on the main page is really weird...

35. Ayla879 November 2010, 15:31 GMT +01:00

I've found a bug, too. Or a typo, to be exact, on this page:
"New forum mesages" should read "messages" instead.

36. jazza9 November 2010, 21:12 GMT +01:00

@35 thank you Michael for reporting. The typo is fixed.

@34 yes I know Michal. Sometimes a front page thumbnail does look weird. I have to think about it how to solve this problem.

37. mzacha12 November 2010, 15:58 GMT +01:00

Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() [function.mysql-real-escape-string]: Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /var/www/rgb/inc/sites/rgbstock/apps/db/mysql.php on line 272

Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() [function.mysql-real-escape-string]: A link to the server could not be established in /var/www/rgb/inc/sites/rgbstock/apps/db/mysql.php on line 272

Above: this is what I get on my Photo Management site.
Below: this is what I get when I try to edit my uploaded image.

Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() [function.mysql-real-escape-string]: Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /var/www/rgb/inc/sites/rgbstock/apps/db/mysql.php on line 724

Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() [function.mysql-real-escape-string]: A link to the server could not be established in /var/www/rgb/inc/sites/rgbstock/apps/db/mysql.php on line 724

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/rgb/inc/sites/rgbstock/apps/db/mysql.php:724) in /var/www/rgb/inc/modules/core/http.php on line 184

38. jazza12 November 2010, 22:02 GMT +01:00

We can't hide anything from you Michal ;)
Sorry that was a small glitch.

39. lennie12 November 2010, 22:15 GMT +01:00

I suck. :-/

I was trying to add some extra functionality/speedier loading, but their was part of the site where this was unexpectedly not possible. I undid the change. We are 'rebuilding' part of the site because of it.

Sometimes when doing large-impacht changes it is hard to know what will be effected.

40. lennie13 November 2010, 13:35 GMT +01:00

I've completed the change.

I've also changed the logging, I don't want this to happen again, but when it does, atleast it should now get logged. So we can now watch that when doing changes.

If you see any new problems, let me know.

41. mzacha9 April 2011, 9:37 GMT +02:00

There are still some problems with Polish letters in image desription and keywords. I use them when I metion the town names... and this is what I receive (should be Łowicz).


42. lennie10 April 2011, 14:57 GMT +02:00

I'll see if I can do something about it.

43. jazza10 April 2011, 22:13 GMT +02:00

I did something about it ;) The issue is fixed. Thanks for reporting Michal.

44. mzacha11 April 2011, 10:33 GMT +02:00

Thank You. Danke Schoen. Spasiba. Dziekuję.

45. jazza11 April 2011, 11:01 GMT +02:00

You have many funny letters in the Polish alphabet.
You must have a big keyboard ;)

46. Groningen12 April 2011, 0:30 GMT +02:00

... ALT + numbers

gives all sorts of charecters


47. micromoth12 April 2011, 13:44 GMT +02:00

Hi Lennie / Jay,
I've found a small glitch. When viewing my own gallery, above the top row of images on page 1 there is a blue dividing line. On the lefthand side this line goes through the clickable link to "last page" - it's too low and needs to go up a little to clear the line. However, if I use Ctrl+scroll wheel to increase the magnification, the "last page" link goes back to its proper place. In other words, it's a problem with a line "overrun" when reducing magnification to the best size for the screen. I'm using the latest incarnation of Firefox.

48. jazza17 April 2011, 21:29 GMT +02:00

Hi Kevin, thank you for reporting this bug. We fixed it.

49. mzacha19 April 2011, 8:33 GMT +02:00

Thanks :-)

What is more, I think it should be a query "Are you sure?" when deleting the comments...

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