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need license and usage clarificaton

1. lw2313 May 2010, 21:15 GMT +02:00

Hello, I've used SXC for a long time (and contributed) and am happy to see rgbstock. One tool I liked on sxc was the the summary of usage restrictions at the site of each photo. Are there different categories for usage, similar to sxc, on rgb? I don't see where it says to get individual permission or credit the photographer. I guess I'd like a summary in lieu of rereading the license agreement. Thank you!

2. xymonau14 May 2010, 7:02 GMT +02:00

You really have to read the licence and terms of use. That's a condition of downloading. Briefly, you are expected to inform the image owner in the comment box of where you are using the image. And it is always courtesy to credit the artist. There are similar restrictions to use on CafePress type goods as at sxc but for the detail, read the licence. We have no differing usage restrictions at this time. All images are covered by the one licence.

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