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Which camera?

1. jonfletch26 May 2010, 3:05 GMT +02:00

Hi, My brother is taking the leap and is going to be buying a 'proper' camera, I like to think it is my influence!

The question he has asked me is, which one. Ordinarily, I'd have told him to get the Canon 1000d or the Nikon D3000, (probably the Canon because that is the brand that I use), but now there are hybrids. What are anyone's thoughts on this? He is hoping to take beginners classes, would a hybrid given enough control for this?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

2. crisderaud26 May 2010, 5:42 GMT +02:00

Have him get the new Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i


You guys can share lenses and cut costs that way. The money ends up being invested in the lenses more than it does the camera.

btw: The 1000d is on the discontinued item list although still available.

3. krayker3 September 2010, 5:35 GMT +02:00

I'd agree with Cris, sharing lens would be a great idea to reduce costs. lenses are expensive, and what better to have a standby spare batteries, lenses, and accessories that belong to one ecosystem. going on a long trip ... or a trip abroad you generally need the spare batteries or different lenses. even the spare body would be useful with a different lens - that way you don't have to swap lens on field.

one more thought is that if he is serious about photography or likes some good clean photos, then a dslr it is, not a bridge camera for sure. bridge cameras/ prosumer cameras or the superzooms are very slow and do not compare to even the worst entry level dslr. superzooms are great multi purpose cameras, with their ultra noisy sensor, and very slow lens these days - unless he espressely likes a superzoom - I'd advise against it.

(full disclosure, I have always had a super zoom - panasonic fz5/ canon s3 / sx10. I feel that even though a slr is expensive, its worth every hassle - big lenses, expense and vendor ecosystem lock are nullified by some great results. take this with a pinch of salt!)

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