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I wonder why...

1. weirdvis28 May 2010, 10:21 GMT +02:00

...the image receiving the most downloads on the old site barely registers here. It's the same with many of my former most popular images. By and large my former top downloaders do moderately well, by very modest RGB standards, but there appears to have been a paradigm shift in what people are looking for.

Puzzling or what? Is it because people signing up to RGB already have SXC images on their hard drives or is it because they are looking for more up to date ideas? It certainly presents an interesting challenge and is shaping my response to what images will work best at RGB.

Anyone else find this is so?


My former most popular image is this one: http://www.rgbstock.com/image/2dQIyS1

2. Ayla8728 May 2010, 11:00 GMT +02:00

Hi Lynne,

our 2 most popular images over there and over here are exactly the same, but they are rather timeless or neutral textures. I guess the differences in download numbers will even out more and more over the course of time.

Maybe the overall number of images in the database has quite an influence, too, as for what is found and what is probably overlooked (when there are too many search results for a specific keyword).


3. lusi28 May 2010, 11:46 GMT +02:00

@1 The same happens to me. It seems the RGB users like hands and people jumping because these are my most downloaded images while the most popular ones at the "former" site have just a couple of downloads (only the butterflies are going up steadily ,but very slowly). It puzzles me also....

4. Gramps28 May 2010, 13:23 GMT +02:00

Maybe our customers are the more 'Arty' type. I notice that a fair percentage of the top downloads are textures and abstract designs. SXC was always a photo stock site until the later days when it started to allow the more graphical and design orientated content. If you compare our membership to theirs at the moment, downloads of the various types are probably about the same percentage wise.

5. crisderaud28 May 2010, 15:50 GMT +02:00

I have noticed the differences in preferences and haven't come up with any reasons for it but only theories. I keep changing my theory every week too! :)

I had only one image that reached 20,000 downloads http://www.rgbstock.com/image/2d93Ew1 and now it is starting to crawl up here.

The new Photoshop includes HDR Pro and it is possible to use that in a home studio setting to get perfectly white backgrounds while maintaining soft shadows and producing eye-popping midtone detail and contrast.

I am going to try that approach and see if technique trumps subject material.

6. decar6628 May 2010, 17:35 GMT +02:00

The same happens to me since the very begining, in fact I've been thinking about that and my conclusion is that we are missing something in RGB. Some of my textures which reach over 20.000 downloads in sxc now just get a couple of downloads in RGB.

I think we are missing that part of sxc where you can see the most downloaded images during a period of two weeks time, I think most of the heavy downloaders always look into that rank, they look for the best new images and these high rated images get lots of downloads in that period of time, two weeks. It's the combination of High-rated and New-image.

Looking for images in the overall rank is a heavy task while looking at a shorter time rank is fast and effective. This is the conclusion I came across and that's why some of our very nice images are buried among thousands of other images.

Anyone has the same theory?

7. crisderaud28 May 2010, 17:51 GMT +02:00

I think you are right. People may be looking for the most popular of the newest images when they check the site each day. But we don't have that combination of functions installed.

8. Abyla28 May 2010, 20:45 GMT +02:00

The same to me and I think this is caused by two reasons, the low number of users we have yet and the search function, which works different here.
I think a new user doesn't understand the difference between "white rose" and "white AND rose" in the search function. With the first option are displayed 3663 images with the second only 72.
Most of us uploaded our galleries from the other site before the end of 2009 or in January of this year,our images are the oldest and are at the end of the search result because we used a great number of keywords there.
Perhaps a "most commented" or "most downloaded" option with the search engine could help the oldest images, in addition to decar66 (Salva) idea.

9. saavem28 May 2010, 22:21 GMT +02:00

I notice new textures & abstracts grows fast in downloads. Could it be due the short sample (registered users)?. Maybe when over 100k users registered the question will be normalized?

10. fishmonk28 May 2010, 23:22 GMT +02:00

I agree @8 with the search criteria problem the 'AND' thingy etc
I think it's possibly (@4) arty types i.e. US, who have contributed to a larger proportion of downloads as a start up originally known only amongst ourselves.
I reckon that links nicely with @9 too for same reason.

Having re-read I am aware my grammar is totally incorrect but am feeling just tired & lazy enough to just click the 'send' button & hope you can guess what I mean through inference or sumthg

11. william100429 May 2010, 2:18 GMT +02:00

smart cardDoes anyone know where I can find really hardcore technical information about smart cards?. I'm doing a report for the company I'm working for so it's kinda important.

12. crisderaud29 May 2010, 3:01 GMT +02:00

I think you know the answer to your question already william1004.

You have left a trail of them in forums a mile long across the internet.

13. fishmonk29 May 2010, 10:28 GMT +02:00

http://www.scnf.org.uk/ - may be useful... they also have a twitter feed

or just try "smart card forum" There are quite a few links from google when I tried that earlier.

Good luck

14. xymonau29 May 2010, 12:53 GMT +02:00

I think we have only a sample of potential users here, and fewer professional designers. The issue of not being able to find images easily at first has affected downloads. Plus, it isn't obvious to searchers that they can select a page. It looks like they have to scroll through the whole gallery from page one to see older images, and that puts people off. I had several over the 20K mark, with this being the top downloaded:
but here it has had 2 downloads only.
I do believe it will even out once people understand how to search and they can find the images. And as the population of members grows, the downloads will fall back into something like the other site. However, and the point has already been made, sxc did not have graphics until very recently, and given their popularity, I think they will compete with the photos on this site as they have been here from the beginning.

Isn't it good to be involved with a site from the early times? In ten years we will look back on these posts and I believe we will see a huge difference.

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