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Help requested with finding an image

1. micromoth10 June 2010, 13:09 GMT +02:00

Dear All,

I would be most grateful if I could benefit from your collective wisdom, please.
I am looking for a free image of a drawing of a fossil tree (a whole tree, not just a stump), but am having no success at all. I've tried the usual sources (RGB, SXC, Morguefile, Flickr, Wikipedia) but can't find anything. Can anyone point me to a good source?

Thanks in anticipation.

2. xymonau10 June 2010, 13:15 GMT +02:00

Does it have to be a drawing?

Do you mean a petrified tree or the shape of a tree embedded in stone?

What about a photo made into a sketch with a filter?

3. saavem10 June 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

Hard to find.....
I remember this one, but is not what you are looking for:
It's not my picture!

4. micromoth10 June 2010, 13:55 GMT +02:00

@2 and @3 Thanks, but it does need to be a drawing (or a painting) as it needs to show what it would have looked like in life. Consequently, no, a photo of something imbedded in stone won't do. However, a photo of a good model of a prehistoric tree might work, as I could use a filter to make it look like a drawing.
Any further ideas gratefully received!

5. xymonau10 June 2010, 14:14 GMT +02:00


.rar files - Can you use?

6. crisderaud10 June 2010, 14:23 GMT +02:00

I went to Google, chose the Images option, chose the advanced search option. Put the term prehistoric tree in the first field box to use all the words. Clicked the search images and came out with images from dinosaur movies and cartoon ones, etc. 700.000 in all it said

The first page looked very promising. You can then use the filters to weed out the small images and so forth.

7. micromoth10 June 2010, 22:22 GMT +02:00

@5 and @6 Dez and Cris, many thanks for your help.
@5, I downloaded the .rar files and extracted them using 7Zip. However, there was a problem - the unzipped files were indicated as being .vob files, but there was an inconsistency between what they were called and what they actually were, with the end result that they were corrupted and unusable.
@6, But following up some of the other leads, I've found an image that is just the job and is copyright-expired (i.e., now in the public domain).
So thanks once again - I knew I could rely on you guys!

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