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1. rubyblossom20 June 2010, 19:21 GMT +02:00

Hi i'm a newbie here and i just wondered if i could download images to use as part of my artwork on Flickr, i would of courese credit the artist , thank you for any help:))

2. crisderaud23 June 2010, 15:49 GMT +02:00

Hi Angie, You have lots of gorgeous works in your Flickr gallery. Yes, you can use the images in your artwork on Flickr. It's always best to notify the photographer so they know you will be using their work.

Keep up the good work. Maybe you could consider posting some of your graphic designs and textures here!

3. xymonau23 June 2010, 22:42 GMT +02:00

You can't redistribute the artwork without permission if any part of the images used is recognisable. Always best to get permission. One of our rules is that you inform the image owner of where you are using the image.

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