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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


7874. Ayla8711 November 2012, 8:05 GMT +01:00

you are absolutely right, pets tie you down in a way, especially those you can't take with you on vacations. But even dogs aren't welcome everywhere. And I must say I don't like dogs too much. Christa is at home most of the time. It would be horrible for her to be alone all the time. Cats are the perfect company (while I'm away for work). We


found another smaller animal shelter just outside Berlin (Christa googled it successfully) which is equally hard to reach when you have no car, but the people there are helpful enough to deliver the cats to their new home. This way they can see where their fosterlings get to live. I think this is important, too. As you said, animals should not only be a means of making fast money, and sometimes a lot of money is involved when it comes to breeding races of some worth. You can have a look at the pair of cats we have selected here:
they are the two on the bottom of the page - Lilli and Felix. We like those names and would keep the names too. The red one on the left is the male cat felix, the other one his twin sister (quite different colour for a twin, but that's not unusual for cats). It is certainly brave to select cats from such a short description and one photo only, but we have a good feeling about it and hope it will work well and they will like us, too. They should be brought to us tomorrow in the evening, then we will know more...

7875. xymonau11 November 2012, 8:21 GMT +01:00

Oh, they're gorgeous! A little ginger tom and tortoiseshell female. Perfect. They'll take a little time to settle in, but I'm sure you guys will spoil them.

now I have to


you because I'm jealous! LOL

7876. Ayla8711 November 2012, 12:53 GMT +01:00

it's a hard time, we barely can wait to get to know them. are they quiet, do they


all the time and want to play a lot? with 2 years they are quite young in comparison. exciting days ahead of us. we'll tell you how things work...

7877. xymonau11 November 2012, 14:37 GMT +01:00



wait to hear - they look adorable

7878. Ayla8712 November 2012, 6:28 GMT +01:00

going to buy some fur mice now so that the


won't be bored

7879. xymonau12 November 2012, 10:31 GMT +01:00

at least they get to


together, and that will keep them occupied

7880. Ayla8712 November 2012, 12:03 GMT +01:00

chances are also that they keep us busy, too, for instance with brushing their long hair to make it shine like that of a movie


we never had cats with longer fur before, but this time it may well be that we will have to brush them to prevent hair balls. Let's see if they like it and purr happily...

7881. xymonau12 November 2012, 13:49 GMT +01:00

Let's hope their fur doesn't get knots. I had a three quarter Persian cat - a magnificent black cat with a spectacular white mane, and the sweetest nature you could imagine. There was no way I could keep knots out of his fur. Within a few minutes one would form, close to his skin, and cutting them out was agony for him, even though he was such a patient boy. Eventually, I would have him anaesthetised by the vet and get them to shave him. He looked so funny, but at least he wasn't in pain from all those knots. As his fur grew, so would the knots. Brushing him didn't work as once they formed, it was too painful for him. I have no idea how breeders keep their prize cats like they do. It would have to be a full-time job.I'd love another Persian for the sweet nature, but never again because of the fur.

owning cats is a thing of the


for me now, sadly, but if my life ever changed, perhaps I could get another

7882. Ayla8712 November 2012, 14:26 GMT +01:00

I agree, knots are the about the


thing I'm looking for, they sound not very funny. This race they stem from is luckily not too bad knot-wise, and they are no pure race-cats, mixed with "ordinary" house cats which should make them even more robust. A tip on the web said, it is usually sufficient to brush them once a week - we'll see.

7883. xymonau13 November 2012, 9:42 GMT +01:00

I know some long haired cats don't have that sort of fur, and they look fine in the photo. There might even be a product to keep the fur straight - like conditioner - that won't poison cats, but there wasn't when I owned mine. Oh, he was a sweet cat. Not clingy or anything, but patient and stoical, and just so beautiful. He didn't have the flat face of a Persian, just the fur, and spectacular golden eyes.



him when a car hit him and fractured his pelvis - he had to be put down, and we cried a lot over him

7884. Ayla8713 November 2012, 10:28 GMT +01:00

that's a sad story and it only confirmes my resolution not to let cats get outside. The traffic is too dangerous here in the city. I know that


of the pet owners think their cats are "trapped" when they won't have the freedom to walk out, but I couldn't sleep safely anymore when my cat is not back in. We read so many bulletins of missing cats which hang on trees everywhere round here frequently.

Now here's the report from the cat front. We have spent the first evening, night and morning with our new company. Unfortunately I must say we are quite unhappy. Not at all the love at first sight which I hoped for. Those cats are rather big, about 1/3 larger than the one we had before, which was a surprise for us. On the photo they looked quite small. Our flat is not that big. It may well be that they want to get outside (which we wouldn't allow), they seem to be a bit unlucky with the situation, too. They meow a lot (without obvious reasons), open doors, clearing cupboards, one glass has been broken already, which was a sort of turbulent opening of this morning. Not what we were used by our previous cat. I don't think they messed things up on purpose, but it just doesn't give us a good feeling. When you have the impression that you like the cats you can easily laugh about such mishaps, but in this case we think it's too far from what we would like to spend years of our life with. We sort of feel overrun. These cats behave more like dogs usually do, and we are no dog-people. I suppose we will have them exchanged against other cats.

7885. xymonau13 November 2012, 12:59 GMT +01:00

Oh, that's a real shame. Do you think they might settle down in time? After all, they are in a strange situation, and it's much harder for older cats sometimes. They may just be looking for a way of escape for now. If they're meowing, they are feeling distressed. Cats are very territorial and they "home" like pigeons if they don't settle in first. They need about a week to accept new surroundings. Are they eating? And are they house-trained? That would be intolerable if they weren't. Just don't give them milk. It upsets their stomachs and makes them even more unsettled. And if they were outside cats it will take time for them to accept their new situation. I think they're rather smart if they can open cupboards. You know best, but there might be a good chance of things getting better with some patience. I don't envy you, though. You have your hands full.

let's hope they


freaking out and gradually forget their old home

7886. Ayla8713 November 2012, 14:02 GMT +01:00

I think with two much smaller cats the freak show will soon belong to the


this sounds a bit harsh, but if you had seen our reaction to this nights guests I think you would agree the chemistry just doesn't work. Much too far away from what we can arrange with. Just frustrating.

We'll try now with Dani and - on the next page - with Mini
They are said to come along with each other equally well, so we hope this will fit all the better.

7887. xymonau15 November 2012, 10:55 GMT +01:00

So have you swapped them yet, Michael? And was the cat place okay about it? I hope the next pair will


and be more in tune with you

7888. Ayla8715 November 2012, 11:12 GMT +01:00

yes, we have swapped them yesterday and I think this time the new pair can


with us. cute tiny little house cats, one grey (3 years old) and one black and white (1/2 year old, jumping around a lot, a loveable romp, will still have to be castrated in due time). Both are house-trained and very cuddly. The cat place was not too happy about the extra work but in the end I think it doesn't matter too much for them which of their cats find a new home first. Race cats should be sought enough quite well, so they shouldn't have to stay there too long either.

7889. xymonau15 November 2012, 12:08 GMT +01:00

Well, I hope they will be very happy. It sounds like you already are!

give them lots of


and cuddles, and they will love you to bits

7890. Ayla8715 November 2012, 13:54 GMT +01:00

Oh yes, we are already happy, and we are busy now training them when we make breakfast with milk over the cereals that this is not meant for our


(which they tend to disagree about). What I found interesting to learn is that the younger cat is the one with the bigger self-confidence. sometimes she hisses at her older companion in order to set the tone. But I think they will take some time to settle in with their new environment, too. Enough space here for two cats.

7891. xymonau16 November 2012, 6:34 GMT +01:00

every day is another


to your place becoming their home

You'll have to post some photos of them. It was hard to tell from the other pics what they really look like. Do you give your indoor cats greens to eat?

7892. Ayla8716 November 2012, 8:09 GMT +01:00

every day there are new discoveries to be made for the cats (yesterday they were amazed by the balcony) and now we have to try to train them some things, for instance to


jumping onto our kitchen table...

yes, Christa grows cat-grass to feed them from kilos of oat which I have ordered on ebay. good against hair-balls, too.

7893. xymonau16 November 2012, 8:36 GMT +01:00

It won't take long to break the table habit if you're consistent. I hate cats on tables and benches and am horrified when people allow it. It's just unhygenic. The same with people letting dogs lick their faces. *shudder*

Cats really need that grass access. Their bodies crave it. Frankly, they live longer as vegetarians if they get a balanced diet and taurine supplements or eggs and lactose free milk. But it's just easier to feed them meat.



raw chicken wings once they get used to them - great for their teeth

7894. Ayla8716 November 2012, 9:15 GMT +01:00

we'll do our best to be consistent trainers. I hope this will bring some progress.
This self-grown grass is luckily quite popular. Because we live as nearly full-time vegetarians we wouldn't want to tamper with raw chicken wings. We buy expensive dry food from royal canine which also helps a bit for their teeth. I'm lucky that there is a weekend ahead now because the days are so short after work. hopefully I will get a chance to make some useable photos. It's a bit dark at this time of the year (poor lightning). But it's still a nice time to play around with all those new cat


7895. xymonau17 November 2012, 12:45 GMT +01:00

So are they beginning to settle down yet? I'm jealous. LOL

I can't think of any words to use in a sentence, so here's just a word:


7896. Ayla8718 November 2012, 8:57 GMT +01:00

I don't think cats would like soya, and the next worst thing should be a bath in a pool of


water. The hisses have not ended yet, arrangements are still going on, but we are hopefull that they will come to a good end.
New photos:

7897. xymonau18 November 2012, 9:32 GMT +01:00

They look very content! Do you mean they're hissing at each other or you? Yes, I used to bath my cats years ago. Then I decided the slashings weren't worth it. so I'll


on that activity, if you don't mind

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