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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8018. Ayla872 January 2013, 13:19 GMT +01:00

I couldn't wait to get born, so I popped out after 7 months pregnancy and spent my first weeks in an incubator. But I was a sunday's child. Most births today are not on the weekends. sunday's childs count as lucky children. In my case the birth didn't go well, because the hospital had only one delivery ward and that was busy with a woman that was to deliver twins, so that I had to wait. I literally stuck in the birth channel and lacked oxygen and that was the moment when my disability was caused. The result is that I'm deaf on my right ear, there a hearing aid wouldn't be of any help anymore. On my left ear the hearing capacity is down to about 50%, so I have about half an ear left. I wear an hearing aid on the left hand side and it helps a lot. I can even phone with it. what can't do is to hear the direction where a sound comes from. How about you, don't you think it would be wise to go through the trouble to slowly get used to a hearing aid? The longer you wait, the harder it gets to bring yourself to use it. We usually tend to get more stubborn in these things, even if it comes down to accept help.

This hearing limitation is my main disability. There are more which sound quite impressive like an early-child brain damage which left over some spastics, but they don't matter very much in everyday life. I'm not a very sportive person, and the real reason why my back hurts rather often should be because I sit in front of the computer the whole day, I suppose. And the migraine causes me to be ill several days, that's another one of these disabilities which I have to live with...

Yes, I know many colleagues now here in the house, because I have worked in several different authorities now under this one roof and I really feel quite at home here and can walk around in the dark at early mornings when lights are still turned off without losing my orientation. payment for public servants is luckily quite good, especially for those with a diploma - I was lucky enough to have been promoted several times during my career, so my income now serves for a living (for Christa and for me). And the status of a public servants is usually a life-long employment. When I won't steal golden spoons (and there aren't any to steal anyhow) I don't have to fear any unemployment.

To rise retirement ages ever more until no one is able to work so long sounds not very senseful to me. I think because of rising life expectancys they have no chance to react otherwise, because pension cashes would run empty too soon. This is difficult to handle. We are all getting older, but we are not necessarily healthier, lucky exceptions excluded. Our bones are not constructed for these high ages, I'm afraid. Hmm, I think this must be one of my longest 4-letter posts...

8019. xymonau3 January 2013, 7:16 GMT +01:00

So are the migraines related to all that? That's quite dreadful, Michael. I know it could have been worse, but it must have been a struggle at times.

One of my friend's children suffered from cerebral palsy - not profoundly, but his coordination was shot, and he walked with a slight limp.

I had lost 20% of my hearing in my right ear when i was 17. No-one ever gave an explanation. My mother was fairly deaf in her 60s, and used to hate going to the supermarket as she couldn't hear the checkout people when they asked for money. Deaf doesn't show, and people just think you're a bit dumb. My hearing is adequate at the moment in normal situations, but if there is any background noise like a fan, airconditioning, or other sounds, I find it hard to make out words. My family gets great amusement out of my misunderstandings at times! LOL Interviewing clients is okay as I'm in a closed environment, and the air cons at work are very quiet. I can only hear on the phone through my left ear, and I have to press the phone hard. I will sometimes pretend it's a bad connection if I'm having a bad day. On a good day it is okay.

My Mum was told her hearing wouldn't be helped by a hearing aid as it was nerve damage. I suspect mine is similar. I will get one if I get too bad. I'm not proud or anything. But I have seen so many problems with them, that I'm not confident they will be any good. I will have all the tests eventually. The last few years have been full of medical things, and it's all too much right now. The most recent is my back, and I still have to find out if I have osteoporosis. I wish I'd looked after myself better in my younger years now - and I'm still being slack. However, I'm working towards change again.

You're lucky in your job. Here, the public service used to be a long-term job. But our newest Stategovernment just sacked 20,000 public service employees in Queensland over a period of a few months, so it's not something that is very secure here any more. I didn't vote for the pigs, and I suspect those who did are going to have a re-think next time. I don't have any time for any politicians any more. An honest one is a rare thing.

Yes, it is one of your longest four letter posts, but I can't locate a four letter word! LOL The last one was "rife", so I'll change it to


which is what my boss will do to me if I keep having days off. (My back was really bad today and I just couldn't go to work.)

8020. Ayla873 January 2013, 14:27 GMT +01:00

rise was the word I had in mind and forgot to point out, but it was just


that you set me on fire ;) I have observed that I forget more and more things due to all those migraine medics I take. I think they make me quite drowsy, but that helps to reduce stress, so I'm quite thankful for that.

The relation with the other disabilities is that migraine counts as a chronic disease. All those diseases are added up when the doctors calculate and evaluate the individual degree of the disability. Mine was last reviewed some years ago and was set at 70% whatever that means. Now, with the blood pressure above normal and the migraine maybe the value is a little bit higher, but it may be that these things don't count too much because they are no "physical" handicaps. Missing legs or things like that count more, of course, or blindness, or any kind of disabilities which make you dependant of the help of others to live your life.

Hearing aids are something you have to get used to. You will be amazed to hear that they make everything louder. Not only your clients on the phone, but also traffic noises and unwanted things like that which you may have forgotten are there, too. It takes time to get accustomed to new hearing possibilities.

Christas hearing isn't very bad, but we both hear TV now with a headphone and it helps to understand better (and I suppose it also helps to save our neighbours some nerves).

Do you really have the impression that you may have missed some "investment" in health issues over the years? I'm not sure how much you can really influence to build a stock of good health, besides caring for what you eat (not too much fat, and avoid to heavily drink and smoke and such "funny" things like that). I think with mainly veggie food we are the goodies already. More sports would be better of course, but I'm hard to motivate for sports. That little bit of swimming and sauna every fortnight should suffice, I hope. My workplace dictates much of how I spend my day, so I have no real chance to influence too much. Health invisibly crawls away very slowly and there seems so little that can be done to stop it...

8021. xymonau4 January 2013, 1:39 GMT +01:00

I think we have a huge input into our health, but we get slack - most of the time. While we can't grow new limbs or overcome those things that are permanent, we can eat well, exercise as we should, and generally work at being healthy. Not to the point of misery, but just to increase our energy. Unfortunately, I have not exercised enough or eaten properly for most of my life, and I think I'm paying the price for some of that. I look at some people with chronic health issues, but they live to a ripe old age and remain as active as they can.

The centenarians that work right up to their last days are not just genetic freaks. They do things to help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Zone

The Sardinians in that study were all related, and it seems there was a genetic aspect to their longevity.

I want to get started on my reforms for this year but my back is so bad that I won't be able to get in the food I want until next week. I did make a vegan fried rice - well, a conglomeration that had rice in it! - yesterday. I added pine nuts (expensive) and cashews, and it tasted really nice. I will have to change gradually with some things until I get back on track. I can't believe how far i fell off the wagon just because I got sick.

I will begin to enjoy


vegan food again, and hopefully lose some of the weight I've put on

8022. Ayla874 January 2013, 10:38 GMT +01:00

oh, I hope your back will be well-behaved soon, or I'll come over at


and tell him that we won't tolerate bad manners.

I didn't know that there is a name for that area where people are lucky to get so old with good health (Blue Zone).

I think it is a good idea to start with more vegan food. That is a very tasty way to to something for your health. This makes it certainly easier as far as motivation is concerned than doing exhausting exercises. sports are a hard thing when you aren't happy with them, and I'm certainly not... What use is it to set yourself goals which you can't reach. Will lead to endless frustration only. We do want a happy new year... right now...

8023. xymonau4 January 2013, 12:23 GMT +01:00

yes, I could


with some happiness right now

But my situation is fine, really. I hate exercise, and I haven't really been able to do much for years. I had plantar fascitis for two years - that was agony, and walking was a nightmare. That kind of set me back. I was a smoker for years before that, and constantly out of breath. Thank goodness I stopped when I did. But it's an insidious, slow poison, and I'm still feeling the effects of it, even though I gave up in 1995 or 6. And i was never coodinated as a child, so I hated sports. My son is the same. I did take up roller skating when I was 25, and I loved that. I got very fit, but was just having a lot of fun doing so. If I had kept that up, things might have been different. Still, walking is one of the best things for us, and just general moving around and doing the daily chores is often enough. I'd love to own a swimming pool - with a VERY high fence, for privacy - and I'd definitely swim every day. I can't swim, but I'm unsinkable, and enjoy being in water. I wouldn't be seen dead in a bathing suit, though.

8024. Ayla877 January 2013, 7:06 GMT +01:00



you are a bit happier by now. In my case the migraine struck again over the last couple of days, but the attack was not one of the worst, so I was able to attend the musical I was waiting for two years now to play here in Berlin. I had a ticket for a seat in the first row and all went well, it was a nice evening.

I've heard that after a few years your lung would totally regenerate when you stop smoking. I think after about seven years no two cells in our body are the same anymore, so it's amazing that you still feel the effects of smoking when it was so long ago. This will certainly be a strong help never to fall back into bad habits.

A private swimming pool is certainly a nice luxury, but I've heard it also means a lot of work to keep the water clean. When you have trees standing nearby you will kill them when they begin to drop leaves in your pool... No love for nature anymore...

8025. xymonau7 January 2013, 13:23 GMT +01:00

I am


to experiment and see if I would change

Some trees deserve to die. I had a huge gum tree right next to a house I was renting. Gum trees are well known for dropping their branches, and this one was so big, I was always afraid one of its branches would come crashing through the ceiling.

You do regenerate a lot after stopping smoking, but scar tissue or damage doesn't repair itself. I know I have scarring on the lung, but I don't know if smoking caused it or just a bad 'flu. Our family is inclined to get asthma as we age, and that is a big problem at times. As I've said before, milk causes it in me. If I have a small amount of dairy, I pay the price. I had something by accident with my granddaughters. One said the next day that I had been making a really wierd noise. I asked if it sounded like cats and she said, "Yes!" So I was wheezing from whatever I had.

I will never smoke again. It would just about finish me off if I did. I was so sick from smoking when I stopped, that I could barely walk around and not get breathless - and I mean gasping for breath. When I stopped, I felt so much better.

8026. Ayla877 January 2013, 13:52 GMT +01:00

I think when you are open-minded you can


with a lot of challenges life has to offer very well. But your smoking example is very good, too - life leaves some scars as well. These are the moments where it can certainly be helpful to have a pointy stick at hand. There may always be a Gum tree which you have to defend against... that milk problem is bad, too, because food declarations are often bad and who reads every tiny detail in microscopic letters...

8027. xymonau7 January 2013, 21:07 GMT +01:00

I do! LOL I absolutely have to. They put milk solids and whey in potato chips, sauces, some breads - it's in almost all processed foods. I spend hours shopping, reading labels carefully. I usually take two pairs of glasses and use them both together in order to read the horrible print. In this country they are obliged to have a list of allergens straight after the ingredients. I have often thought there was no milk, but in that declaration it is in there, in spite of it not being recognisable amongst the ingredients.

I'm sorry you had another migraine. But I'm glad you got to go to the musical. Is it one I'd know?

sadly, I can


the pointy stick as much as I like, but it doesn't seem to solve much! LOL

8028. Ayla878 January 2013, 7:04 GMT +01:00

When you are so busy studying tiny declarations what do you do when you go to a restaurant or a cafe, they don't give you something to read. Only chances to wheeze after you leave their shop (hopefully for them after you have paid their bill).

I don't think the musical would be to your liking, because it has to do with science fiction. It is called The War Of The Worlds and plays in Victorian England. Earth is attacked by Martians, all surrounded by lots of nice music. Composer Jeff Wayne is a nice musical


and delivered a good show who deserved a standing ovation by some 3.000 viewers here in Berlin.

8029. xymonau8 January 2013, 10:04 GMT +01:00

Are you kidding? The only fiction I ever really liked was SF! J.G. Ballard, Asimov, - I can't really remember authors names, but that was all I read once. I had read most of the classics - but quality ones. Not Dune or those long, boring things set on another planet, but just shoot-em-ups or fantasy. I liked intellectual and really clever stories. Ballards short stories were killers. Douglas Adams for light relief.

I extended to Terry Pratchett (not SF) as I got older. I read non-fiction these days, when I do read, because I always feel it's a bit of a waste of time. But I have my moments.

I think I's have liked the show if it was good music. See? There's a lot you don't know about me. :o)

Eating out can be a trial. I generally order safe foods and specify no dairy. I play up the allergy a bit so they're scared to slip any in. LOL They think they'll kill me and have a lwsuit on their hands. I'm not currently vegan, but vegan is impossible in this town unless you just grab a plate of vegetables or specify what you want in your fried rice - if it's not cooked in animal fat. And if you don't want cheese or butter - they look at you as if you just popped out another head. There are some nice vegan restaurants in Brisbane. The biggest joke - and I've seen this elsewhere in Chinese restaurants - is they will have a vegetarian fried rice on the menu, and say it's served with oyster sauce. After enquiries, it's inevitably real oyster sauce, and I get a blank look when I point out that an oyster is not a vegetable. One local Chinese take-away doesn't even serve tofu because there is zero demand for it. And only one supermarket stocks silken tofu. The others have that rubbery inedible stuff that I can't stand - or chew.

Not only do I have the above, but I have a swallowing problem that can choke me at times, so I can't risk coarse or raw foods when I'm out. Generally, I just give up and cook at home. It was a little easier at our staff Christmas parties this year. I ate fish. Soft, and on the menu! LOL But I am going vegan again soon. My tastebuds are getting back to normal. I had a huge mango for lunch today, and I enjoyed it thoroughly plus it filled me. It was really big! That's the sort of thing I ate before i got sick and my tastebuds went haywire.

Now I am off to make my evening meal - a sandwich! that


off the day for me

8030. Ayla878 January 2013, 12:52 GMT +01:00

It's always amazing what I can learn about you, you never


to astonish me. What a nice literary taste. Philip K. Dick would be another one of these names of intelligent SF authors which you might have heard of. On the funny side with the wicked humour Douglas Adams should be not very far aside from Terry Pratchett, but I haven't read anything from the latter yet as far as I remember.

I must admit I have some prejudice as far as ingredients of chinese cuisine are concerned, so I wouldn't go so far to buy very much in chinese shops to cook myself because I would be afraid of pollutants.

The fresh mangos we get here sometimes taste like turpentine, maybe they are over-ripe?

8031. xymonau8 January 2013, 14:12 GMT +01:00

No, they are probably turpentine mangoes. The skin of a mango tastes of turpentine, and sometimes the whole fruit does. Certain varieties are worse than others. Over here there are three main kinds grown - Kensington Pride (used to be called "Bowen Special" as they were grown around a town called Bowen); R2E2 - a hybrid bred by the CSIRO, I think, and named for its position in the rows; and the Calypso. Theres some other something gold, but not many of those. Then on the trees all around here - which are loaded right now - are what we call the "commonies" - or common mangoes. They must have a breed, but I don't think anyone knows. They are delicious, but very stringy, so not sold commercially. They are more inclined to sometimes have a bit of a turpentine taste. Kensington Pride are sweet, tangy and delicious, and to die for. R2E2 have to be eaten a bit unripe for the nicest flavour, but they are huge and succulent. Calypso are also sweet and nice, and slightly different again. I love them. I could live on mangoes and macadamias.

I have read Philip K. Dick, and I thought of a few others but can't remember them again! Terry Pratchett has been translated into a lot of languages. He's sort of comic fantasy, with a side order of magic - but it's all very entertaining and complex. Ripping good yarns. He now has Alzheimers, sadly, but is managing to write with the help of others. He creates the plots, and they get them on paper.

The Chinese take aways here are fairly okay. Although some used proper Chinese ingrdients, they are usually traditional foods - apart from MSG, but that's been banned in most places - and fairly fresh, so it's local produce. Australia has always had a large Chinese population, and it was our main ethnic food for years, until the Italians and other Europeans came to help with major construction projects. (We simply didn't have the manpower back then.) When I was a little girl, I remember that we would have to take our own saucepan or other container to the Chinese shop, and they would fill it with food and we'd pay and take it home in the container. None of these plastic containers they have today. Even our milk was poured into whatever we left out for the milkman, and he would ladle the milk out of a bik milk can. I'm glad times have changed in some things!

okay, this old girl now


to go to bed! Good night, Michael. (Although it probably isn't night in Berlin.)

8032. Ayla879 January 2013, 8:21 GMT +01:00

R2E2 sounds a lot like inspired by R2D2 or was that C3PO... long time ago I saw Star Wars... sometimes I have the impression that I'm followed by turpentine mangoes. I try my best to get only the good ones, but I seem to have no good nose in this direction... Perhaps the best mangoes just aren't exported in our regions. We are very lucky, though, since indian food is amongst our favourites, that we get nice mango liqueur, too, whenever we visit our favourite indian restaurant.

I'm sorry to hear about Terry Pratchett and his Alzheimers. Seems to happen to a lot of geniuses. Good that he has found a way to cope with it for the moment.

Oh, I just noticed btw that the wheather forecast announced that there might be a little bit of snow tomorrow here in Berlin. So it will get a little bit cold for our


on the balcony. They drive Christa crazy anyhow, because they change their mind about every five minutes whether they want to be left in or out. It's too cold to leave the balcony door open all the time for them to walk in or out as they like...

We have some large Chinese super markets here in Berlin with amazing stocks, some sweets from there are very tasty...

8033. xymonau9 January 2013, 21:37 GMT +01:00

Are they okay on a balcony? I'd be scared they might decide to jump or something. But that's typical cat behaviour. See a door and demand to go out or in. Cats are just very mobile creatures naturally and in the wild come and go as they please. And they're intelligent enough to communicate their wishes, so they do. LOL

I think it is the breed of mango that you're getting which causes the flavour issue. Mangoes get sweeter as they ripen, so the turpentine flavour isn't caused by part of the ripening process. I don't like the sugary syrup, but tinned mango is okay if ther is nothing else. I wonder where Germany gets its mangoes? I assume it might be from India or Africa somewhere? Or are mangoes grown in the Meditteranean region? They grow wherever there are no frosts or snow. This is an image of the shape of the common mangoes that are most likely to taste like turpentine:
and these are the kind we call "common" mangoes. The trees here are dripping with them right now. I wish I could send you a Kensington Pride - they are to die for! I've had mango for lunch for the past two days and will do so today and tomorrow as well. They aren't very cheap, in spite of bumper crops, but they are so nutritious and tasty, they're worth it.

I've only been to a Chinese supermarket a few times, in Brisbane. I experienced a wave of horror when I found the packet of chicken feet, toenails and all. Brisbane is very cosmopolitan and has quite a variety of ethnic grocery places. Korean, Japanese (similar), Chinese, Indian, African, Vietnamese, and Halal - usually Arabic. There's an ethnic vegetarian grocery place that is Greek (I think), and they have wonderful things there. Now I'm hungry! It's breakfast time, so I'll have to eat soon. Another steamy day ahead. I'm sitting under the ceiling fan, and thinking I will have to put the air conditioner on soon. It's only 6:30am. I'm imagining the snow in Berlin and feeling jealous!

okay, I am going to


into the kitchen and see what culinary delights await me

I'm thinking a sandwich or cereal...

8034. Ayla8710 January 2013, 12:47 GMT +01:00

The balcony is - like all our windows - protected by a safety net for the cats because they shouldn't be invited to jump out (we live on the ground floor). Which is British English once again as my dictionary reminds me. Is that your common slang then, too? The worse days are those when the younger cat makes a


and tries to find out how high she can climb up on the net and how long it would be fine to hang into the net till Christa comes and plucks her out.

I suppose the Mangoes we get here come from all over the world and travel wide distances. I have rarely or never seen such purely green ones as your "common" mangoes. Most of those offered here have some red parts at the hull.

One thing all these chinese and asian supermarkets have in common is a strange overall smell which is not very friendly for our noses. But then of course the smells in our supermarkets are not the real or natural ones, those are artificial, they are to lure us to buy more, as well as all the music played there is supposed to achieve. The asian people are obviously the more truthful and straightforward ones as far as shopping is concerned. This is not to say that I am keen on chicken feet, toenails and all. When in Rome do as the Romans do...

8035. xymonau10 January 2013, 13:46 GMT +01:00

Or don't go to Rome at all if it involves eating the feet of chickens! LOL

Wire netting is a terrible temptation to cats. And the words were normal to me.

Oh, those mangoes were unripe. I was just referring to the shape. Yes, they should all have colour on them and be a bit soft before eating. The best here turn fairly yellow all over, with some having orange or red on them. I'm still eating a whole lot I bought this week. I really love them.

it must


from the fact that I was raised in Queensland, where we ate a lot of mangoes when we were growing up

Have you tried a custard apple? http://www.gofor2and5.com.au/portals/0/Images/Fruit/2and5_custard_apple_420.jpg
Another one of my favourite fruits!

8036. Ayla8711 January 2013, 9:14 GMT +01:00

The netting is soft, made from nylon fabric, and quite elastic. Here are some photos from the guy who cared for our balcony, too:
http://www.katzenschutznetze-berlin.de/Alurahmen Balkon.html
Tempting, obviously, and when you hang there with your four claws spread in all directions and your own weight pulling at you it's a bit late to begin to think about stategies to escape... upwards it is one small


for a cat and then... how do you do that damn giant leap down again when you can't get loose... LOL

No, I never tried a custard apple, but they look interesting. It is astonishing that my dictionary knows a lot of different German names for it who translate back in very different directions like cinnamon apple, cream apple, sugar apple and even oxen heart. cinnamon, of course, is one of Christa and my favourite spices btw... Does it taste in any way like cinnamon?

Just spotted Mangos in a local supermarket to tell you where they come from - they are from Brazil.

8037. xymonau11 January 2013, 23:42 GMT +01:00


Do any of these look like the ones you get? I'm just interested to find if they are characteristically turpentine mangoes. I assume, then that you get your mangoes in winter? Obviously they grow in the Southern hemisphere in the warmer months, so from maybe october to February is when we get ours. I have a real craving for them this year, but they are so expensive. And that's ridiculous, because it's a bumper year for them. Last year, after all the floods, the trees could barely hold all the mangoes. It was incredible.

Custard apples taste nothing like cinnamon - but there may be varieties that might. They are full of seeds surrounded by a soft, sweet tangy flesh that is hard to describe, but you would love them. They have to be soft and ripe. Sour sops are an even nicer variety, but I haven't tasted one since I was a child. You can just tear them open gently, then scoop out the flesh and eat it from the skin, spittong out the seeds. They're fiddly to eat, but worth the effort if you get a good one. Some of the commercial ones are picked too early, and lose a lot of flavour. they also get this woodiness which is unpleasant, but you can't always tell in advance if the fruit is affected. I once rented a flat with a custard apple tree in the yard. It was heaven!

I was up until 3am because of an incident at work last night, and haven't had much sleep. The worker on duty


for the police, but the police were arguing about removing the fellow - who had, by the way, thrown chairs around the dining room and spat in the face of the worker. This is the second time local police have given me a hard time about removing an obviously risky person, and I am not happy. I'll be having a meeting with the police liaison officer as soon as I can arrange it. Being on call 24/7 can really ruin your sleep! LOL

Yes, cats get stuck in dreadful places. They love the adventure of the climb, but they have no reverse gear. :o) By the way, your link above didn't work.

8038. Ayla8713 January 2013, 8:42 GMT +01:00

Fascinating variety that Mango collection. The


version (which happens to fit perfectly in our 4 letter words-topic) resembles those ones we get here (mostly green with a red spot, no yellow at all) the most. I'd love to taste any of those yellowish variations...

When you speak of fiddly to eat fruits pomegranates come to mind, too. I think it's quite a lot of work to get them nestled out, but worth the effort, too.

I hope the police doesn't have to ruin your sleep too often. That would be awful for me. I'm very keen on having a regular daily course of action. Indeed I risk to get migraine when I go to bed at irregular hours.

There is a space in the link which can't be copied. That was the reason why it didn't work. If you are still interested, please click here:
and then on the left hand side click once again on
"Alu-Rahmen" There you can find the photos of the kind of netting just like on our balcony.

8039. xymonau13 January 2013, 12:14 GMT +01:00

Oh, okay - so it has fairly large gaps. I was envisioning something like flyscreen netting, but of course, that isn't needed because of the size of the cats, is it? That's not too bad, and wouldn't interrupt any breezes in summer.

I had a call from a doctor at the hospital re our chair-throwing man on Saturday. I felt so tired all day, and didn't sleep well again last night. I need to get to bed soon to try to catch up. Work has been a bit intense lately. We have nearly a full house - which isn't very big, but the work increases exponentially, with men annoying each other on top of all the normal problems. I do like what i do, but I think I'm just a bit tired of it all right now. I need to get healthier.



to the shops on Friday and forgot to buy more mangoes, so tomorrow after work I'll bring home some delicious fruit. I have been craving them this year. It's all linked in with my haywire tastebuds from that virus. I'm almost back to normal again, but not quite.

It's so hot lately. Not way too bad - around 35C - but quite uncomfortable. I feel so lucky to have the air conditioner, and the new one in my car. The first year I moved here, my workplace had no airconditioning. We had it installed early in 2012. Before that, I sweltered, and would even get heat rash. Of course, we had all the floods, and so much humidity, so that didn't help. But now I can go from one cool environment to another. I feel so privileged.

8040. Ayla8714 January 2013, 8:49 GMT +01:00

No, this netting doesn't interfere with our outlook as it is green like the trees outside. We were afraid a little bit that the gaps might even be too large for the younger cat to pop through because she is not fully outgrown (not quite one year old), but there's no danger on that front obviously anymore.

I hope you did get some decent sleep by now, I think that is fairly important to feel well and keep healthy. I'm a rather restless sleeper and wake up early without needing an alarm clock. I usually wake up punctually one hour before I


to get up, which is sort of a waste of sleep. I wish I could avoid that daily waste. Maybe it is a sign that I generally get enough sleep (about 6 - 7 hours).

Do you think work will be easier again when the wheather will cease to be so uncomfortably hot? I could imagine it makes the guys more annoying when it is a bit sticky...

8041. xymonau14 January 2013, 9:54 GMT +01:00

Well, unlike most of the ther men's shelters in this state, ours has a killer air conditioner in the lounge. They can sit in comfort, and just have to endure the heat when they go out for a cigarette.

Our problems always increase when the numbers go up. And we've had some difficult people in lately. Not always difficult in a bad way, but in high needs as well. It's fine. I just need to get my act together again, and it will happen. Things otherwise are fine right now. I did call the police to ask about talking to the police liaison officer. They are going to get back to me. they


send someone out yet as the relevant person is away until the end of the month

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