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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8354. Ayla8712 June 2013, 8:31 GMT +02:00

Mimi is eating very well now, which is really fine, and she is continuing her explorations. Yesterday she was on our balcony for the first time and obviously enjoyed it quite a lot. During the nights she still screams very much with little improvement at that front. We hope that will get better, too.

It's a strange matter of habits what we like to eat and what not. If I have heard correctly , the Chinese people are disgusted by the way we are eating cheese and they probably really don't get along with it because their stomachs can't cope with it. There are a lot of things which I wouldn't want to eat, like a frog's legs, or eyes of whichever species. But sometimes it only needs a bit of courage in order not to miss some tasty experience.

Pancakes are obviously a topic of marvelous worldwide variations.

Christas was made with apples and looked a bit like this one
it was even thicker and made of spelt flour, so it was a little bit darker. We didn't take a topping this time because we were curious for the taste of those duck eggs. For the pumpkin pancakes I would usually take golden syrup and for apple or strawberry pancakes (we expect fresh organic strawberrys anytime soon from our nearby fields) I will take egg liqueur as a topping. It is also made from organic eggs.

Your sate veges and rice sounds very tasty. I wish you could beam a portion over here. Christa uses olive oil for cooking.

The idea to pay someone for the mowing is not bad. I have no clue how often it has to be done. About twice a month?

I hope you get your contract


The building inspection will be one of the next steps then, won't it?

Christine, Ed an Mimi seem to have much alike: Shy and always hungry. But you can be happy that Ed doesn't tell you so much all night long to robb you your sleep. I wish Mimi would prefer to write a book instead of telling it all loud.

8355. xymonau12 June 2013, 11:25 GMT +02:00

Michael - do you leave your bedroom door open at night? I'm just wondering if Mimi is feeling lost and alone if she is unable to get to you. She will need to learn some trust first, anyway, but if you magically disappear behind a door at night, that could be scary for her, too. You might not like animals in your bedroom, but it might help to settle her a bit. I say "might". Even give her a comfy box with something soft next to your bed.

If not, then I wonder if she's been a night cat (well, they are nocturnal by nature) as a means to survive. Maybe once she starts to play - and being an older cat, she might not play as much - then she will be a bit more tired at night. Would you consider giving her tranquilisers for a few nights? I believe they give cats valium in micro doses, and it seems to settle them a lot. Makes them eat more, too. Hopefully as she feels better from her sickness as well, she will be better. Could she be in pain or something at night? Have you any catnip? I wonder if that would do anything for her?

Is she a clean cat? I mean, does she use the litter box properly?

I still haven't heard about the contract. I'm wondering if the owners have changed their mind or something. Even the agent hasn't been in touch. I expected to hear from him today, but it was busy at work, so I'll call him tomorrow.

As for food, I stick with what is deemed "clean" by the Jews and Muslims - from the bible. Not for religious reasons, but because those meats, etc, seem to be less harmful for the body. I heard of a scientist doing experiments with decomposing carcasses from various animals, and the nutrition they provided to plants as they broke down in the soil. I didn't get all the details, but the summary was that the decomposed corpses of "clean" animals were generally beneficial to the soil, but the others tended to either be less nutritious - resulting in poorer growth - or even harm the plants. that doesn't have to extrapolate to people, naturally, but It was interesting, all the same. I must see if I can find it again. I don't always remember to bookmark things I like.

I used to adore cheese - Brie was my favourite. My allergy is too strong, though, and it just isn't worth the asthma attack for the flavour. I know flavour is important with food, but even if disgusting bits of an animal were the most delicious things in the world, I couldn't bring myself to eat them. Obviously if you have grown up eating such things, you aren't disgusted. Yes, frogs are safe from me. Also snails and prawns (they look like wet spiders to me) and anything wiggly! LOL I don't think I could even eat caviar, knowing what it is. I'd make a very bad millionaire.


8356. Groningen12 June 2013, 19:05 GMT +02:00

the three of us had an eventful evening yesterday.....

Ed has his own videos (2) on FB now!!!
One where he gives an adorable wink
and another where you shows his skill in climbing (and almost ate something)

I left the lid of the tank off and that helped a lot in filming Ed
and then I forgot to put it on again
I'm knitting a pair of orange socks for my niece
and was concentrating on the heel
when I heard a loud BOOM
and saw Willem sliding slowing between tank and curtains
I threw my knitting on the floor and managed to scoop up Willem under the table (up on which their tanks stands)
that's the second time he has managed to escape !!! Little rascal (grumble/ love)

but all's well that ends well
- 2 video's of Ed on Facebook for you to enjoy
- Willem was not hurt
- the sock was not hurt either


8357. xymonau13 June 2013, 11:12 GMT +02:00

I can't find the most recent videos. Can someone post a link?

Wow - Willem is definitely the real adventurer. Do you think if he made it to the floor you'd still be able to get him?

I am particularly relieved about the sock.

I haven't knitted anything in years - never did more than scarves. this year I decided I wanted to make something. I finally bought some yarn, and I left the knitting needles in the shopping trolley. I don't think I paid for them, either. Someone in the car park scored a stolen pair of knitting needles, I fear. I'll get back to the store eventually. I just want a warm scarf, but I feel the urge to make one. I discovered my neck was freezing last year. However, I'm sitting under a fan right now. We have so much rain about that it is not getting very cold at all.


8358. Groningen13 June 2013, 16:52 GMT +02:00

@Dez: Willem was on the floor, and I only managed to catch him by holding on to his tail, a serious offense done to a gerbil; sorry Willem ;-)

the sock will be finished tonight and then I am going to try to knit a pair of gloves. Never done that before, but I have a good pattern (design) with photo's so it should go well.

The socks and gloves are not for me. The gloves will be a present for my oldest sister, and the orange socks are meant for her daughter (my niece, duh).
Earlier I finished a pair of very colorful socks and I sent them to my other sister who lives in Germany, near the floods. She doesn't live in Stendahl but in the same area.
(And stupid me I forgot to make a photo of the socks, they were very nice.)

I haven't knitted for a long time but now I've got the itch again
look at all the beautiful colors http://www.wolhalla.nl/page:658_natural_dye_studio_dazzling


8359. xymonau13 June 2013, 23:09 GMT +02:00

They're lovely colours! I love that blue, the fuscia and the yellow. It sounds expensive. Do you get a lot for your money?

My sisters were all really skilled with knitting and crochet. My mother had been until she got arthritis in her hands. When she was younger she did spectacular embroidery as well. My sisters also did a lot of sewing. I'm afraid I was never all that coordinated, and none of my creations were very good. I was always more into painting and sketching, and I also used to write a bit. However, I do like the feeling of working with your hands. I want to do something. And now I have a ball of yarn, I'm getting those needles.

I thought you caught Willem on the way down. Well, he's had a taste of freedom now. He may plot to try again!


8360. Ayla8714 June 2013, 6:54 GMT +02:00

Christine, you are a great storyteller and I'm glad the adventure had a happy end.
It's so nice that Ed has come to video fame now, too.

I'm very busy at work currently and from monday on I have two weeks off to care for Christa and for Mimi. I won't find time to write very much these days.

I can tell you that because of our migraine Christa and I prefer to have separate bedrooms. Mimi sleeps in one room with me, and she sneaks into my bed now nearly every night at least for a short period of time. I think it gives her comfort. She begins to scream a bit less during the nights now, so things are slowly progressing.


8361. xymonau14 June 2013, 11:04 GMT +02:00

Enjoy your time off Michael. I think if you're home a lot, and because Mimi comes into your bed at night, you'll have a good chance to bond with her. I hope the crying stops. I really think it will eventually., and all signs are good that she will settle. Poor little girl.

We'll miss you, but you just zone out and enjoy your time off.

I will even forgive the fact that you changed two letters...


8362. Ayla8714 June 2013, 12:04 GMT +02:00

I could have


you I'm ripe for those days off...

But I hope you hear of your contract now anytime soon. Keep my fingers crossed...

8363. xymonau14 June 2013, 12:09 GMT +02:00

The agent phoned me today and apologised. He said he has been onto the owners and basically told them he is going to show me other properties if they don't get back to him shortly. I wasn't concerned, and it means I have more money in the bank (today was payday), but I am paying insurance on the place, so it's dragging on a bit. Hopefully by Monday...


8364. Groningen14 June 2013, 18:21 GMT +02:00

you are right Dez those yarns are expansive and above my budget too ;-)
I've ordered 2 strengs of these http://www.wolhalla.nl/page:465_ongeverfde_sokkengarens/article:6116_schoppel_ongeverfd_bambus_plus_mohair
My feet can only tolerate un-dyed natural yarns and I am glad I found these.
Do we get value for our money? Less and less and next year more.....less.

Michael I am sure Willem will keep trying to escape, every day he checks if the lid is on :-D
Enjoy your holiday, the weather will be fine next week, or maybe you don't like summer??

My sister in Germany (colorful socks) has just managed to escape the floods, she and her husband even had to house "refugees" for a couple of days. I hope the post still works.


8365. xymonau15 June 2013, 3:45 GMT +02:00

That yarn is really nice. I have never had any garment made of mohair. I itch like crazy t with any wool, so I have basically worn acrylic or cotton knits all my life (when necessary). I was born in the tropics, and you really only needed warm clothing for about a week there. In the southern towns and Sydney, naturally it was a lot colder. But definitely nothing like European winters. Certainly no snow. I once went to Melbourne with my father when I was about 18. I thought I was going to freeze to death - and it was only autumn. A lot of European immigrants love Melbourne's climate. Maybe it's like home. It kills me!

Willem has a determined personality. That's good, but it can be a challenge. You might have to knit him a collar and put a bell on it in case he gets out.

Do you do other handcrafts, Christine? Obviously you are artistic.

There seem to be floods everywhere again lately. I feel so sorry for the people in Germany, and elsewhere, who are going through it. Cleaning up afterwards is the worst. Since our last floods so many houses that went under water have been put up for sale. I'm glad your sister got through it. She must be kind to accommodate people.

We won't flood at present, but it won't stop raining here. Well, today is a glorious picture-perfect sunny day, but it's the first in more than a week. Autumn and winter are our dry months, but for two years we have had rain all autumn at least, and so far this year we have had almost all the winter days with rain or grey skies. The forecast is for sunnier days next week, thankfully. That makes it colder, and today I am getting a bit chilled in shorts and singlet top. It's time for the long pants, I think.


8366. Groningen15 June 2013, 13:38 GMT +02:00

wow, winter in shorts and singlet top, amazing!!!
Don't come over on holiday; even in the summer you have to wear long pants for most of the days ;-)
LOL putting Willem a bell around his neck! I don't think he will like that and Ed will be so curious: why is Willem making sounds when he's moving have got to investigate that!! And then Ed starts running after Willem and Willem is running away and the bell goes thingalingaling hahahahah mmmmmm
No I have only got to remember to keep the lid on the tank even when I am sitting next to it.
Right now I am knitting a purple glove, the first time in my life so it is a trial-glove but looking okay so far; I only have a little bit of trouble with the tumb part but I'll manage.
I am a real "froebeler" someone who is not an expert but good enough and I like all sorts of handicrafts; knitting, crocheting, embroidery, quilting etc etc etc
December 5th is Sinterklaas, a Dutch feast where we give each other presents and this year I decided to start early, the gloves are going to be for my oldest sister and although I cannot show you the design I can show you the wool ( yellow is her favorite color) http://www.wolhalla.nl/page:177_schoppel_wolle_admiral_ombr/article:4557_schoppel_admiral_ombr_1959_banana_joe

what I am going to do with the purple glove? Unravel it again, first it was a sock now a half finished glove and next time who knows?


8367. xymonau15 June 2013, 14:04 GMT +02:00

I quite like yellow, too, and the colours in that are really nice.

When you knit the gloves, how do you do the fingers?

My sister is married to a Dutchman, and they celebrate all the Dutch holidays. Wherever they have lived there was always a Dutch club in the area. She has learned to speak the language, and she has often told me about the various holidays and traditions. She loves the Netherlands.

They have been over several times, but since she had a brain hemmorhage and stroke, she can't get around well any more. (She was paralysed down one side of her body. Although she can walk a bit - falling over a lot - she never regained the use of her arm.) Her husband has lived here for most of his adult life, but he still has a broad accent. He's very nice, though, and he has been a loyal husband to my sister, caring for her constantly. they had only been married a short time when all this happened. A lot of men would have left.

When I went to the US in the 80s, I travelled from a town not far from here. It was spring here - very warm - and autumn in New York. All I had was lightweight Queensland "winter" gear. It was already falling below zero at night. I had to borrow a coat from my friend's mother until I could buy one for myself. It was really cold. Then on the return journey, I was rugged up like an Eskimo in New York, arriving back on a hot summer's day in Brisbane. I was carrying around all these jumpers and coats (my son was with me) in the heat. I am spoiled, though. I do like a temperate climate, and as I get older I get fussier. the heat is really bad - and it doesn't have to be too hot. Today it was about 18C when I was feeling a bit cold. but around 20 to 23 is just the way I like it.

What is the handcraft piece that you are the most proud of?


8368. Groningen16 June 2013, 13:13 GMT +02:00

well it looks like we will get a short "heatwave", next tuesday and wednesday it will be 30C, I am going to soak up some solar energy on my balcony!

Sad but also impressive story about your sister and husband, he comes from an old mould!
Since the new millennium has started the Dutch have changed rapidly and unfortunately not positively. We have become an egotistical, narrowmindly and vengeful people. Alas!
And the economic crisis hasn't helped, I hoped that people would mellow seeing that everybody is loosing money but no; catch as catch can and crawl over the corpses to gain some minute advantage, sad.
I will stop my ranting for now....

the handcraft piece I am most proud of? That is a difficult question.
I once knitted a jacquard sweater that was a lot of work ( 2 stitches black, then three stitches red, then one stitch black, then two brown and on and on). The result was a beautiful and very warm sweater.
When I first learned to crochet I just couldn't manage it, my work always turned into a trapezium instead of a square! And then in my twenties I crocheted a 1,5 meter long and 50 cm high curtain with peacocks (I used the same design here on rgb-stock) that made me proud,
and I will be proud of myself when I have successfully finished my first glove, I had a second go at the thumb part yesterday but no it won't do.
Next time I am first going to knit the hand and then start with the dumb thumb ;-)
the booklet describes it step by step but there are always questions; ad three extra stitches when starting the thumb....uh okay and where do you want be to put those three extra stitches??? Just keep laughing and trying. And then when I have the Banana Joe- wool I'm set to go. BTW: you knit he fingers (and thumb) with 4 needles, just 3/4/5 stitches per needle.


8369. xymonau17 June 2013, 7:16 GMT +02:00

I don't think the Dutch are alone in that attitude change, Christine. It seems to be world wide, from my perspective. People in this country still do things like grab brooms and mops after the floods and go and find strangers needing help to clean up the mess. It's almost a tradition.

But the younger ones have been raised on a diet of television garbage and computer games (and the not so young), and I believe this has desensitised them profoundly. We're all boiling frogs, and it seems to be too late to get out of the pot.

Big business has replaced government, and everything has to run at a profit - the postal service, transportation, hospitals and schools. Once upon a time those things were deemed vital, and it didn't matter if they didn't make money. They were subsidised out of the taxes people pay, or state lottery profits, for example. These days it's cut you open and you're home by lunchtime. Exorbitant fares in most places. School fees at government schools that low income families simply can't afford, and in this country that's on top of compulsory expensive school uniforms. Money is power, and that's what people want. I wish sometimes that I was young enough to be a hippy! LOL

The jacquard sweater must have taken a lot of concentration. I can't imagine that many colours on the go at once. You would have felt so good completing it. One of my sisters knitted a jumper for my father when she was about 12, I think. It was grey, made on fairly small needles, with a pattern on the front. It fitted him beautifully, and he wore it for years.

Yes, I have never been able to crochet neatly. My squares get tighter as they go, and every round item ended up looking like a cap. I look at the delicate work my sisters do, and I'm just not like them. Even my knitting isn't particularly even, although if I'm just doing plain knitting I can get a rhythm going and it isn't too bad.

The peacocks sound beautiful. I'll bet you treasured that.

When I brought my son home from hospital, he wore a crocheted jumper made by my oldest sister, who died in 1990. There was a cap to match, and they were made out of a very shiny yarn. My son was so big that the cap looked ridiculous, and it kept sliding off his head, anyway. I've kept the little coat. I would have given it to him for his children, except he had twins, so that idea didn't work out. Plus his partner probably had her own traditions.

Oh, I thought you must have to do the fingers on separate needles, but I didn't want to say in case there was some other magical way and I sounded silly. I'll bet your family loves getting hand made gifts. I have always valued the time and effort people put into making things for me. The wife of a friend makes her own cards, and they are exquisite. I have every card she ever made me. they're works of art. That's something I might like to do if I ever stop working.


8370. Groningen17 June 2013, 19:15 GMT +02:00

Not asking is far more stupid than asking and no question is silly ;-)
Just like socks, gloves are knitted round and round and round, with 5 needles for the hand and 4 for the smaller finger/thumb parts. No special needles just the short ones without a knob at the end. I do sound like a teacher here brrrrrr.
You knit the fingers one by one. Starting with the pinky you work inwards toward to first finger and at the end you knit the thumb, but I only found out about this yesterday LOL! I managed to knit pinky-first finger yesterday evening/night in one go and tonight I will knit the thumb and I'll have one purple right-handed glove (sweet).
The glove is far from perfect but now that I know when to do which part the next one will be more good, and the one after most good (evil laugh).
There is a tiny problem; this glove size fits me but my sister has much smaller hands with bony fingers where's mine are square and fleshy.
I can recommend knitting your own gloves; they are much softer and fit more comfortably that bought ones, but it takes patience (lots) and good quality wool is not cheep (behbehbeh).

It makes me feel good too, giving money or doing some last-minute shopping is imho not the right way to show your appreciation.


PS: a very relaxed cat taking it easy in this heat (over 30C) http://www.wolhalla.nl/page:2_winkel

8371. xymonau18 June 2013, 22:57 GMT +02:00

What a beautiful cat! I love it when they sit like old men. 30 is hot. Anything above about 26 I dislike. It's 5 here today with a maximum forecast of 19. Because I've put on so much weight on this cortisone, I don't think I have more than one warmer shirt that fits me. I can't find my warm coat. I have a sweater that will do, but it's ugly. I don't think the homeless men will care. I don't want to buy anything larger because I won't be on these tablets forever, and I know the weight will drop off.

Last night I talked to the bank and I am moving forward with purchasing the house. They are already talking about a valuation, so I'm assuming the loan amount has been approved. I will clarify today. If this one falls through, I'll accept it again, but I'll feel a bit "gun-shy" of doing this again! LOL I do like this house, even though it isn't perfect. It's big, and relatively pleasant. The outside is a bit rough, and with tank water I have to be thoughtful of water wastage, but I'm sure I'll manage.

I would like to buy a sewing machine. Technically, I own a machine, but I sort of permanently loaned it to someone a long time ago (I wasn't using it) and although she kept in touch, I didn't, and it is somewhere in Queensland, but I don't know where. I don't mind. It was very old, and didn't cost much. I made a few things on it, but I had nowhere to set it up for a lot of years, and no inclination. I think if I get this house I will have plenty of room for whatever I want. I might buy just a basic one, and try to make some little things for my granddaughters. (Before they get too big to be too fussy.)

The gloves sound complex. It would be difficult making a particular size. Do they have to fit perfectly? I have tiny hands and I never manage to get gloves that fit properly (not that I wear them very often in this climate).

Are you a good cook, Christine?


8372. Ayla8719 June 2013, 11:45 GMT +02:00

Dez, this sounds as if you finally got your contract. That's good news.

Mimi is barely crying anymore now during the nights which is good progress.

Temperatures are rising here currently from day to day, it is a little heatwave, not my cup of tea really. I don't


anything more than 20°C outside to feel comfortable. Now it's 33°C (in the shadows...), so we better won't go out anymore...

8373. xymonau19 June 2013, 12:24 GMT +02:00

Oh, I'm so glad, Michael! I thought she might settle down. It just takes longer for an older cat. Same as old people, really.

Yes, the contract was delivered today, I paid my deposit, and the bank is sending out the valuers. It seems to be progressing more smoothly because I did all the hard bits previously.

I know what you mean about the heat. Sometimes it isn't fun at all to be out in it. I know a lot of people that love the heat - the hotter the better. Not me. Do you find your headaches are aggravated in the hot weather? I have an elderly friend in Kentucky who gets terrible migraines in humid weather.

I managed to send myself to the hospital in an ambulance on Monday. I did something to my shoulder and was having really bad spasms of pain. I couldn't find any way to stop it and I couldn't drive. The trip there was really painful. I was given a script, told it would last a few weeks, referred to the GP, and I had to get myself home in a cab. Another agonising journey. The cab driver was so kind. Anyway, they gave me a neck brace, which helped a little. I got home - couldn't fill the script, but I had some potent painkillers from last year, so I took them and was off work for two days. I was okay to go today, although my shoulder and neck are still very sore and got worse as the day progressed. I started to think I'm crazy buying a house now. I'm getting older and creakier, and I'm going to be in awful trouble if I lose my job. I guess I can always declare bankruptcy! LOL

Once I'm over this little hurdle, I'll begin to feel enthusiastic.

I hope you still enjoy your break, even if it is indoors. And give Mimi a big old scratch on her shoulders for me. Maybe having you there all the time has helped, too.


8374. Ayla8719 June 2013, 15:05 GMT +02:00

I have the feeling that your body - like mine - often gives you signals to slow down. Not sure, though, if driving in an ambulance is a good way to slow down... But I hope your shoulder will get better soon.

Actually to stay indoors and just relax is the best thing I can do during my break to regain some energy and recharge my batteries.

In these minutes Obama is sweating nearby at the Brandenburger Gate to hold his speech there

Mimi is very responsive at nights. Maybe when I'm lying in my bed next to her I'm not so very tall, so these are the times when she luckily gives her head, is kneading and purrs a lot, so you can see we have come a long way already. At daylight she is still shy and very careful, but this will certainly improve slowly over the next months.

We have to


in mind that she is with us less than two weeks now.

8375. Groningen19 June 2013, 18:57 GMT +02:00

shoulder/neck-cramps are extremely painful, hope you'll get rid of them asap Dez!
Riding back in that taxi you must have felt every little bump on the road :-(

uh no I'm not a good cook and I'm not very fond of cooking. Soups and salads I can manage and "one-pot-meals".
This time might be lucky in buying a house and it's in better shape than the last one so less renovating, although painting the ceiling is a killer.

The heatwave is almost over, thunderstorms and rain this evening and night. Dry heat I love but this tropical humid "swamp" is getting on my nerves, it's like everything smells bad somehow.

Mimi has found her home ;-)


8376. xymonau20 June 2013, 14:25 GMT +02:00

Humid places do make everything mildewy. When I lived on the Sunshine Coast, the rainfall there was quite high, and everything - even the trees - had a layer of mildew or fungus. The place I want to buy is very mildewy. there was bad flooding there early this year, and it has rained so much all year. but I hope once we have some dry weather that I can clean it all up. the interior is clean, as there is an air conditioner.

I couldn't reach the ceilings to paint them in this place. They are sort of cathedral ceilings (no rafters, though), and extremely high in the lounge/kitchen areas. The bedrooms have lower ceilings. The paint is fairly intact inside. A lot of cosmetic things like wardrobe knobs coming off, and a poor quality hand basin in the bathroom, etc, need fixing, but even I can do some of those. And they are things that can wait until I have the time and energy. I'm sure I'll find a lot of things that need to be done. Nowhere in that price range is perfect. Let's hope I'm up to the challenge.

My shoulder is sore, but at least not going into spasms. Wow - I've never had pain like that in my neck and shoulder. So I've been taking a lot of medication, but it is getting easier, and hopefully won't last as long as the doctor said. I've changed the height of my pillow at night - I like a flat pillow, but I have to sleep on two now - and that has made a big difference. Beats sleeping in the recliner chair! LOL

I'm so happy about Mimi. It makes me "clucky" for another cat, but I can't. I don't want more pets. I would rescue an animal, but I would rather not at this time. I don't have the time or energy to give animals, and you can't go away for long unless there is someone to care for them. My birds are enough for now. But I can just imagine Mimi getting all affectionate at night and feeling more secure with you. that's great. And Ed and Willem must be settled into their new, comfortable and safe home.

Re cooking - I like one-pot meals. I'll pile a whole lot of vegetables into one pot and add whatever I have to flavour them - or have them naturally. I might have just veges or I'll add a savoury - meat or substitute. lately I'm doing a lot of veges and rice to go with things. I'm an adequate cook, but I'd never do a dinner party. I'd have a nervous breakdown! Just a smorgasbord and people can help themselves. However, I couldn't tell you the last time I had anyone except family over for a meal.


8377. Groningen20 June 2013, 19:16 GMT +02:00

maybe Michael has migraine again, no wonder with this weather. Obama almost melted in Berlin yesterday. Lots and lots of rain today in the eastern part of the Netherlands https://www.facebook.com/WateruniversiteitTwente
not too bad up north here.

Pets can make you feel like a mother-hen, don't they!
I gave Ed and Willem half a blueberry each today, first time so they sniffed and licked before they accepted the treat. This afternoon both of them were sleeping in the same coconut, so sweet!

...and giving dinner-parties is impossible for me too, you have to time everything perfectly and that is nerve-shattering.

wonder were the rest of rgb is, at the beach?

update: a new short video of E&W, I filmed them in their cocoanut!
Ed was sleeping and Wilem kept watch. Watch it on FB!!
Dez I've added you to my friend-list so you should be able to see the vids now, finally


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