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1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8378. xymonau22 June 2013, 15:45 GMT +02:00

The videos are so cute. They are so tiny. Half a blueberry is almost nothing, but I'll bet they loved it. Can they eat all fruits?

My cockatiels can't eat avocado. Apparently it can kill them. I've heard onions aren't good for them, but that was after I had fed it to them often. I hope it didn't make them feel sick. They love people food. I feed it to them on little sauce dishes. they aren't big on fruit, although they don't mind having a little taste of orange and banana. The colour red seems to be repulsive to them, and they won't touch strawberries.

I just think seeing them in the same little coconut house was lovely.

Yes, it's quiet around here, isn't it? I guess everyone has things to do. Michael prefers not to hover when he is on time off, I think. I don't blame him.

Those floods look unpleasant. There are so many places having problems. I know the weather cycles through lots of rain, wind, snow and cyclones, but it gets a bit tiresome, doesn't it?

We had our winter solstice when the northern hemisphere had their summer solstice. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Our winter officially starts on June 1, and the temperature has generally changed by then. The solstice doesn't seem to start the season at all. I have had the heater going today - mostly for the birds! LOL The afternoon was warm and I did my sitting in the sun thing - I have to get my vitamin D levels up as they have been really low. I don't have outdoor furniture, so I drag a kitchen chair to the front of my unit. The sun hits there around midday. They say you shouldn't sit in the midday sun, but you definitely get more vitamin D at midday, so I throw caution to the breeze! I always pray the neighbours aren't out and about when I'm out there in my shorts. It's not a pretty sight! Fortunately my unit is tucked back a bit from the others, and although people are moving in next door, that unit has been empty for some time.

I may have to go in to work tomorrow for a few hours. I seem to have had so much time off recently, and I need to make up some time. I took a call today to say someone had died in one of our properties. I'm the on-call person, and I had trouble contacting the relevant people. It wasn't a part of my responsibility - I work with the homeless, and am sort of separate from the greater organisation - so I didn't have to go in to work. I felt quite sorry for the person, though. She had been sick last week, I was told, but the medical people didn't believe her. We have a lot of people with mental illness in some of our properties, and perhaps that was the reason they didn't take her seriously. I always feel frustrated at the neglect of these people. Some workers in government agencies are good, but they have little time to be pursuing everyone's well-being. Our State government sacked about 20,000 workers - mostly from hospitals, but also from government departments - recently to save money. They are total animals. I never voted for them, and many are now regretting that they did. Of course the social security system is Federal and not State, so the State doesn't have to pick up the unemployment payment bill. A couple of my friends have lost their long term jobs. It's so unfair. These were necessary jobs, in the mental health service, which was already severely understaffed.

The government is also tightening things for funded services like ours. We will have to account for every minute of every day (and I'm not exaggerating) soon in order to have our funding renewed.

I'm probably crazy to be trying to buy a house right now.


8379. Groningen22 June 2013, 20:25 GMT +02:00

I'm so glad I bought that coconuts/bridge contraption, Oscar&Alfred used theirs a lot and this couple is just as "nuts". They love to snuggle up and they do look happy in the vids, don't they?
Half a blueberry is huge for a not fully grown gerbil, it's like someone giving you half a mellon LOL. I have to keep an eye on their weight and it is better to give them vegetables than fruit (sugars). But blueberries are only for sale for a very short time and hmm I'm fond of them too.
Today I gave them lots of fresh straw in their tank, it smells so good and they love tunneling through and nibbling the straw (probably a horrible grammar construction but who cares I got my diploma ages ago).

Yes the way the government is making budget cuts is enraging. Here people who have lived for years in a home for the elderly have been forced to move out and live by them selves again because they are not sick enough, this includes a woman a 100 years old!! I am so glad my dad is not around anymore, he ran a home for the elderly and took his responsibility very seriously, he would be devastated if he knew what was going on here.
And the same goes for homeless and psychiatric clients, every form of care has to be monitored and has to have visible results. For a lot of people everyday survival is a job in itself, they can't improve therefor no or not enough care :-(
The people I "hate" are the specialists who earn idiotic salaries and refuse to budget, they think it's normal to earn 300.000 euro's a year where our PM earns 130.000 a year. These specialist claim that if they have to work for less money their patients would not respect them any more.
Morons, #^*****^^^%%%###!!!!

lol, I don't look good in shorts either and I don't have a secluded garden but a balcony on the street side. Well you just look the other way I need my vitamin D, the winter lasted long enough!!

crazy or not I hope you'll get your house

lour (=lower)

8380. Ayla8723 June 2013, 14:04 GMT +02:00

Christine, I'm jealous now because I'm obviously not your friend ;-) E & W sharing a coconut are a lovely sight. Your vids could go on much longer, I wouldn't mind :)

Dez is right, I don't write much while I'm on vacation, but I won't leave you alone and still read all of your posts


frequently. Well, not too loud, but I enjoy reading them a lot.

Mimi has a great time here, today she played a lot with a catnip mouse. She relaxes more and more and enjoyes her new home, which makes us happy, too.

Dez, when can we expect some news from the valuation? And will you present us some photos from the house? Did you train that monster highway already?

8381. Groningen23 June 2013, 18:59 GMT +02:00

I have the best excuse Michael: I can't find you on FB :-D
send me an invitation and I'll ad you gladly and then more people will ask why can't I be your friend? I knew this would happen, I kept holding off invitations because when you ad more, more people will come and ask you etc etc
10>11>111 *help*

I would like to make longer video's but there are always bad shaky pieces that will have to be left out. I will keep trying. Today Ed&Willem are sleeping the day away. Probably because it is colder and darker than last week. Last week of spring we had a short heatwave; first week of summer we have rain. Anyway I don't think today is a film-day for them.

Dez has a monster for a pet or her house is a monster?
I know her soup is a monstrosity LOL!


8382. xymonau24 June 2013, 0:25 GMT +02:00

Christine, your grammar was perfect. Both you and Michael only have slight hiccoughs occasionally. I wish I could speak a second language even half as well as you.

I'm really surprised by what you said about your government issues. I always had the impression that the Netherlands was a very forward-looking society. Maybe the output issue is the latest world fashion, then. Yes, I made a protest at a community sector meeting regarding exactly what you said. I pointed out that for some people it's an achievement to get out of bed and have a bath, then take their medication. I said this was a cruel joke to justify withdrawing funding from vital services. I pointed out that some agencies will choose only clients who have the potential for improvement and neglect those who really need help, so the system works against the very people who are supposed to be benefitting. I got a round of applause, but naturally nothing changes. The world is getting a lot harsher, and it's a real concern for the aging population.

As for specialists, I agree. My rheumatologist charges $300+ per visit. I end up paying about $60 after government refunds, but it's our taxes that support them. I believe they deserve high pey, but they could afford to waive a lot of it and they would still remain wealthy. I was verbally abused by an orthopaedic specialist years ago. He told me I was a public patient and wasn't paying for the consultation (through our public, free hospital system) and he didn't have time to talk to me, and he walked out on me. I was stunned.

I think the monster is the highway, and, no, Michael - I haven't even been back. I'm not allowed on the premises now until the building inspection. I'll see if I can get a photo off the website to post here. It's not pretty. Remember, I'm poor, and it's at the top of the range of what I can afford. But the inside is nice enough.

I'm really happy Mimi is settling down. I think she is probably learning that she can trust you and she would be feeling less stressed with no other cats around, too.

I look forward to seeing more videos, Christine.

Here are a couple of photos:





8383. Ayla8724 June 2013, 7:58 GMT +02:00

Yes, the monster is the highway where you have to take a parachute to exit the high speed area every time so that you don't disturb the other traffic.

The photos look great, a really nice and green surrounding and an inside ready for you to move in and feel comfortable with with lots of space and friendly colours. Do you have a date set for the building inspection?

Christine, my FB profile can be found here:

I've sent you an invitation way back already, so I think I can't do it again.

8384. Groningen24 June 2013, 17:30 GMT +02:00

@Michael: done!!! ((oooohh that Michael LOL)

@Dez: the inside looks really nice; never judge a book by it's cover ;-)
and the previously flooded area seems to be away from your front door. I can understand that you want to buy this even if it's not a grand palace :-)

I tried to film Ed&Willem today, but they seem to be camera shy and run away for cover as soon as they hear the bleep of the camera. I'll keep trying.


8385. gesinek24 June 2013, 17:41 GMT +02:00

Dez, what do you want? Your new home looks very nice. And you told us there is so much space, that you can live every day in another room. You have a garden there by - so it is good. Hope your new neighbours are friendly guys cause there is nothing more odd than to have a nice new home and a bad new neighbourhood.

That happend to one of my brother a few years ago. They buyed a house in southern Germany. It was a very nice place, but they can't find a way to get along with the neighbours. The reason was: My sister in law is from Russia.

Michael here is a 4 letter word for you ;-)


and this is mine:


8386. xymonau25 June 2013, 5:59 GMT +02:00

Oh, I like the place, believe me. In fact, I love it.


I just received notification. Lots more paperwork, etc, but that was my biggest hurdle. Drinks all round!

8387. Ayla8725 June 2013, 8:42 GMT +02:00

Hicks, thanks for the drink, Dez, this is absolutely fabulous! That was fast. I had no idea that a building inspection was made already. Your bank must love those photos of your new home, too, and I find that understandable. Have you told Mousie and Chicken the good news already?

Christine, oh yes, there are really a lot of Michaels around, I know...

I have another idea for you to surprise Ed&Willem if your camera allows it - maybe it has a setting where you can turn off all the bleeps. That would be a great help for secret film productions with shy actors.

Gesine, I was in a hurry yesterday, but I must admit it was not the first time that I forgot the 4LW. My brain is too


sometimes to remember to come up with four interesting letters.

You are right, friendly neighbours are very important. We are suffering quite a lot because of a crazy loud lady who lives next door. That is not easy. Unfortunately some stress with neighbours is quite common these days...

8388. gesinek25 June 2013, 13:40 GMT +02:00

Congratulations Dez.

Before I will forget it too


We have a lot of luck with our neighbours, some of them just visit us at the racetrack in Oschersleben, where my husband has a competition last weekend.

8389. Groningen25 June 2013, 16:31 GMT +02:00

Congratulations Dez!!!
*hiccup* annndddd thaaaaankssss for ze dddddrink *hiccup*

Your present awaits you at FB where you can watch two new video's of the most famous gerbils ever!
A two and a half minute long epic masterpiece of Ed&Willem messing around in their tank
and (drumbeats)
a second video where Willem shows of his skills in de wheel (alas only for a few seconds).


8390. gesinek25 June 2013, 17:39 GMT +02:00

Very cute videos Christine, you have sportive gerbils

Our cats are also here at home because the weather is horrible: It rains, and rains and rains and rains and rains and rains.......

And its


8391. xymonau26 June 2013, 4:32 GMT +02:00

Thanks, all. I just need to let you know that I am having trouble with my modem. It's possible I will be off the air until I can replace it. It stopped working this morning. I'm typing this from work.

Neighbours can be a problem. I've had some doozies in the past. When I was younger I lived in an apartment that was half a house. Sometimes I would leave my son with my parents and go roller skating. I'd get home at about 10pm - no later - and tip-toe up the stairs. The woman in the other half of the house was a Canadian, and she would wait at her door, then jump out at me shouting abuse for being noisy (I wasn't) then go back inside, wait until she thought I was in bed, and start slamming kitchen cupboards for a half hour or so - over and over again. She was quite crazy. I think she was jealous that I had some sort of social life and she didn't. I was so relieved when I moved from that place. At other times I've had wonderful neighbours who would do anything for me.

I guess it remains to be seen how the new ones are!

What does your crazy neighbour do, Michael? And what's the worst neighbour you have had, Christine and Gesine?

Yes, the bank surprised me with the speed of their response this time, Michael.

Christine, I'll try to look at the video, but I might not be game to on the owrk computer. It will have to wait until I'm back on the air, I think. I don't want to lose my job right now! LOL I'm looking forward to seeing your babies in such a long video, though.

Now clearly you all have hangovers from the celebrations, so I'm sending you all a packet of aspirin to make up for it.

It's cold here, too Gesine, but you might not think so! LOL


8392. Ayla8726 June 2013, 8:17 GMT +02:00

Christine, the new videos are lovely, Christa and I could watch Ed & Willem for hours... We are always surprised how fast the vids are over. Give us more...

Dez, it seems you have to tell your modem that it won't have to worry, you won't have to leave it back here when you change houses so there is no need for it to stop working.

I thing with our CrAzY neighbour it's just the same as you experienced in the past, she seems to be jealous because of our social life. So she turns her radio or TV on very loud at some times, slams doors aggressively, rummages around in the cellar endlessly, generally behaves as if the whole house belongs to her (and not only one of the four units), which upsets not only us, but other neighbours as well. We would be happy if she moved away, but that doesn't seem to be very likely.



8393. xymonau26 June 2013, 9:45 GMT +02:00

Okay - I spoke to the modem and it decided to let me off. I also pulled a cord out and pushed it back in. The modem likely feared for its life and got its act together.

I watched your video at work, Christine (I'm going to definitely get the sack one day), minus sound as mu computer doesn't have speakers. How gorgeous they are. And so busy housekeeping and playing. Were those tissues in the coconut?

loth (old fashioned spelling)

8394. gesinek26 June 2013, 17:37 GMT +02:00

I can't remember really crazy neighbours. Sometimes some where very clingy and then we need(ed) a lot of nerves to get through. But nothing like what you described above.


8395. Groningen26 June 2013, 17:56 GMT +02:00

Ed&Willem are very proud right now!
I put some shredded tissues in the coconut and Willem loves collecting those, he stuffs them in his mouth and takes them back to their home for a cosy warm bed, and since I like watching this I wanted to show you too.

Neighbors? Don't get me started!!
The absolute worst nightmare of a neighbor I have ever had was a man who lived next door in 2003. It wasn't his flat but his girlfriends and she worked in the daytime while he was at home unemployed and bored. So let's put on the music really loud and yes for some more fun jam the repeat button so the same song plays over and over and over and over again. Oh and for even more fun let's play the music until two o'clock in the morning and start again at six in the morning.
I asked him to stop this and then things got nasty.
He was watching me from his living room window and because my apartment-block has only one entrance he could always spot me leaving. The only other alternative is jumping of my back balcony :-(
As soon as I left he stopped playing music, I came back and the music came right back at volume max; it drove me absolute crazy and yes sometimes I was screaming and crying but he loved that!

For several months this went on, sometimes he was away for a day and I could rest a bit; I had no money to move house and I didn't want to give him the pleasure of driving me away!!

Then a miracle happened. The walls here are so thin you can hear the neighbors talking, not that I'm snooping.
He was so proud of his actions that the idiot told his girlfriend what he was doing
and she got mad at him and told him to leave. Hallelujah!!!


8396. xymonau27 June 2013, 10:51 GMT +02:00

Wow! What a nightmare, Christine! Do you have noise laws there? Here if someone is making a racket after 11pm, you can call the police, who are obliged to enforce the law. People can even be arrested if they ignore the warning of police over noise. I have no idea how you coped.

And, yes, some people will turn very nasty, no matter how reasonable you are in your request. I'm often afraid to complain about dogs whining or barking in case the dog gets belted for it.

Gesine, you're really lucky to have had good neighbours.

My sister used to live in Melbourne and bikies or similar moved in next door. She owned her house so it wasn't simple to move. They had wild, violent parties, and burgled her house. Even though she knew they did it, proving it was another thing, and she was terrified of them.

The building inspector phoned last night and asked to do the inspection tomorrow morning (his mother in law is dying and he is trying to cope with organising things). I was more than happy to agree. That way I can send off my paperwork tomorrow to accept the bank's offer.

So today I took time off to go and have my signature withnessed by a Justice of the Peace on one document. This man completely refused to comply. He insisted on seeing the contract for purchase - which I didn't have. I showed him the mortgage offer to prove a contract existed in my name. I had a photo driver's licence in my name. My name is unique in the world (the full version, that is) so there can only be one, and the bank doesn't write mortgages without seeing a contract signed by both parties. But no, he had to see the contract. I was furious, but I kept my cool. Now I have to try again tomorrow. I will slap the next person who messes me around. I'm full of cortisone and gall right now - an irresistible combination! LOL At least I get to visit the house tomorrow during the inspection. It will give me another chance to see where things can go, and to spot the little imperfections I have to replace - like light bulbs and wardrobe knobs. I'm just excited to go there. If there are problems, I will be disappointed. I'm really hoping with this one.


8397. Groningen27 June 2013, 19:41 GMT +02:00

*keeping fingers crossed*

of course there are noise laws here but they are/have a low(er) priority to the police unless a dozen people phone at the same time (sometimes that happens when there is a student party).
Even now I don't know how I managed but I like my apartment and it's rent controlled so things have to go really bad before I even consider moving house.
Last sunday-night our local supermarket (Spar) was the victim of a ram raid, a car with three men inside drove through the entrance to access the cash machine which was empty because it was after closing time. The cash machine was a total loss when I saw it on tuesday.
The owners now have hung funny posters on the temporary doors: "this is not a parking garage" and "this is not a drive-in supermarket" and "no parking".
We were even on the 8 o'clock news and my sister called to ask if it was where I lived. But no I won't be scared off.

My colorful socks still haven't arrived at my (other) sisters home in Germany; hmmm still "aqua alto" near the Elbe river.


8398. gesinek28 June 2013, 10:53 GMT +02:00

Just so a video in TV of most silliest burglars. Part are on youTube like this:


8399. xymonau28 June 2013, 10:56 GMT +02:00

That's a bit of excitement! I'm glad the owners have a sense of humour. It takes a lot of the sting out of it all.

Still floods in Germany. That has been going on for a while now. People must be tired of it.

Your sister is sure to love the socks.

Okay, there are a few problems with the house - termites in a tree stump in the front yard (not uncommon) and water drainage problems - but not too bad with a bit of help from a shovel. The house is so low and the land is up close to the boards on the outside. The cladding is timber, but the frame is steel, thankfully. won't fall down, but I will need to move a bit of soil away from around the house. And I'll have to get a chemical barrier put around the outside to stop termites. It will last for up to 10 years, and that's the best I can do. It's poison, but I need the house to last, so I'll do it. They said it was in reasonable shape, though, and the builder said it was fine to move in and do the rest slowly. I am going to insist the owners spray the place for cockroaches. There are lots in the cupboards, they said. And they can treat that stump for the termites as well.

The builder knows the people who live next door, and he says they are nice. They run a business in town. So I have one set of nice neighbours at least. There is a vacant lot opposite. I have a bus stop right outside - probably only a school bus - so it might get noisy, but I won't be there at that time of day. One thing I noticed this time is that the mailboxes are out on the side of the road. Obviously they have a private mail deliverer who leans out of his car to drop the mail. I'm going to have to get a good lock for the mailbox, I think.

I did all the bank paperwork and sent it off today. I have only until the 8th to complete it all. Then after that, once the spraying has been done, I can work out the settlement date and the date I can start moving. I'm just a bit exhausted today. It has been full on and I started early. Thank goodness it's Friday!

How are the gloves going?


8400. Ayla8728 June 2013, 12:29 GMT +02:00

I'm glad that the problems with the house can be handled. I hope that poison isn't harmful for your birdies. Good that things are really proceeding now. We have lots of different kinds of insects here, too, to keep us and Mimi busy and entertained. That's life... No termites over here, though, and no


8401. Groningen28 June 2013, 18:15 GMT +02:00

I am happy for Dez that she has finally secured an affordable house,
does the termite nest look like this?

@Dez: I finished the purple glove about two weeks ago and last week I knitted one wool-white sock with a nice ajour-pattern(that's with holes and such). I made that one from the wool/bamboo/mohair material I bought of the internet. It is too scratchy for me (shame because I like the color) so I am going to make two pairs of identical socks for my sisters (did I mention they are identical twins?) who will celebrate their 50th birthday in December. I am two years younger so do your arithmetic.
The purple glove will never become a pair since I don't have enough left.
But now I am knitting a pair of gloves (same design) in a kind of cerise colored sock-wool. I think I understand the way gloves are knitted now so this pair should look a loot better than the purple one who has
1. a very silly thumb and
2. is much too long.

and yes I think it is extremely funny that I am knitting gloves and woolen socks in the summer....a wet and cold summer.


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