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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


11906. Ayla8715 February 2016, 8:12 GMT +01:00

Because I am unarmed I can only throw a


at any drone which comes near me. What do you think is their favorite lecture?

11907. xymonau15 February 2016, 10:20 GMT +01:00

I think you should throw this one at them: http://www.polity.co.uk/book.asp?ref=9780745680989

I promise, nobody will think you're a


11908. Ayla8715 February 2016, 11:28 GMT +01:00

A good choice. The result will show us whether the drone is a


11909. xymonau15 February 2016, 15:10 GMT +01:00

Do you think it will happen


11910. Ayla8716 February 2016, 7:30 GMT +01:00

Not if I sing a


This will scare them like hell.

11911. xymonau16 February 2016, 12:51 GMT +01:00

Will it be a song



11912. Ayla8716 February 2016, 14:09 GMT +01:00

That may be a good idea. When it is


into dreams it may begin to sink.

11913. weirdvis16 February 2016, 23:37 GMT +01:00

If it's dreams you are talking about then perhaps you should go sleep in your


11914. xymonau17 February 2016, 5:07 GMT +01:00



on nobody getting to sleep if Michael is singing.

11915. Ayla8717 February 2016, 7:55 GMT +01:00

I think you will win this bet. I don't intend to


strong sleeping cookies to loose my audience.

11916. xymonau17 February 2016, 8:37 GMT +01:00

Hmmm...sleeping cookies...this does not compute. I'll have a dozen, please.

You can


the order or leave it.

11917. weirdvis17 February 2016, 9:20 GMT +01:00

Just so long as you don't have a


while you are doing it.

11918. xymonau17 February 2016, 12:40 GMT +01:00

I am not that kind of girl, I'll have you know. I don't like your


Young lady.

11919. weirdvis17 February 2016, 22:52 GMT +01:00

Sounds like you might have a


to pick with me?


11920. gesinek17 February 2016, 23:15 GMT +01:00

No evil laugh??

Forget about the cookies - I am anesthesia nurse. WE have the good things.


you'll see the advantage

11921. weirdvis17 February 2016, 23:49 GMT +01:00

Cookies. Very


Evil laff.

11922. xymonau18 February 2016, 10:45 GMT +01:00

Yes, Gesine. You DO have the good stuff! Even though I am always terrified of dying, having the drugs finally knocking me out after all the prep is blessed relief!

Our hippie wolf may disagree. :o) One day we will capture a


version of that laugh.

11923. weirdvis20 February 2016, 8:17 GMT +01:00

There ya go, spinning another


my evil laff will never be contained.

11924. xymonau20 February 2016, 11:56 GMT +01:00


can always be contained by one whose heart is pure. Hmmm. Might have to search a little longer...

11925. weirdvis21 February 2016, 9:07 GMT +01:00

But not by one who is full of


Your search will be never ending.

11926. gesinek21 February 2016, 14:10 GMT +01:00


weekend for you all.

11927. xymonau22 February 2016, 4:06 GMT +01:00

I am craving an ice cream


today. It's hot here, and I'm tired of summer. I want to be tired of winter for a change. :o)

11928. Ayla8722 February 2016, 7:00 GMT +01:00

As I am a winter person (I'm born in winter, this may explain that) I find it hard to get tired of winter, even when a long winter is


When it is too cold you can always wear heavier clothing to compensate. But when it is still too warm, while you are already going naked, what options do you have then?

11929. xymonau22 February 2016, 7:50 GMT +01:00

I completely agree! I was born in the middle of our winter, too - July. I always prefer the cold. However, I do find as I get older that if it's too cold I'm not enjoying it as much. Still, I want summer


thank you.

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