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Statistics wanted and one other suggestion for site improvement

1. Ayla8721 January 2010, 8:38 GMT +01:00

I don't know how much effort this would make, but i'd love to get some stats, like sum of downloads of each photographer, number of comments and whatever else you can come up with.

One other thing which bothers me is the focus on the search field on all pages displaying photos. I find this quite annoying. The most important place on a photo gallery is in my opinion the "next" button to move on to the next page, so I'd prefer if this would be preselected.

I'm sure its getting harder every day because its easier to come up with new ideas than to find time to realise all of them. Anyhow - you do a great job, can't say this often enough!


2. xymonau21 January 2010, 8:46 GMT +01:00

Can I ask how you added a new message? I just get two lines when I click on that, but can't type anywhere.

3. lennie21 January 2010, 9:46 GMT +01:00

@Ayla87 I did have similair ideas, just haven't implemented them yet.

@xymonau What browser is that ? And where on the site did you encounter this problem ? Or more specifically which feature ?

4. xymonau21 January 2010, 11:05 GMT +01:00

I can make replies in all forums. I can't make new posts in any of the common forums. I haven't tried all of them. I am using Chrome. I get the words, "Add new message - but no frame, and I can't type anywhere. I also get, under those words, "The fields 'title' and 'message' are both required. HTML is not allowed." There is a large space where the window should open to type in, but no window, and I can't type in the blank space. I'll empty the cache and try another browser - maybe Opera, as I think IE is really faulty on this computer. I'll get back to you.

5. xymonau21 January 2010, 11:17 GMT +01:00

Okay, it works perfectly in IE, but definitely not in Chrome.

6. xymonau21 January 2010, 11:20 GMT +01:00

However, I notice I can't edit my posts in IE. Haven't tried Chrome yet! LOL

7. Ayla8721 January 2010, 11:55 GMT +01:00

Dez, I agree to lennie, it must be a browser issue. HTML-standard-compatibility is a very wide field unfortunately. I use Firefox and it works perfectly fine.

8. mzacha21 January 2010, 12:13 GMT +01:00

I can edit my posts in Safari. ;) But I cannot add new topics. The same with Firefox on Mac. I cannot make a new topic... Later I will check Firefox and IE on PC/Win XP.

BTW. Stats would be great. They make me work harder ;).

9. jazza21 January 2010, 21:06 GMT +01:00

Today I fixed some small rendering issues. I tested it on Safari, Chrome, explorer7, explorer8, Opera and Firefox. All on Windows.

I think it works bettter now

@8 stats, yes I love stats too. We have to work on that one.

10. xymonau23 January 2010, 10:48 GMT +01:00

Everything is working really well for me now. Thank you!

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