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can not comment on new images?

1. happyture31 August 2010, 21:57 GMT +02:00

Not working!

2. jazza31 August 2010, 22:30 GMT +02:00

I am not quite sure what the problem is. I tried to comment on new images and I did not see any trouble. Maybe you can explain this 'not working!' a little bit more please?

3. happyture31 August 2010, 23:24 GMT +02:00

I was unable to leave a comment on new images, the box did not appear for me to leave a comment! I shall try again.

4. happyture31 August 2010, 23:26 GMT +02:00

working again! thanks.

5. krayker1 September 2010, 9:47 GMT +02:00

anti-spam is good. well, I was stumped a bit too when I encountered similar problem. as long as it does not trip the regular commenting experience, its fine. good to beat the spammers

6. happyture3 September 2010, 11:07 GMT +02:00

Hey KrayKer, Im NOT mad then??? there was a problem, so pleased you experienced it too....

7. lennie4 September 2010, 0:24 GMT +02:00

I'm still a bit puzzled by this.

What browser did you use ?

8. happyture4 September 2010, 9:52 GMT +02:00

No need to worry now, i think it must have been a gremlin in the works, i know that i was looking at the images as soon as they came on to rgb, using Explorer 8, i have never had this problem before and funny enough have not had it since, So as the saying goes, All,s well that ends well . :O)

9. krayker5 September 2010, 12:59 GMT +02:00

I was using Firefox 3.6.8 perhaps ? (I'm always current with browser versions.)
I did not face that issue again though.

10. happyture6 September 2010, 20:01 GMT +02:00

NO, me neither!! :O)

11. lennie6 September 2010, 23:11 GMT +02:00


From a programmers point of view this is annoying. :-)

I'm not gonna look into it now, if you don't have the problem anymore.

12. krayker7 September 2010, 5:33 GMT +02:00

I dint face it again, so it must be gone. perhaps we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day :P

13. StariSob27 September 2010, 19:58 GMT +02:00

Today i experienced strange behavior in commenting images.
After i submit comment, i am redirected to "No-Page-Found" page. However, comment is saved into database.
Thats how i put 3 identical comments before i realized what happened...

14. krayker28 September 2010, 12:39 GMT +02:00

yup - its happening on those pages which have the thumbnails on the right hand side. I thought it had gone - just saw it pop up again.

Jay & Lennie to the rescue - time to get that 'bat-signal beacon' out :D

15. GerbenVanErkelens28 September 2010, 12:41 GMT +02:00

I just tried commenting also, not working....getting a 404 :D

16. lennie28 September 2010, 13:04 GMT +02:00

Ohh, it seems to be the same issue I was experiencing earlier, although the result was very different. But I could not reproduce it. Now I can, thanks. I'm looking into it.

UPDATE: Jay and I fixed it.

17. GerbenVanErkelens28 September 2010, 16:32 GMT +02:00

I saw it, bit disappointed though. First I thought...wow new comments, I never get a lot of comments...then I saw it was a test ;)

18. lennie28 September 2010, 21:39 GMT +02:00

Yeah, sorry. :-)

You can remove them if you like, or I could do it for you if you want.

19. GerbenVanErkelens29 September 2010, 0:04 GMT +02:00

just did it :D Glad it's working like a charm again

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