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One year as registered user in RGBStock!

1. saavem3 September 2010, 9:12 GMT +02:00

I want to celebrate it with all of you!.

2. lennie3 September 2010, 16:46 GMT +02:00

You are a bit early it was on the 24th of Sept., but congratiolations non the less. :-)

I think only http://www.rgbstock.com/user/tinneketin was on the site before you, but on the same day.

The site was still in development and didn't even have it's proper domainname yet.

3. saavem3 September 2010, 17:30 GMT +02:00

Hi Lennie, I didn't remember the exact date! September 24, it was great days seeing how RGBStock was growing a bit every day, just a registration module when I registered. Our hopes & dreams was in this site and I don't want to forget it!. Now a days the dream is so real and nice!. Congrats to tinneketin and sure Jay and you was registered users too!. I bet more users registered in September too....

4. krayker3 September 2010, 17:48 GMT +02:00

wow, that was a long time already!

5. jazza3 September 2010, 21:51 GMT +02:00

Thanks; is it a year ago already? Wow, time flies.
Below is is a small user list from september 24 until november 11.
I registered quite late, because I cept on deleting my accounts for several test reasons.


6. saavem3 September 2010, 23:00 GMT +02:00

Really very interesting information Jay!

7. krayker4 September 2010, 6:38 GMT +02:00

I registered soon after the site was open to public... time sure flies!

8. weirdvis4 September 2010, 10:33 GMT +02:00

And the numbers are growing by the day. :D

9. crisderaud4 September 2010, 15:48 GMT +02:00

@7 I recall you being the first one to import your gallery last January.

10. fishmonk5 September 2010, 0:13 GMT +02:00

I wish I had imported my gallery...

11. xymonau5 September 2010, 2:05 GMT +02:00

I did import my gallery, but there was a glitch, so hundreds of images have no name. I am only chipping away at that slowly. And some didn't move across well. I had about a thousand, so it was a challenge. So glad we could import them, though. It would have taken forever to do it any other way.

I think it's wonderful that we have so many members now. Great photos, and the photo base is expanding rapidly. I was away at a conference for most of last week, and when I came back, the numbers seem to have grown dramatically.

Wonderful work, everybody!

12. saavem5 September 2010, 9:57 GMT +02:00

@11 It happens the same to me about import gallery!

13. krayker5 September 2010, 12:36 GMT +02:00

@ 9, Cris, yeah, I tried downloading all the files for backup from the other site, it was tedious work, uploading all those images again would have been a serious pain in the neck. thanks to the import tool - that work's been saved! I cannot imagine doing that to some 300 odd images that I had, let alone a thousand or more that many here had!

14. lennie5 September 2010, 16:35 GMT +02:00

It also made sure the site got off to a good start. If people visit the site and there are only a few photos they will leave again very soon after.

15. krayker5 September 2010, 16:42 GMT +02:00

yeah, the first round pretty exciting, many here imported the entire lot and so the addition happened in chunks, espically getting to 30,000 was VERY fast, after that I suppose its been largely organic growth, the site got into the groove...

16. fishmonk5 September 2010, 23:42 GMT +02:00

I think I had almost 900.

I have to just treat it as a fresh start. There were a few rubbish images of mine there at the other place.

17. krayker6 September 2010, 5:24 GMT +02:00

I did that at there - every once in a while I'd dump the images with low downloads. given the kind of images that i have, I kind of wonder abt that too. like one of my recent images is of soapnut berries - not many people use it like say an image of a cellphone or like a background. It's not the best soapnut berry image, and probably barely makes the cut - but, at least people looking for an image of soapnut berries will be able to find it!

18. weirdvis6 September 2010, 8:01 GMT +02:00

I only have a fraction of my SXC gallery, about 25%. I, too, took the opportunity of weeding stuff out. A lot of it...

19. crisderaud6 September 2010, 18:55 GMT +02:00

I have only have of my previous gallery posted. My plan was to rebuild with new photos for a new site.

Think I will do some more paper textures. They seem to be moving pretty good lately and I have fun with the lights making them look dramatic.

20. Abyla6 September 2010, 18:55 GMT +02:00

I don't know the number of users before the site were open to public but I can see that only today there are 62 new users, and the day isn't finished yet.
Yes, numbers are growing.

21. lennie6 September 2010, 19:31 GMT +02:00

@28/Abyla About 30 users had an account before the site went public.

We got a lot of new users today because of this being mentioned here:

22. Abyla6 September 2010, 19:46 GMT +02:00

Wow, it's a great link for us, that site have more than 300K users.

23. lennie7 September 2010, 1:05 GMT +02:00

I'm disappointed we almost had the 3 digits, we 'only' had 98 new users added on Monday. ;-)

24. crisderaud7 September 2010, 3:37 GMT +02:00

That was 98 new members when the clock hit midnight at the server.

We have had 35 more since then and I am showing 5.5 hrs left of Monday where I am at. The flow hasn't stopped. They are just being added to Tuesday now.

25. weirdvis7 September 2010, 9:01 GMT +02:00

We'll hit three digits today. We're only three off right now and I ain't had my breakfast yet.


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