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1. tzooka14 September 2010, 19:07 GMT +02:00

I just moved my gallery here from that other old site. My nick there was “hagit”.
It was so delightfully easy and fast, I couldn’t stop smiling. If I had any idea it would be like this I would have done it long ago.
Thanks everybody for their lovely comments, you guys really made me feel welcome.
After all the insulting and depressing news last week, joining your site was like a breath of fresh air, so thank you for that too.

2. crisderaud14 September 2010, 19:41 GMT +02:00

Really good to see you here and love your gallery too.

I wish there was a way to spread the word about rgbstock there again, but they booted me for doing so earlier this year.If you have the e-mail address of the people who are familiar with your gallery and download your photos, let them know you have moved if you have the time to do that. We have gotten good responses from the people when we wrote them.

3. tzooka14 September 2010, 22:18 GMT +02:00

Thank you, crisderaud.
I have sent emails using chris2k's very useful template to all the people who contacted me for permissions.
I too wish there was a way to let all of the contributors in the old site know about this place. I am sure many of them would join if they knew how simple it is.

4. fishmonk14 September 2010, 22:45 GMT +02:00

Nice to see you here.

Agree that the 'cris2k template' is useful.
Word certainly is getting around...

5. xymonau14 September 2010, 23:25 GMT +02:00

Welcome! I'm another one that was kicked out. For playing games in the forum, against orders. I am such a bad person. Fortunately, I had moved my almost 1K images just before they deleted them, or it would have been a total nightmare.

We're very glad to have you here and spreading the word. You have a great gallery!

6. weirdvis15 September 2010, 0:15 GMT +02:00

You're very welcome, Hagit. Thank you for sharing all of those lovely images with us. :0)

7. Gramps15 September 2010, 0:22 GMT +02:00

Indeed, welcome.

8. decar6615 September 2010, 18:38 GMT +02:00

Welcome to rgbstock Hagit, nice to have you with us

9. micromoth15 September 2010, 21:34 GMT +02:00

Good to have you here, Hagit. Some fascinating shots in your gallery!

10. tzooka15 September 2010, 22:37 GMT +02:00

thank you everybody for the lovely welcome .

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