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Picturenaut 3 HDR software

1. crisderaud23 September 2010, 4:30 GMT +02:00

Make better HDR images.

You want the accuracy of HDRShop, with all the low-level control to squeeze out the maximum on image quality. But you you also want all the modern convenience features like exposure detection from EXIF data, image alignment and ghost removal? And you want a tone mapper where the final result looks exactly like the preview?


2. StariSob24 September 2010, 23:30 GMT +02:00

Thanks for the link. I'll try it :)

3. decar667 January 2011, 0:26 GMT +01:00

I'm trying this one, looks promising. I just have three bracketed raw images at the moment and are night long-exposure so I tryed it, I post process in PS, result here...


I will take some bracketed daylight shots over the week-end and will keep on trying

4. crisderaud7 January 2011, 4:57 GMT +01:00

That looks really good Salva. I think you have it working pretty well.

I have been doing my stock shots in HDR with CS5 but I don't mark them as HDR. I use about 5 to 9 exposures. Sometimes the result is too dark or too light so I have to play around to get the right mix for the proper effect. It's a lot less work than trying to get the studio lighting just right for one good exposure.

In this forum I have posted the better free HDR programs that I have found. I'm glad you are able to use this one and you may want to take a look to see if you like the others. John Nyberg recommends one also. http://www.fdrtools.com/downloads_e.php

5. decar667 January 2011, 10:45 GMT +01:00

Thanks for the links Cris, appreciated.

The results achived with HDR are extraordinary but always trying to get the most realistic colours as possible, I don't like those "irreal" HDR's you can find arround.

This is what I'm talking about, very nice realistic HDR's...


This morning I took some series of bracketed shots with clouds and sun, I'll be trying those tools with them over the week-end. Maybe if I am happy with the results I may buy Photomatix. I remember a guy from sxc.hu, his name is Clix, from Brazil. He was the first guy I know processing very nice HDR's and the first time I heard about Photomatix some years ago.

6. decar667 January 2011, 10:49 GMT +01:00

Cris... What do you know about "high key" and how to achive it?

7. crisderaud7 January 2011, 13:31 GMT +01:00

High key toning is a faux HDR effect that can be achieved using HDR toning in PS.

Here is the location of the menu item that is used for the effect in PS. http://screencast.com/t/I2Odz7MnX9q

This is a screen shot from a tutorial by Chris Orwig at Lynda.com. You duplicate the image and apply the effect to one of the images then recombine the two.

You may be able to get the effect automated by installing an action or it may be included in the OnOne Plug-In for photographic effects. http://www.ononesoftware.com/free/

The final result will be an unnatural or enhanced color that you could tone down but may lose most of the effect. You might want to explore high pass sharpening to keep the colors true while enhancing the image.

Here is a YouTube tutorial with Chris Orwig running you through the process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2EA8F-mdRQ

I used to write Rodolfo Clix a lot. He said he wanted to move out of Brazil to maybe Italy or California. I don't think he ever did, but I know he has exceptional skills and ingenuity.

8. decar668 January 2011, 14:43 GMT +01:00

Thanks Cris, I will give it a Try, I am mainly interested in B/W High Key as this example...


But I am limited to Ps CS2 so no HDR toning however I may play arround in CS2 trying to achive a similar effect.

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