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102 year old lens on a 5DmkII - Images inside!

1. crisderaud2 October 2010, 23:51 GMT +02:00

This is a circa 1908 Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat hand cranked cinema camera lens. its as cute as a button...literally...


2. fishmonk4 October 2010, 13:52 GMT +02:00

Fabulous shots - The guy has a great eye as well as an unusual lens...

Thanks for the link.

3. johnnyberg6 October 2010, 13:02 GMT +02:00

Great link and a wonderfull idea to use the old lens.

I also use a wide range of old lenses; and often find that they do bring a very special feeling og "look" to the pictures. Making ordinary pictures looking old is easy in most programmes; but jo look at the difference when you use a really old lense and press the "old photography" button in your programme. Like another world.

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