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1. fishmonk3 October 2010, 21:11 GMT +02:00

I uploaded a picture of a bus.
There is no category for buses so I put it under the category 'transportation'.
On my photo management page I noticed the category 'transportation' had not been selected.
I then tried a search choosing 'transportation' from the drop down box. Nothing happened as it does for most categories...

I am now assuming that 'transportation' is not actually a category in itself but in fact may be a title for categories which fall directly below it.

If I am not correct can someone explain what's going wrong here...
If I am correct, could we have a list of categories where an actual category which can be chosen looks different from a title plz?

2. jazza7 October 2010, 9:28 GMT +02:00

You are correct Dan. It is a good point. We need to fix this. An other item on my to do list.....

3. fishmonk7 October 2010, 20:30 GMT +02:00

Thanks! I hope you know we appreciate the hard work you constantly put in...

4. jazza7 October 2010, 21:06 GMT +02:00

Thank you.
Actually it is on the bottom of my to do list ;)

5. fishmonk7 October 2010, 21:32 GMT +02:00


No problem...

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