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Interesting reading...

1. decar661 December 2010, 15:42 GMT +01:00


Go Assange... GO!

2. decar661 December 2010, 15:49 GMT +01:00

Assange = Salman Rushdie
Wikileaks = The Satanic verses
Interpol issuing a "Fetwa" = Ayatola Jomeini

3. xymonau3 December 2010, 10:45 GMT +01:00

Great to find such an intelligent site! I agree - I hope Assange wins.

4. decar664 December 2010, 0:39 GMT +01:00

This is my favorite so far...

"Two strangers, one rich, one poor, were traveling together. One took an immediate dislike to the other, and verbally abused him for the entire trip. When they arrived at their mutual destination, both made their way separately to the same synagogue, where the abusive man was mortified to find that the poor person he had insulted on the road was a guest rabbi. After the service, the man approached the rabbi and begged forgiveness. The rabbi refused.
'But rabbi,' said the man, 'Aren't we required to forgive?'
The rabbi replied,
'Yes, but I am not the man you insulted. Go apologize to a poor man on a train.'"

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