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New Camera

1. xymonau31 December 2010, 11:53 GMT +01:00

Well, I took the plunge today and bought myself a new camera. It's an old model, but the best I could afford - a Canon EOS 1000D, with one 18-55 (I think) mm lens with image stabilisation - really important for me. It's all a bit much for me to deal with right now. I always take a lot of time to wrap my head around electronics. So I've looked at the books, and then put it all away. It will be several days before I can sit down and try to use it the first time. Mobile phones challenge me, so this will be quite difficult. I'm hoping I can learn to take some proper images, and maybe sell them at some time. It's only 10mp, but I think that's enough to begin with.

I feel so fortunate to be able to do this. I was unemployed for six months this year, so it's like a miracle that I now have money to spend - thanks to a tax refund. Of course, I should keep it for another car, but I'm hoping I will be able to save a little this year. On Sunday - I think - I plan to buy a new computer. That will also sit in the box while I digest the situation. I'm terrible. I buy things and don't use them for twelve months! LOL We all have our funny little ways, I guess!

2. happyture31 December 2010, 12:34 GMT +01:00

Congratulations on your new camera, a good bit of kit too, I am sure you will get to grips with it and indeed sell images from it, best of luck Dezzie,,,Oh and have a Happy New Year :O)

3. xymonau31 December 2010, 15:36 GMT +01:00

Thanks, Mike - and the same to you! Let's hope it's a happy one for you and your family.

4. gesinek31 December 2010, 16:08 GMT +01:00

Congratulations, hope you'll have a lot of fun with your new camera.
I'm also looking for a new one cause my little Lumix can't do all the things I want to. But they always beat me on ebay...

5. jimdaly9831 December 2010, 17:56 GMT +01:00

Good luck with the new box of tricks, Dez. It's a very nice camera and will no doubt turn out some more of those cracking photos we've come to expect from you.

Just ignore those comments about "Canon fodder". They are just jealous.

6. jimdaly9831 December 2010, 17:58 GMT +01:00

I also meant to say happy new year - but pressed the wrong button. I think it might have been a senior moment - I hit 21 last week - for the third time!

7. ervinbacik31 December 2010, 19:17 GMT +01:00

It is a very capable camera, Dez. A year ago i made an upgrade from my trusty old Canon compact and bought a Canon EOS 450D. I still didn't find out all its secrets. But that is the best part. There's always something new to learn.

8. weirdvis31 December 2010, 21:01 GMT +01:00

A good choice, Dez. Happy snapping.

9. xymonau31 December 2010, 23:08 GMT +01:00

Gesine, I have an old Lumix DMC 10 (I think those are the letters). It's a 4mp, and while it can take some very nice 4mp shots, it's pretty ordinary. I do like its video and sound, though, so I won't be discarding it. I was reluctant to buy online because if something goes wrong, I want to be able to walk into the store and complain loudly! LOL

Jim - Happy Birthday! Let's see if you can make it to the fourth 21st. That' will deserve a present! I might even let you win LOTP. I'm good like that. I let Mikey win the last one. ROFL

Ervin, your photos are so nice, I hope I can get to your standard. I really bought this because it was in my price range, rather than its features. However, I expect the image quality will still be high.

Thanks, Lynne. :)

And a Happy New Year to you all!

10. happyture1 January 2011, 0:52 GMT +01:00

Oh Dezzie you are such a funny gurl, Let me win indeed,,,I still have the bite marks on me!!

11. xymonau1 January 2011, 9:42 GMT +01:00

I would never bite you, Mikey. You is too tough.

12. Zela1 January 2011, 10:26 GMT +01:00

Congratulations Dez. Now stun us with your creativity even more ;-)

13. Ayla871 January 2011, 15:33 GMT +01:00

Congrats on your new toy, Dez - what a nice way to start the new year :)

14. xymonau2 January 2011, 3:11 GMT +01:00

Well, I took a few pics this morning - just on automatic focus - and one of my cockatiel, "Mousy", turned out so well. He is behind the cage bars, but his little face is in focus, while everything else - even the bars - is not. Quite accidental, but I'm hoping for many accidents!

15. greekgod2 January 2011, 8:00 GMT +01:00

Hi, Dez! Congratulations on the purchase. I personally own the same thing as you, but an even older edition. Mine is only 8MPX.
We look forward to many more great contributions from you with your newfound tool!

16. happyture2 January 2011, 11:11 GMT +01:00

Yeah Dezzie thats right,,,Sometimes Accidents turn out OK,,,Well thats what my Mother Say's???

17. xymonau2 January 2011, 12:01 GMT +01:00

Thanks, GG. Mikey - My mother said I was an accident waiting to happen. Does that count?

18. happyture2 January 2011, 12:04 GMT +01:00

Yeah,,Join the club!! :O)

19. krayker2 January 2011, 16:15 GMT +01:00

congratulations! happy shooting with your new baby! the biggest difference would be the focus speed perhaps!

20. xymonau2 January 2011, 23:02 GMT +01:00

It does focus rapidly. My old Lumix is a point and shoot, and I have to say, I miss the zoom terribly. It has a 10 times optical plus massive digital zoom as well. I didn't realise how much I used it until I started snapping with the Canon. Still, I'm sure I'll learn to use the small amount of zoom on this one, and I can get a telephoto lens of some sort eventually. Still sticking to auto focus for now. I have nothing to photograph, and the weather is so rainy and hot that I don't want to take the camera anywhere. Maybe to the rose gardens later if it's fine enough.

21. happyture3 January 2011, 10:19 GMT +01:00

Auto focus is probably photography's greatest ever invention, I use this 99.99% of the time, only ever really switching to manual focus for doing such things as Macro shoots, Night shoots, And maybe some fast moving objects IE, cars motorcycles etc, The use of Automatic/program is another great plus for us photographers, your camera has probably 250,000 plus individual setting all programmed into it so when you press the button your camera will whizz through these and pick the best for that situation, again very very useful for grabbing that fleeting moment when granny has her dress tucked in her draws etc etc,,,Using a modern camera in manual is normally for such things as firework displays, Experimental Blurs, and selective focusing, Experiment is the word, try for yourself, set your camera up in full auto, point it at the situation you wish to photograph, press the shutter and record the settings your camera chooses, Such as 125th at f8, Then put your camera into full manual, check aperture and shutter speed and i bet you a hot dog you will have very little difference...

22. xymonau3 January 2011, 10:24 GMT +01:00

That's a good idea. Now, if I can just work out where to look! LOL

23. happyture3 January 2011, 10:36 GMT +01:00

Ha ha ,,,come on Dezzie, a week and you should be able to use it it pitch darkness....

24. Ayla873 January 2011, 10:37 GMT +01:00

Oh, I'd love to see more from chicken and mousie, they are great photomodels when you have such a fast-focusing image stabilized camera which hopefully works fine with even poor lightning indoors.

25. xymonau3 January 2011, 11:20 GMT +01:00

Michael, the photo isn't really good enough because the automatic focus set off the flash, and even though the bars are blurred, there are still clear shadows on him. However, it was still a perfectly focussed image, and that was impressive. I've tried and tried to get one of Chicken, but he's a bit fractious with the flash going off, and because he's moving around, I get only excellent shots of the cage bars. He's perfectly blurred in the background! LOL And I haven't been able to let them out much in this new place, because it's brand new, and I'm sure they would damage it. Once I get their wings clipped, I might be able to take some shots. Didn't have the energy today. It was so hot, and I have to work tomorrow, so I didn't feel adventurous at all.

Mike - I might do a better job in pitch darkness! LOL

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