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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

242. xymonau7 April 2011, 11:46 GMT +02:00

Gee wiz! How slow am I? I just got it. Even after you said guacamole! See how flat my forehead is? It's from slappin it!

243. happyture7 April 2011, 12:46 GMT +02:00

Oh,,, Am i off the hook now then?? Holy guacamoley thanks for that!!!!

244. xymonau7 April 2011, 13:08 GMT +02:00

Nope. I'll finda nother hook for ya. Now, let me see...

245. happyture7 April 2011, 13:14 GMT +02:00

No,,No,,,No,,,Dont bother,,, Dont see nuffink !!!

246. xymonau7 April 2011, 13:21 GMT +02:00

Oh, it's blindness you're wishin' on me now is it? OOH, you're incorrigibubble, Mikey wossname!

247. happyture7 April 2011, 13:30 GMT +02:00

Its one of those days today, my printer has gone to the land of no return, the postman has just dropped off the 600mm bulk ink refill for it, as i ordered it before it died,,and now you sayin i am wishin you gets blindness,,,,,,ohhhh the agony of it all,,ohhh the stress!!!!

248. xymonau7 April 2011, 14:18 GMT +02:00

Is it really irreparable? Do you know anyone who uses the same ink refills?

249. happyture7 April 2011, 14:53 GMT +02:00

No i dont,, 36£$ wasted,, its really irreparabubble, cant see no way out of it,,the rooms going dark,,,weak,,weak,,the thought of wasted muny,,,let me find some wood to bite on,,,,Aghhh the agony!!!!

250. xymonau7 April 2011, 15:10 GMT +02:00

Do you think you could get a refund if you sent the ink back? Tell them you ordered the wrong kind and swap it for one that will fit your new printer when you get it?

251. happyture7 April 2011, 17:58 GMT +02:00

I could give that a try,,,as long as my nose dont grow like pinocchio!!!

252. Groningen8 April 2011, 21:00 GMT +02:00

technically it is not lying

good luck


253. xymonau9 April 2011, 10:36 GMT +02:00

You can hardly fit that nose in a normal room anyway.

254. happyture9 April 2011, 14:48 GMT +02:00

Oh sarcasm is still the flavour of the day is it,,,If you would really like to know,,my nose is just right for my face,,or did the surgeon say my face wasn't right for my nose????

255. xymonau10 April 2011, 2:41 GMT +02:00

Yes. there is enough nose for both of your faces. :)

256. happyture10 April 2011, 9:38 GMT +02:00

(Sharp intake of breath) Meeeeeee,,, Two faced,,,,just how could you say such a thing,, Mikey will NEVER forgive you for that,,Will you Mikey,,,,Well she is me friend of long standing,,,Oh your just soft in the head, Just like mamma says,, Soft in the head....

257. xymonau10 April 2011, 10:52 GMT +02:00

I was referring to your two heads, but I guess you just demonstrated them.

258. happyture10 April 2011, 13:14 GMT +02:00


259. xymonau10 April 2011, 13:24 GMT +02:00

...attached to your heads, silly...

260. happyture10 April 2011, 17:19 GMT +02:00

So yo meant faces,,two of? see, i would never hever say sumthing like that to you cuz i appreciate my friends no matter how many faces you have!!

261. Groningen10 April 2011, 18:48 GMT +02:00

do you have enough toilet paper?

262. happyture10 April 2011, 20:00 GMT +02:00

What for,,,you lost me there, Explain yourself,,

263. xymonau10 April 2011, 23:07 GMT +02:00

It was a vulgarity.

Mikey, you may have two heads and no teefs, but I is your friend. I only insults my realest friends.

264. happyture10 April 2011, 23:25 GMT +02:00

Oh that gives me peace of mind,,i,ll sleeps like a baby tonight.... :O)

265. xymonau11 April 2011, 4:57 GMT +02:00

I hope you don't mean in nappies...

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