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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

578. happyture11 June 2011, 10:56 GMT +02:00

Na,,dont think,,just do it, get it done, soon as its done its healing, never to cause discomfort again,,,,mmmmm nice see!! Any ways, my brother had his done and they put him out to do them, so i would ask, if you could be put out while its being done better for you Yeah :O)

579. xymonau11 June 2011, 11:26 GMT +02:00

I'm on other drugs that don't agree with anaesthetics, and I have a really low pulse rate - averages 42 - so I would be too scared of that. Maybe I should just get sloshed before I go there. That would take only a half glass of something! LOL

580. happyture11 June 2011, 14:09 GMT +02:00

Well stop smoking drugs then Ehhhh, then you can have some nice sleeping fluid!

581. xymonau11 June 2011, 14:13 GMT +02:00

My little secrets are not safe when you're around, are they, Mikey?

582. happyture11 June 2011, 14:29 GMT +02:00

O000000ooooop's What i ment to say was your relaxing pass time. :O)

583. xymonau12 June 2011, 3:02 GMT +02:00

After seeing what marijuana - and everything else - does to you, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. I believe in legalising all drugs for medical reasons, but if I had my way, cigarettes and alcohol would also be banned outright. So much misery has been inflicted on the planet by alcohol, but it's fiercely protected.

My relaxing pastime is - er - possibly the computer or photography. Who relaxes??!!!!!!!!!! LOL

584. happyture12 June 2011, 11:49 GMT +02:00

Your right Dezzie, i dont drink or smoke any more, well, unless i visit Dublin Ireland when i have to have a Guinness or two,or three, well it wont hurt, maybe four, Must admit i do have a soft spot for the Irish nectar. My relaxing pass time is hiding down the lovely river Dee, north Wales UK, have a look on google Earth, just where the river dee meets the Ceiriog river between Chirk and St,martins, you may just catch a glimpse of me sat like a little elf watching time go by....

585. xymonau12 June 2011, 14:01 GMT +02:00

Oh, it sounds lovely. I wanted to get out of the house this weekend - it's a long one, Queen's birthday here - but I have been in pain and in a funny mood. I hope I'll pick up a bit tomorrow. I slept for ages last night, and slept in for at least two hours extra this morning. I usually can't do that. So I never really got a start on anything today. Raining again, too, and I always find it hard to get going when it's raining. I loathe the rain. It depresses me. Never mind, it'll all come out in the wash.

586. happyture12 June 2011, 21:09 GMT +02:00

Its raining here too Dezzie, your right dampens the sole does rain, gets me the same way, if possible i like to walk once a day, just to clear my head a bit, but, today its rained all day so no walkies for me, maybe tomorrow, its so dark here in the UK while its raining, which is nearly all the time, it makes me laugh some times when i put a image online and some one says,,AAAhh, yeah, nice image but its rather dark, makes me want to say, Oh you've never been to the UK then, If you ever get the chance bring a torch with you, you'll need it!! It never ever stops amazing me as to the light quality of other luckier country's, i loved the light of the canary Islands one of the reasons i liked it there so much.

587. xymonau13 June 2011, 2:03 GMT +02:00

Very true. The light here is - well, usually - amazing. Even winter, with its hint of grey in the leaves, usually has clear, crisp bright days. I think that's true of the Southern hemisphere in general, but I don't really know. You guys are close to the arctic, but you have a warm ocean current somewhere. Maybe that's the source of all the rain?

588. happyture13 June 2011, 7:39 GMT +02:00

Do you know what i mean with saying that i have always felt like a round peg in a square hole, being somewhere and feeling like you don't belong, maybe that's why from an early age i tried to run away from home, (As soon as i could ride a three wheeled bike ?) bless my parents, they had something to put up with when i was young, its not until your older yourself, that you stop to think just how they must have felt with me running away all the time, truth is I was very lucky to have great parents, and a good upbringing, it was just me wanting to see what was down that road.... ha ha, even now my family/children think that i have Romany/Gypsy blood due to my wanderings :O)

589. xymonau13 June 2011, 7:57 GMT +02:00

I think that's common to more people than you think, Mike. It's just that you had the inner strength to get up and go looking for what was missing. Have you ever found a place where you felt you belonged more?

590. happyture13 June 2011, 9:58 GMT +02:00

Yeah Dezzie,,I have, anywhere where the sunshine's, Mmmm, the suns just poked his head out, I,m off for a walk :O)

591. xymonau13 June 2011, 10:34 GMT +02:00

I couldn't live with constant rain. Well, I could - I've done so recently! But it depresses me to the point where I'm chronically tired and I can't get anything done. The only thing keeping me going now is that this all has to end eventually.

I hope you had a lovely walk.

592. happyture13 June 2011, 20:02 GMT +02:00

Thank you, i did, went out for the day with a friend, along the north Wales coast lovely it was go a few snaps along the way.. makes you feel better inside dont it!! Yes Dezzie, Mr Sunshine will adorn his hat and i,m sure will come out to play in Oztralia. :O)

593. xymonau14 June 2011, 10:33 GMT +02:00

Naturally, he did so when I had to work. But it was a bit cold today. As I drove home in the dark - not a safe prospect for me as I am very blind at night - I had to admit that I no longer like cold weather. I used to. But I now hate both cold and hot. Ya just can't satisfy some people, hey?

594. happyture14 June 2011, 13:41 GMT +02:00

Well Dezzie, Driving home in the dark,,Well, see now, cars in the UK have got lights on the front and back, on the front so you can see where your going, and on the back so you can see where you've been, marvellous invention they was, You can try holding a torch out your window until you get some real ones fitted. :O)

Dezzie the young blackbirds are fine, growing very fast, they have built a nest into the ivy covering my studio, and i love my nature photography so they have their mugs shots taken at intervals so i can show friends the growth rate of a wild blackbird chick...they now have feathers just like mummy and daddy :O)

595. xymonau14 June 2011, 14:15 GMT +02:00

Oh, that's so good! Usually little birds have their gobs wide open screaming for food, and they were just lying there. I wondered if they had come to grief. You're so lucky to be able to watch something like that. I adore birds, for some reason. Possibly even more than furry animals. I think they have such a depth of intelligence.

596. happyture14 June 2011, 19:08 GMT +02:00

Young birds gape for food only when they are disturbed, as you can see i took the picture without upsetting them, they change so fast, 2 days and i shall take another, i,ll show you :O)

597. xymonau15 June 2011, 0:17 GMT +02:00

I'll bet their poor parents never see them sleeping like angels! LOL

598. happyture15 June 2011, 4:08 GMT +02:00

No, as soon as the parent bird lands on the nest it causes the gape reaction, which as you know insures that they are fed,,,aint mother nature a wonderful thing, well, plus 30 million years of evolution helps too..

599. xymonau15 June 2011, 11:02 GMT +02:00

Even if I didn't believe in God, I could never believe in evolution. Darwin didn't have the benefit of modern science to see the utter complexity in everything on a microscopic level. And natural selection can only work on things that are already there. It takes - at least - one away, and leaves less than you started with, not more. It's just a theory. I can't believe those perfect little birds, with all their specialised cells, are just the product of a billion lucky accidents.

So there. An' you with a headache already!

600. happyture15 June 2011, 11:36 GMT +02:00

Yeah that's helped thanks dezzie, Dezzie, you have seen how man has specialised in some animails, Dogs, cats, birds, in a very few years a wolf can be turned into a poodle, a rock dove into a racing pigeon, a pigeon into a fantail pigeon, it goes on and on, all this has been done by man in a very short time scale, 30 million years is a very long time, which is why i believe that selective breeding has formed all species on this planet, But i must admit that i really think that a higher intelligence seeded earth to first get it rolling....(must have been God)

601. xymonau15 June 2011, 11:41 GMT +02:00

When you cross breed, you are not creating any new genetic material. It is all there, already present in the animal. It just has to be activated, not created.

Now, about your headache - are you okay?

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