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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

1226. xymonau29 September 2011, 11:32 GMT +02:00

It's almost yummy. Needs a bit more curry powder, and definitely needs salt - which I am not having - but it tastes wonderful with the cauliflower. I've never tried that combination before. I shall do it again.

In the middle of cooking, the phone rang. A friend called from out of town, so I've only just started to eat. People should know better than to get between me and my food!

I can cure your eyes, Mikey. Pour a few dabs of my soup in each eye. You'll immediately forget about the onion.

1227. happyture29 September 2011, 23:56 GMT +02:00

Ta Da,,,Im back,,,,Hello,,,HELLO,,,Ah well, my beds calling night night!

1228. xymonau30 September 2011, 1:51 GMT +02:00

A speaking bed. Well, what will they think of next? Mechanical toothbrushes?

Well, where are all your photos? I am waiting, and getting very impatient. Even though nothing will be up to the standard of your lemmings, one can hope.

1229. happyture30 September 2011, 7:14 GMT +02:00

Good morning/afternoon to you, not a very productive day at all, other things had to be done so alas only a handful of images, but thats how the cookie crumbles init hey.. :O)

1230. micromoth30 September 2011, 7:29 GMT +02:00

But you sure have had some productive days previously. I've just had a look at your online Magix album - some wonderful shots there!

Is your middle name really Luckybag?

1231. happyture30 September 2011, 7:41 GMT +02:00

Yeah,,Ma and Pa really love taking the Micky outa Mikey, Ma said it was the doctor that gave them the idea, as i was born before the days of scans, Ma asked if he could tell if it was a boy or a girl,,,he said no not really, Ma replied "Oh, a bit like a luckybag,,,you dont know what you got until you open it ,,,Hey presto!!!

1232. xymonau1 October 2011, 10:42 GMT +02:00

Did they ask for their money back?

1233. happyture1 October 2011, 11:41 GMT +02:00

NO, cheeky chops, you iz juss jellyous that you is just called plain old Dezzmerellda Xymonau,,,jellyous i can tell..

1234. xymonau1 October 2011, 11:53 GMT +02:00

Yes, you iz right. I iz jellyous. I allus wanted to be called sumfin' hexotic like "Anne" or "Luckybags". *sniff* *sob* You has it all - looks, talent, a lotto entry. I has nuffink, an' even that is borrered.

1235. happyture1 October 2011, 16:50 GMT +02:00

Tell ya naw Dezzie, hiff eye win the lotto, you will have some of it promise and i dont break promisssisissises, yes i'll give you a buck so you can have a go for yourself,,,thats juss the kinda bloke i is...

1236. xymonau2 October 2011, 2:59 GMT +02:00

Yers. They tole me you woz like that, but I sayed, "No! Not Mikey! He wood gimme the shirt offa his back!" They was tellin' the troof. I is saddened. An' heye really liked that shirt!

1237. happyture2 October 2011, 8:13 GMT +02:00

You dont think red is too much, Ma said it clashed with my eyes, but its the only one that goes with my hat :O)

1238. xymonau2 October 2011, 10:29 GMT +02:00

It matches your nose, too. You bin groggin' again? No, wait - I can smells yer breff. Pee-yoo! Is them those fishes teefs again?
Carncha soak 'em or somefin'?

I hate pomegranates. Firstly, they are a decptive, evil fruit. They hide behind an impenetrable skin so you can't tell if they're fresh or not. I just tried to eat one, but the white bits had all turned brown. The lumpy bits tasted alright, so I really gave it my best shot. I paid a lot of money for this horror. What an ill-designed fruit. Little rocks surrounded by juicy deliciousness that makes you want to chomp away and just smash the teeth you have left. They say some people can chew them. Hah! Some people can dangle by their teeth in circuses, but folk pay big money to see that because IT'S NOT NORMAL! I would pay to see someone chew pomegranate seeds. I really would. *sigh* I threw half of it away. Except for the bits that leapt out of my hands and are hiding in the carpet. At least with passionfruit - which taste better anyway - you can really chew the seeds. Mangosteens have taken the skin thing to extremes. They have skin almost identical to pomegranates, only it's at least a half inch thick, and as strong as steel. Thank goodness mangoes are easy to peel.

1239. happyture2 October 2011, 10:47 GMT +02:00

Oh dear dear dear dezzie, you make me laff at times,,,,and grind me toofs at times but the pomegranate saga,,oooooh my eyes,,,it bought back memory's of christmas past, when we where children we always had fruit in our santa bags, orange apples,pears,,,this one year we had the evil pommy,, i can remember eating it with a needle, 6 of us eating the pommy, spitting seeds everywhere ma was finding seeds from the evil pommy for years,,the good thing they didnt put them things in our xmas sacks again, i buy the juice now which is really nice and dont contain seeds mmmm...

1240. xymonau2 October 2011, 12:14 GMT +02:00

Yes, I'm thinking the juice might be best - as long as it isn't mixed with fluoride water, as almost everything in this country is. You should see my kitchen. I have so many empty water bottles, it's pathetic. I'm collecting them for a friend who takes them to his caravan park, where they have only tank water. He then fills the bottles for me and smuggles them to me. I hope it's not really stealing. But I refuse to drink S7 poison that comes out of fertiliser plant chimneys. I generally pay anything up to a dollar per litre just to be able to drink safe water. When I cook, I go through a lot. I might emigrate.

Yes, I don't know why anyone would even bother to grow inconvenient fruit. But to give it to your kids for xmas - well! Did you ever forgive your parents? That kind of thing can cause trauma, it can.

1241. happyture2 October 2011, 19:59 GMT +02:00

Yeah fluoride is great for your teefs but a nightmare for the rest of your body, we dont have it here, No i never did forgive my parents,,i blame them for me being such a difficult child/teenager/adult all there fault...

1242. xymonau2 October 2011, 23:48 GMT +02:00

The truth is that fluoride is not actually good for your teeth. In all the studies done, after two or three years, the same amount of decay is present in fluoridated as in unfluoridated populations. Also, you get a general weakening of teeth over time. People's teeth become chalky and break more easily. The only reason fluoride works is because it's a powerful disinfectant. When applied externally to teeth, it kills all the bugs that cause decay. But you have to remember that it is the main ingredient in most insecticides used for farming, and in most psychiatric medications. It was originally put in the water to make populations compliant - long before the general fluoridation of water with the excuse of fighting decay. I believe my government is bowing to pressure from the Americans - as they slavishly do - and although this poison was in the water in a couple of other states here for thirty years, it wasn't here in Qld. No-one wants it. We weren't asked. And they have legislated that you can't sue the government if something bad happens to you as a result. Now if a product is really harmless, why would such legislation be required?

1243. happyture3 October 2011, 8:36 GMT +02:00

No i agree, with something as important as your drinking water you should of been asked whether or not you wanted it, or indeed needed it, this is no doubt costing the water Authority a lot of extra cash which will i am sure be passed on down to consumers, I pay nearly £400 a year for my tap water which is full of lime that scales up kettles and boilers alike, i should imagine that it probably scales up humans too, but a least it has no fluoride that i know of, but as you know yourself they add it then tell you later,,i call that sly!

1244. xymonau3 October 2011, 11:19 GMT +02:00

Only the rich and powerful have any real freedom in this world. If you're poor, then you are at the mercy of everyone once they have a mind to get you.

1245. happyture4 October 2011, 8:09 GMT +02:00

I believe things will change, Do you believe dezzie?

1246. xymonau4 October 2011, 13:17 GMT +02:00

Not in this life.

1247. happyture4 October 2011, 23:31 GMT +02:00

You got to think positive aint you,,give me positive any day over negative!

1248. xymonau5 October 2011, 6:24 GMT +02:00

Thinking positive and having the right attitude is not the same as saying a bomb is about to drop when one is about to drop.

1249. happyture5 October 2011, 8:53 GMT +02:00

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

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