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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

1562. happyture26 December 2011, 9:20 GMT +01:00

Bloody mess you made there then mrs, new keyboard coming up then,,thats the only problem with laptops, its a big job stripping them down when such things happen,

1563. xymonau26 December 2011, 9:47 GMT +01:00

Well, all the other keys work. I'm hoping the keyboard fairy will come along and fix it. Do you believe in her?

1564. happyture26 December 2011, 10:08 GMT +01:00

Believe in her,,,Im l@@king at her :O)

1565. xymonau26 December 2011, 10:09 GMT +01:00

What gave me away?! The pink sparkly tutu?

1566. happyture26 December 2011, 10:16 GMT +01:00

And the wand,,well the pointy stick with tinsel on it ...

1567. xymonau26 December 2011, 10:19 GMT +01:00

Oh, you recognised the stick. Well, it would be shameful for me to carry a prissy little wand, woodent it? I yam big an' tuff.

1568. happyture26 December 2011, 10:37 GMT +01:00

All Oztralian ladies are tuff aint they,,well Xcept for Kylie munyowge, she's a cracker and cress eater if's you likes,,

1569. xymonau26 December 2011, 10:46 GMT +01:00

Kylie has lived in the UK longer than in this country. And she has had so much plastic surgery it's a wonder she CAN eat. Her sister obviously went to the same surgeon.

1570. happyture26 December 2011, 12:03 GMT +01:00

MMMM, too skinny for my likings, meats too close to the bone...

1571. xymonau26 December 2011, 12:09 GMT +01:00

She can't sing. I have no idea how she has had a music career - except for taking off a lot of clothing and prancing around. I guess pretty women don't have to be able to sing.

1572. happyture26 December 2011, 12:17 GMT +01:00

I think Danii beats Kylie in looks, but thats me brunettes all the way... hey hey!!

1573. xymonau26 December 2011, 14:13 GMT +01:00

Did you see her before the plastic surgery?

1574. happyture27 December 2011, 10:54 GMT +01:00

THATS IT,,,you done it again,,,my lord,,dont look the same people,,maybe the real ones was abducted by aliens...

1575. xymonau27 December 2011, 12:19 GMT +01:00

They have both had so much done - and I have to say it was quality work - but it's not them.



1576. happyture28 December 2011, 7:34 GMT +01:00

Its such a shame that they feel they have to have plastic surgery done, its when they get older and the skin on their faces is tight, yet their necks look like a map of london...

1577. xymonau28 December 2011, 7:37 GMT +01:00

Well, they only became really well-liked after the surgery.

Their necks would look old anyway, so I guess they think it's worth it. The doctor who invents a way to hide the age in your hands and neck will be extremely wealthy.

1578. happyture28 December 2011, 7:41 GMT +01:00

Nasty nasty nasty,,go gracefully thats wot i say,, mind you, i look young for my age so im told, but there again you dont get wrinkles on a balloon do you ha ha ....

1579. xymonau28 December 2011, 7:45 GMT +01:00

It's hard for someone who has a lot of themselves invested in looking nice or getting praise, to adapt to life without that.

1580. happyture28 December 2011, 7:47 GMT +01:00

Spose,,but i still think its vain on their behalf...

1581. xymonau28 December 2011, 7:50 GMT +01:00

Oh, it is. How many kids could be fed with the money spent on facelifts and cosmetics in a year?

1582. happyture28 December 2011, 8:07 GMT +01:00

Thats the way i look at it too, i would be too ashamed to spend muny on myself like that, its terrible, no justice in the world, humans have got their priorities all mixed up sadly!!

1583. xymonau28 December 2011, 13:58 GMT +01:00

Well, all you can do is your best to influence others to help out. There are some very generous people out there who will always help if they become aware of a need.

1584. happyture29 December 2011, 6:04 GMT +01:00

I like the way you use the word (Some)

1585. xymonau29 December 2011, 11:45 GMT +01:00

Most of us are selfish. I don't think we can change that. But we can act out of principle rather than convenience.

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