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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

1658. happyture14 January 2012, 13:07 GMT +01:00

Ha ha,,be like home from home for me,,soon have a little bar going with special invites in the post!!

1659. xymonau14 January 2012, 13:49 GMT +01:00

Do you mean here? Yes, you'd certainly feel at home, once you got used to ice cold beer.

1660. happyture14 January 2012, 15:42 GMT +01:00

Ahhhh,, Can see it now, white sand, clear blue sky and the clearest of clear sea, deck chair handkerchief tied on four corners on me noggin and a ice cold tinny in me sweaty little hand,,,,,,,,,,,Heaven...

1661. xymonau15 January 2012, 1:39 GMT +01:00

Well, the millionaires have taken most of the white sand, but you can still find some. Clear skies - mostly. Clear blue sea? Maybe somewhere...

Ah, you'd like it, anyway. There are some pretty places. And sandflies.

1662. happyture16 January 2012, 6:34 GMT +01:00

Ah away with you, I've seen the brochures :O)

1663. xymonau16 January 2012, 10:07 GMT +01:00

Yeah. They photoshop out the sandflies, and they never, ever mention the irikanji! "Cept in whispers.


1664. happyture16 January 2012, 16:15 GMT +01:00

Nice little things aint they, would like one as a pet n call it cuddles...

1665. xymonau17 January 2012, 11:10 GMT +01:00

I popped on in the post as soon as I read your request. It'll be there in four days. Wear leather gloves. They like their bellies to be tickled.

1666. happyture17 January 2012, 11:49 GMT +01:00

Thank you so munch, i,m looking fourword to receeeving him...

1667. xymonau17 January 2012, 13:29 GMT +01:00

Let me know when you do. I believe they now allow laptops in intensive care.

1668. happyture17 January 2012, 21:14 GMT +01:00

Ive got some lovely marigold rubber gloves with which i can pet him on his little jelly belly, tell ya we'll be best friends in minutes :O)

1669. xymonau18 January 2012, 9:23 GMT +01:00

I sent a whole bunch. No point in the little feller gettin' lonely.
Give 'em to your friends.

1670. happyture19 January 2012, 7:15 GMT +01:00

Oh you are just so kind and thoughtful, I dont care what everyone else on here says about you, I think you are an OK Gall :O)

1671. xymonau19 January 2012, 9:32 GMT +01:00

They hate me? Porr little me? Who duz nuffink wrong?


1672. happyture19 January 2012, 15:16 GMT +01:00

I know,,you is lovely,,in small doses dezzie i knows that :O)

1673. xymonau21 January 2012, 10:45 GMT +01:00

I is luvverly in woppin' great doses, too. Donchoo forget it!

1674. happyture21 January 2012, 12:05 GMT +01:00

Why you holding that piece of 3x2 behind your back then???

1675. xymonau21 January 2012, 15:57 GMT +01:00

That's my woppin' stick, for the woppin' great doses.

1676. happyture25 January 2012, 11:12 GMT +01:00

See,,the aggression has to poke its hugly head out dont it, while im all relaxed, calm, and full of nicenesses :O) Aghhh innocence !!!!

1677. xymonau25 January 2012, 11:51 GMT +01:00

An' juss WHERE has you beed?? I woz keepin' yer seat warm an' all, but I coodent wait. I woz juss about to head over there an' look for you. Donchoo go worryin' a ole woman like that!

1678. happyture25 January 2012, 14:10 GMT +01:00

Eye haz bead in bed, no, really, poorly boy i is, bit better now butt still dizzy, feels like me head could belong to someone else,,Awful, I ham very sorry four wurrying yoo but i couldnt phocus me eyes on the keybored ....

1679. xymonau26 January 2012, 1:00 GMT +01:00

A feeble hexcuse hiff I hever hear one! Pshaw!

Actually, I thought something must be wrong. I really hope you get better soon, Mike. Have you had this before? That's just awful.

1680. happyture28 January 2012, 9:21 GMT +01:00

No never had it before, tiz nasty horrible, but its eased now, so i can get back to chattin with me friend down under who i sent a xmas prezzent to that got lost and she said i never sent but shes still me friend hennyway....phffff said all that without breathin,,,can you see them pretty pink spots im looking at???

1681. xymonau28 January 2012, 10:32 GMT +01:00

Yeah, oddly enough, I can. We been drinkin' the same fluoridated water?

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