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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

2090. xymonau27 September 2012, 11:49 GMT +02:00

Say wot? "Yor scarin' the giraffe"? You Pomgolians is 'streemly senkskitive.

2091. happyture19 October 2012, 7:32 GMT +02:00

Hey Dezzie its been a while since are Jimmy Daly went to the BIG photo studio in the sky ain't it bless him bet he's sat up there on a nice fluffy cloud laffing his nuts off polishing his Hasselblad camera,,cuz every one has a hasselblad when you goes to heaven you knows,,digital backed as well Ah Ha its true :O)

2092. xymonau19 October 2012, 9:20 GMT +02:00

I'm kind of hoping for something better, but I guess I'll find out in good time. And I don't think he's up there yet - just asleep. I feel sad when I think about him. I really liked Jim.

Still, we remember him, and that's what matters.

2093. happyture19 October 2012, 11:37 GMT +02:00

He was an OK fella old jimbo, we miss him and his wit :O)

2094. xymonau20 October 2012, 10:21 GMT +02:00

Since you changed the subjeck to avoid givin' me my giraffe, I can only assume it is losted.

2095. happyture15 November 2012, 9:59 GMT +01:00

GOOOOD MORNING RGBSTOCK.COMMMMMMMMMMMMM,,,And its a warm friendly welcome from a cold miserable foggy day on the Welsh English borderlands, How is my favourite Oztralian photographer today Hello!! Hello!! calling Dezzie Wezzie !!!

2096. xymonau15 November 2012, 10:49 GMT +01:00

Keep the flippin' racket down! Geez! You goes missin' an' juss wollses back in wif notta hounce of shame! I cooked duzzens of cakes for you an woz forceded to eat 'em all! Now look at me!

2097. happyture15 November 2012, 12:21 GMT +01:00

Ha ha ha ha,,,Ahhh i have missed the cakes you made me that i never received :O)

2098. xymonau15 November 2012, 12:49 GMT +01:00

They woz delishus.

2099. happyture15 November 2012, 17:04 GMT +01:00

And you tolded me yoo add posted um How could you do that to a gracefully ageing man ,,,,,,,,,HEY,,just how could you, DO you know how long i waited by the letter box no an yoo downt care ither either

2100. xymonau15 November 2012, 23:05 GMT +01:00


2101. happyture16 November 2012, 1:01 GMT +01:00

No Symp,,no shimp,, You juss dont care does you, have you eated them all even the chocolate one with hundreds n thouzands onit. ??

2102. xymonau16 November 2012, 6:38 GMT +01:00

*wipes mouth with back of hand and gives sweet smile*

2103. happyture16 November 2012, 12:00 GMT +01:00

Ahh well never mind lucky enough i have my black pudding sandwiches,,,mmmmm!

2104. xymonau17 November 2012, 9:57 GMT +01:00

Oh, very nice, FRIEND! Now yor gunna make me throw up all that yummy cake! You has spite, you has.

2105. happyture17 November 2012, 11:26 GMT +01:00

Aghhhh,,Ive got stitch in my typing finger... 'struth it hurts,,Thats what you get from one finger typing :O(

2106. xymonau17 November 2012, 12:48 GMT +01:00

Good. 'Spunishment for you bein' mean to me. I deserved that cake.

2107. happyture17 November 2012, 19:38 GMT +01:00

Knot when yoo sed yoo woz shairing it wiv me, yoo shood never make prommrs that yoo dunner keep an thats that :O(

2108. xymonau18 November 2012, 0:08 GMT +01:00

Well, you better get a better mail system, then. They kept sendin' it back. Wot's a woman to do? I has a hungry.

2109. happyture19 November 2012, 10:47 GMT +01:00

Yoo shood of put a stamp on um and eye'd of got um then :O(

2110. xymonau19 November 2012, 11:34 GMT +01:00

Wossa "stamp"?

2111. happyture20 November 2012, 13:08 GMT +01:00

Zactly Mrs, short arms n long pockets you have, yoo woz honely hoping that i wood foot the postage,,well let me tells yoo thiz, i stitched my pockets up :O(

2112. xymonau21 November 2012, 11:54 GMT +01:00

Oh, come on! I woz juss higgerant about stamps, thass all. I stamped onna envelope an' made it dirty an' all, buttit dinnet seem to work.

2113. happyture25 November 2012, 13:46 GMT +01:00

Huh, you knows aboot stamps all aboot um, you juss didn't wont to shair your cake :(

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