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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

2138. xymonau19 December 2012, 22:41 GMT +01:00

Oh, you'd like a Chiko roll. They have something about them that makes you want to buy another one next time. Possibly heroin, but I'm afraid to ask.

2139. happyture21 December 2012, 0:03 GMT +01:00

Ha ha ha,,It'll be the first thing i try if im ever lucky enough to walk your wonderful shores :O)

2140. xymonau21 December 2012, 7:48 GMT +01:00

Hmm. I'm not sure that is wise. A meat pie - a good one - is better. A rich muttony gravy with lots of pepper, the gravy running down your hand and so hot it's peeling the skin off, crispy flaky pastry crumbling at your bite...

Now see what you did? I'm hungry again!

2141. happyture21 December 2012, 10:44 GMT +01:00

So am i,,,Why,,Why did you have to say that? I notice you have seen my new image of a Welsh drop bear then :O)

2142. xymonau22 December 2012, 13:18 GMT +01:00

They looks Hyedentical to ours! Uncanny, it is!

I have to stop eating. I am obsessed with it lately, getting fatter by the minute, and feeling quite uncomfortable because of that. Not something I will attempt until after xmas, but I might burst at the seams before then! I really have to get back to the vegan food. Too many calories in meat and the sugary drinks I'm having, and no vitamins.

Ah, well, the new year is a good time for resolutions.

2143. happyture22 December 2012, 16:08 GMT +01:00

Yeah new years resolutions leave a nasty taste in your mouth and an empty feeling in your belly :O)

2144. xymonau22 December 2012, 22:22 GMT +01:00

That's because people resolve to do crazy things like give up greasy foods. No, no, no! I shall resolve to eat lollies until I burst and avoid anything that smacks of exercise. Those are the kind that anyone can keep. I'm not sure why people haven't caught on the they're doing it wrong.

2145. happyture23 December 2012, 2:09 GMT +01:00

Ha ha ha,,Yes those sound good, I must admit i had a thing for Chubba lollies while i gave up smoking they helped a lot i think, Im down to 10 a day now :o)

2146. xymonau23 December 2012, 2:42 GMT +01:00

Chubba? For some reason that reminds me of thos chocolate flavoured jelly babies. Is that what you mean?

Aldi makes these after dinner mints that have no milk in them. I love them - although I'm not a chocolate eating person as a rule. If I get the craving for chocolate, then those are the only things that taste like normal chocolate to me, and they're delicious. I'd be happy to take up smoking if I was then forced to eat those instead.

2147. happyture24 December 2012, 9:26 GMT +01:00

http://i674.photobucket.com/albums/vv108/happyture1/6047810_std_zpsf8cef345.jpg This was my addiction,,mmmmmm, so many flavours,,,so sweet,,so fruity ,,,so i,ll have to have one ....

Their full name is Chupa chups mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Nice as nice can be!!

2148. xymonau24 December 2012, 9:54 GMT +01:00

Oh, yes we have Chupa chups. I haven't had one for a long time, though.

I had to go and do the video for our prize draw in the xmas comp, then I went shopping for all the junk food this afternoon. My back is now really dicey and I can't do anything more tonight. It has to be functioning tomorrow. I'm only half packed and completely disorganised, as usual. I have someone coming over to check on the birds, and my floors need vaccuuming. Too bad. If I can't do it, I just can't. There was hardly a soul on the roads today. The shops were busy, but not as crazy as they often are on xmas eve.

Got your stocking out for Santa? Piece of cake for him and a carrot for the reindeer?

2149. happyture24 December 2012, 12:59 GMT +01:00

You worry too much Dezzie ,,Hoovering the floor indeed, the birds will only flick their seed as soon as you do it anyway,,You just take your time, its Christmas enjoy yourself.

I have got my Stocking out all ready but i am not expecting much this year a new DSLR will be enough :)

2150. xymonau24 December 2012, 13:13 GMT +01:00

And are you getting one? I think you ought to send that ratty old Lumix to me if you have another. I mean, you can't use two, can you? Of course not! I'll wait by the letterbox, shall I?

By the way, did you hear my dulcet tones in the lucky door prize video?

2151. happyture24 December 2012, 13:55 GMT +01:00

What a sexy Ozzie Voice you got there Dezzie, mind you what a sneaky move to hide behind the camera, Ahh well maybe you'll come out of hiding for next yeers comp :O)

2152. xymonau24 December 2012, 14:18 GMT +01:00

Sexy - no. I sound a bit strange, I think, but then we never hear ourselves the way others hear us, do we? Yes, being behind the camera was perfectly intentional. Debbie was so kind to be in front of it. She's a great person.

2153. happyture24 December 2012, 14:39 GMT +01:00

Bok,,bok,,bok,,bok,,,bok,,,Chicken bok,bok,bok,bok,,,,,,,,,

2154. xymonau24 December 2012, 15:00 GMT +01:00

Just fugly.

2155. happyture24 December 2012, 15:13 GMT +01:00

No Way,,, dont be silly, I dunno you gurls aint half tuff on yourselves aint ya :O)

2156. xymonau24 December 2012, 15:23 GMT +01:00

That's alright, Mikey because this is the internet, and I can be as gorgeous as I can pretend to be.

2157. happyture27 December 2012, 11:11 GMT +01:00

Ahhh, bless your sweet kind pointy stick :O)

2158. xymonau30 December 2012, 6:30 GMT +01:00

Okay - here I am. Late as usual. Sobered up yet?

2159. happyture30 December 2012, 11:18 GMT +01:00

Haven't had a drink over Christmas , its the new livelonger me, so much i want to do, so much i want to see, so its health first for 2013 :O)

2160. xymonau30 December 2012, 12:56 GMT +01:00

Good on you, Mike! You'll be pleased to know I didn't drink over xmas, either. Not really newsworthy, though. I di eat, though, and I am going to empty my cupboards and start eating properly. I am so fat I am feeling terrible. So I hope to become healthier in 2013, too.

2161. happyture30 December 2012, 14:50 GMT +01:00

I dont know nearly every women i talk to start by saying Im fat? even the slim ones, One said OMG i have eaten like a pig this Christmas i'll have to get in the Gym,,she's a size 8 skinny minnie but she said she's fat,, I know i have put weight on after stopping smoking,,well the food tastes sooooo much better now, but i shall have to shed a few pounds this summer i think :O)

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