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1. jonfletch12 March 2011, 15:17 GMT +01:00


218. xymonau26 August 2011, 0:07 GMT +02:00

That were an invite, FUM. You heard it. Now, stan' aside!

219. happyture26 August 2011, 9:01 GMT +02:00

Hey juss yoo lissun ere little miss naggy pants, we was honley joking, seeee, juss a bit ov fun, bit ov armless banter, come on dezzie puy the stick down, calm down i thunked yoo Oztralians add a sense of humour Struth .....

220. micromoth26 August 2011, 19:30 GMT +02:00

Returning to the original subject of this thread, What's Annoying You: what's annoying me is the little pest with whom I share a contention ration with my ISP who keeps using up all the bandwidth by downloading films or playing online massive multi-player games, making my connection slow to an absolute crawl. Grrr! Hasn't anyone invented a telepathic zapper yet?

221. xymonau27 August 2011, 10:00 GMT +02:00

No, but see this stick...?

222. happyture27 August 2011, 10:08 GMT +02:00

Indeed No, But I clearly see the Stick.....?

223. xymonau27 August 2011, 10:17 GMT +02:00

Many persons have clearly seen The Stick.

224. happyture27 August 2011, 10:59 GMT +02:00

And clearly too, xcept when you gettum in the eye with it +o(

225. xymonau27 August 2011, 11:03 GMT +02:00

Ah, you're learning, son. Now, what is annoying me? It's raining again.

226. happyture27 August 2011, 11:10 GMT +02:00

Whats Annoying me, my eldest daughter dyed her hair along with all me bestest cotton towells,,,,struth "Women"

227. xymonau27 August 2011, 11:17 GMT +02:00


228. happyture27 August 2011, 11:21 GMT +02:00

Be honest, how many towels does it take to dry a womens hair?? 4 towels laid to rest, Egyptian cotton too,,, :O(

229. xymonau27 August 2011, 11:24 GMT +02:00

Can't you bleach them? I wouldn't know - I don't dye my hair.

230. happyture27 August 2011, 11:41 GMT +02:00

Her hairs bloody blood red and so are me towels,,,bleach?

231. xymonau27 August 2011, 11:54 GMT +02:00

What colour were they before?

232. happyture27 August 2011, 17:10 GMT +02:00

Pale blue to match mine eyes! now they isn't ! :O(

233. micromoth27 August 2011, 17:13 GMT +02:00

You could try bleaching your eyes to match...?

Maybe not.

234. gesinek27 August 2011, 18:41 GMT +02:00

I don't tried it myself, but if you put a tab for the dishwasher in the washing machine it should decolor the towels. Here is the link, but it is a German site without translation


Maybe it works

And Mike, tell your daughter she has to put wrapping film under the towels. I know what I say cause I had the discussion a few years ago with my mother. She was also not amused when she saw the towels I used.

235. happyture28 August 2011, 1:18 GMT +02:00

Thanks Gesine but i think my towels are just a fluffy memory, it had dried in places, i did wash them but they looked awful so the went in the bin,,, the tip on wrapping film sounds good, i shall pass it on to my daughter, thanks again :O)

236. xymonau28 August 2011, 2:11 GMT +02:00

Gee, half the towels in my house look awful. They still dry, though! LOL

237. happyture28 August 2011, 11:14 GMT +02:00

Yeah but, it looked like a mad axe murder had took place here, its bright red, looked like bloooood... really not nice, now if it was a nice chestnut or even a light blonde i would have kept them :O)

238. xymonau28 August 2011, 11:19 GMT +02:00

You...aren't jus'...makin' hexcuses, har you, Mikey? You...hasn't dun sumfin' reportable, has you? You can tell me. I is your friend. No, really. The smile? I was jus' bein friendly, tha's all.

239. happyture28 August 2011, 11:31 GMT +02:00

Haziff, me,,,how could ,would yoo heven think such a thing,,,,,,im juss loss four words :O(

240. xymonau28 August 2011, 11:33 GMT +02:00

Well, it's the stains onna carpet, an' the array of choppin' implements in yer cellar. Not that I yam himplyin' ennyfink, but didja??

241. happyture28 August 2011, 11:38 GMT +02:00

Nope, that belongeded two the previous owner, i juss like keepin um sharp, hinersant untill proved guilty over this side of the puddle little miss trouble maker..

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