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rgbstock is worth over 45,000 euro's

1. Groningen27 April 2011, 18:40 GMT +02:00


Waarde Van De Website€ 45.940,27 *

2. crisderaud28 April 2011, 1:58 GMT +02:00

Each one of these type websites give us a different value. They vary a lot with their amounts.

Most of these sites arrive at their estimates using SWAG.

n. 1. Scientific Wild Ass Guess. 2. opinions, or judgements, about something with less evidence than would make the opinion certain, but more than a simple opinion with no factual basis. -v. 3. making a guess with some information, but not enough to make a clear and certain determination.
SWAG it, sir, we need a decision.


3. decar6628 April 2011, 16:19 GMT +02:00

It's funny the way these Financial engineers value companies, reminds me the Credit Rating agencies like Fitch Ratings, Standard & Poors and friends

4. Groningen28 April 2011, 22:23 GMT +02:00

you would expect that after the bubble burst in 2000
people would be more serious in their estimations


I only posted the info here to get some feedback
not to criticize


5. crisderaud29 April 2011, 5:08 GMT +02:00

I agree Christine. They have been evaluating the worth of our site since we went online. They are trying to bait us into using their services. No dice.

We get emails to the site from these kind of businesses and SEO companies every day. They just get marked as spam and put in the trash.

6. krayker28 June 2011, 11:32 GMT +02:00


SWAG And Simply Stupid.
do not know how they arrive at such a figure!

lots of SEO guys pulling out such a thing.
or directory services
or people from domain names mostly china, .cn saying someone's trying to "fraudulently trademark your site" (whatever it means), we give a chance to claim youcompany.cn for a cheap unnamed price (which probably they never give you, will just keep asking for more and more money)

amazing lengths these crooks go to!
social engineering is devious, and it shows that the percentage of crooks and the percentage of gullible people - the ratio never changes, no matter how much technology changes!

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