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1. krayker31 January 2010, 8:55 GMT +01:00

A request to Artists/ image up-loaders here. I have noticed that many images are not tagged appropriately. Tags are VERY important - it helps bring up the appropriate image when searched. the Description too can help. But I have noticed that some tags are irrelevant, and it hurts the results- since it brings some random image when queried for a particular image. Please try to:

* include scientific & common names of the bird/ animal
* an appropriate metaphor like ants/ bees are social
* concepts wherever possible - like danger, fear, power, etc appropriately.
* colors, hues, etc for objects.
* add as many appropriate tags as possible. for example, I look up Wikipedia when I add tags to the image that I an about to upload.

please add to the list - we need to get things right with RGB stock from the beginning. Other and more ideas are welcome.

2. Ayla8731 January 2010, 16:16 GMT +01:00

I agree - tags are very important. I would love to see the number of tags displayed with each image and included in the search funtion increased, probably up to 40 - 50.

3. krayker31 January 2010, 16:53 GMT +01:00

@2. Ayla87

yeah, I'm looking at a few paid stock image sites about how they have so many tags. I run out of steam after a few tags. more tags would mean a better match and increase the chances of the user finding the right image - which is the primary aim of any stock image site.

4. lennie31 January 2010, 17:18 GMT +01:00

We also noticed that on SXC some images have terrible keywords, where they are pushed toegther and chopped off after 20 characters for example. And we've now imported those.

So if you've done an import it would be really good if you go over your imported images and fix keywords and add catagories.

5. krayker31 January 2010, 18:00 GMT +01:00

@4. lennie
yeah, i spent sometime cleaning up the tags and categories. also, there's a slight mis-match between former categories. there's no "insect" category, and I have a lot of images that are insects - I believe that's pretty important, can we have the new category insect please ?

I spend sometime these days to cleanup the tags and add relevant ones, which is why I raised this issue too - I saw a few images which have tags that dont match the image. I hope to rectify any mistakes in my gallery, and I hope others do it to their gallery too!

6. Ayla871 February 2010, 15:40 GMT +01:00

@4. lennie
Oh, I didn't notice that Keywords might be chopped off after the import.
Will look over them when I find the time. I'm already adding categories one after another (some 100 photos still to take care of)

I If you run out of ideas, which keywords may be really helpful fpr a specific photo, give this keyword generator a try. I have often found this very useful:


7. xymonau2 February 2010, 2:15 GMT +01:00

Keywords are the only way some people will see your images if you have a lot of them. Also, when you import, the categories all go to abstract. Since I imported 900 images, my work is cut out for me, but it is important that we sort it out. Many - hundreds - of my images arrived with no titles. I am only slowly fixing those, as well as everything else. :)

8. krayker2 February 2010, 4:31 GMT +01:00

6. Ayla87
thanks the keyword generator! I am a bit confused about its usage though. but looking at shutterstock's keyword gave me the confidence to include a range of keywords - basically, include any emotion/ color/ metaphor/ idea/ characteristics associated with the particular subject in question. improving keywords is the key to a successful stock site!

on a separate note - the homepage shows the searched tags and current images against the tags - that's a very useful idea. content creators get a clue to create images that are searched regularly! thanks to the admin guys/site creators for the idea. we could fine tune the site continuously until we hit version1 of the site. im not too big on the looks as long as the content is great, and that depends on the content thats available on the site and how easily its available through a useful search and some good tags!

9. Ayla872 February 2010, 15:42 GMT +01:00

@8. krayker
just pay attention that no keywords get lost (especiaslly the more important ones) when you use more than are allowed here currently on each photo (I don't know the exact number of supported keywords per photo here).

10. lennie2 February 2010, 23:22 GMT +01:00

@6. Ayla87 Only if they were wrong on sxc. I just noticed a lot of images did have wrong keywords.

11. krayker3 February 2010, 3:24 GMT +01:00

9. Ayla87
I did just that as soon as a the sxc import was done. the categories were mismatched, so everything went into abstract. there are a few missing categories too - like "insects". i've now been adding relevant keywords - i've added upto 30.

12. krayker3 February 2010, 3:25 GMT +01:00

@10. lennie
yeah, there were some who deliberately added some nonsense tags too, can that be called tag spam ?

13. lennie3 February 2010, 10:17 GMT +01:00

@12 You can call it whatever you like. :-)

Buf if you have something specific to report please do. For now, use the contact-form on the user-page.

14. krayker3 February 2010, 13:40 GMT +01:00

@ 13
yeah, I do hope, not to see that in RGB stock :)

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