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Unable to Reply

1. xymonau1 February 2010, 4:17 GMT +01:00

I have no reply button showing in any of the forums, guys. I can add a new message, but that's all.

2. Ayla871 February 2010, 15:44 GMT +01:00

Hard to ask you which browser you are currently using, when you can't reply.
I suppose the browser makes the difference on this problem again.
With Firefox all is fine.

Maybe it is better to drop a line with this problem and your browser info on the contact form


3. jazza1 February 2010, 23:59 GMT +01:00

It should be fixed now. Is it Dez?

4. xymonau2 February 2010, 2:11 GMT +01:00

Yes, fixed beautifully, Jay. Thank you! Michael, thank you! Yes, I need firefox. I have it on my computer, and tried to get it operating, but I think the file is corrupted. Would I have to remove everything from Firefox then download again, or could I just leave the old one there? I am not computer smart. My son used to do everything like that for me, but he doesn't live here any more.

5. Ayla872 February 2010, 15:38 GMT +01:00

Give it a try to leave the old one download a new version and over-install it. Should work fine.

6. ronnibobs3 February 2010, 16:43 GMT +01:00

maybe im being thick again but i cant seem to find the start a new topic button,so i will post it here,the log out button dosn't log me out,even after i close the page down go look at something else come back and im still logged in.any ideas?

7. lennie4 February 2010, 0:23 GMT +01:00

@6 / ronnibobs, it's called 'add new message' at the catagory-page. Maybe that's not clear enough ?

So you click op technical questions and then their is a link 'add new message'

8. ronnibobs4 February 2010, 13:03 GMT +01:00

thank you very much lennie,i swear it wern't there yesterday honest lol,or dare i say it without getting shouted at i had a blond moment

9. lennie4 February 2010, 21:52 GMT +01:00

As I mentioned maybe it's not clear enough, maybe it should be 'add a new thread' ? Would that be better ?

10. mzacha19 February 2010, 19:37 GMT +01:00

I can replay, I cannot edit my posted replay again...

11. lennie19 February 2010, 21:07 GMT +01:00

@mzacha what browser are you using ? We noticed their are probably problems with related to Chrome .

12. fishmonk19 February 2010, 21:26 GMT +01:00

@10 refresh page helped me. ?

13. mzacha19 February 2010, 21:39 GMT +01:00

Strange. It is only here:

It is probably because this is first post in the topic, isn't it?

14. fishmonk19 February 2010, 22:01 GMT +01:00

Yes, you are right. I get an [edit] link on all my posts except the first/original (blue) posts.

15. lennie19 February 2010, 22:57 GMT +01:00

Yes, new topics can't be changed at this moment. Not sure why really, I think it's just because it would take more work to make it work...

OK, so it's not a Chrome issue.

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