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Ripper Alert

1. xymonau30 August 2011, 14:53 GMT +02:00


A lot of familiar images here being offered for download, including mine. I can't seem to make a comment, though, as every time I try, the page goes wonky. Can anyone else post there?

I'm so sick of thieves.

26. xymonau12 September 2011, 15:00 GMT +02:00

I used that address and the email was returned saying the address did not exist.

27. dlritter13 September 2011, 4:22 GMT +02:00

I found this info for allpics.ru

domain: ALLPICS.RU
nserver: ns1.hc.ru.
nserver: ns2.hc.ru.
person: Private Person

e-mail: stranger1234@mail.ru
e-mail: ag_buy@mail.ru

registrar: R01-REG-RIPN
created: 2005.02.08
paid-till: 2012.02.08
source: TCI

Last updated on 2011.09.13 06:15:46 MSK/MSD

28. xymonau13 September 2011, 10:56 GMT +02:00

Thanks, Dave. I'll try again.

29. dlritter4 October 2011, 11:47 GMT +02:00

Just found this site.


It seems to be a "print posters and wallpaper on demand" type of service.

Google translate helps with some of the text.

I have found several of my images offered there for printing/purchase.


30. xymonau4 October 2011, 13:47 GMT +02:00


I think the above are from here. It's very slow to load, and therefore hard to look for images.

31. xymonau4 October 2011, 15:28 GMT +02:00


This one is definitely mine.


32. weirdvis4 October 2011, 15:34 GMT +02:00

There's quite a few on mine on there.





However, the one's I found, with one exception, are not hosted on RGB. These are all old SXC files. And since I took my SXC gallery down within a week of Getty taking over control of SXC, these ripped files must have been up there since at least Spring 2009, probably longer.


33. xymonau4 October 2011, 15:49 GMT +02:00

I've now seen some by several others - mcKenna, Tinneketin, Barunpatro, and many I recognise, but can't remember whose they are. I just wrote to them asking them to take them down. I hope the email doesn't bounce back like the last lot.

34. johnnyberg5 October 2011, 1:15 GMT +02:00

I also found several of mine in there. I have written them and demanded that my images is removed from their site......

35. xymonau10 October 2011, 15:39 GMT +02:00


Yet another ripper. It's too late here for me to look at the site, but on this page are two of my images - the xmas tree and the snowman - and Lynne's, and others. I can say categorically that I never gave permission to redistribute my images.

36. weirdvis12 October 2011, 8:43 GMT +02:00

They at least acknowledge who the images belong to which makes a change. I'm okay with them using mine even though they didn't ask.

37. xymonau12 October 2011, 11:10 GMT +02:00

They haven't acknowledged one of mine, and several others. I do have a problem with it. It irritates me. And it's my property.

38. weirdvis12 October 2011, 15:26 GMT +02:00

Quite right too, Dez. At the end of the day they should have asked for permission.

39. elmuzzerino14 October 2011, 22:45 GMT +02:00

Hey Guys,

I am the criminal at widescreenstuff.com I found this site from the above link.

I just want to apologise to those copyright holders of the images I used. I am sincerely sorry about that. It appears I pinched it from Google Images from a site which must have pinched it from you.

I have removed the images and will be extra cautious when using images which are clearly not for use in the PD.

I too have had many of my original copyrighted images redistributed across the web on other sites which make money from stealing peoples content, and here I am doing it myself.

Kind regards! :-)

Muzz @ widescreenstuff

40. weirdvis15 October 2011, 9:57 GMT +02:00

Hi Muzz,

There are people who don't mind sites like yours providing copyright isn't infringed. I'm one of them. So long as you do not infringe my copyright, do not use the images to promote hate or abuse and/or sell my images without permission, you are welcome to use them.

If in doubt, just contact people and ask. After all, sharing is what rgbstock is all about. :0)

41. xymonau15 October 2011, 10:27 GMT +02:00

Thank you for your decency. If you do want to use any of my images, please use the contact form in my profile or next to the images.

42. elmuzzerino19 October 2011, 2:03 GMT +02:00


Thanks for your understanding. The problem is often that many of the images are already scattered across the web, with little or no details regarding where they were originally from. I will re-double my efforts to make sure that I only publish images of my own work, public domain (with credit) or others (with prior permission).

Many thanks!


43. weirdvis19 October 2011, 8:37 GMT +02:00

You're welcome, Muzz. :D

44. Columbine8 November 2011, 4:48 GMT +01:00

Yeah hey I think these guys got my photo too. I know it's the Denver City & County building, but I think its my photo for a couple reasons. They change the lighting scheme every year and that was 07's, with the same light out on the collum and with the top & bottom at the exact same spots as my photo. Plus the trees cover the letters on the sides on the exact same place. He just added some lights in a couple places and changed the letters to say 10 instead of 07.


45. xymonau8 November 2011, 10:47 GMT +01:00

The "2010" isn't even lights! It's yours. Have you contacted them?

46. xymonau8 November 2011, 14:22 GMT +01:00


Check out the above. They are offering a version of my image for sale on postcards. Thieves. I have contacted them. Are people stupid or just dishonest?

47. weirdvis8 November 2011, 16:48 GMT +01:00

Possibly both...

48. barunpatro8 December 2011, 14:08 GMT +01:00

i'm using a plugin called tiny eye for mozilla and chrome. Its a reverse image search. I guess most of you would already know, but i just felt like sharing.

49. crisderaud9 December 2011, 5:35 GMT +01:00

Try this extension Search by Image (by Google)

You get more results with this extension than TinEye. It integrates well with Chrome. Has a right click - search capability on most any image.

It even works on your avatar:

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